Members of Judaism. A Charge has been made. By me.


(This is a reprint of my initial post on the CARM religion discussion blog)



A conspiracy.

And a very real one.

A charge of "doctoring the bible to falsify God's intent" has been made.

By me.

You doctored up and falsified your own version of the Torah/Tanach in an effort to hide all proof of Jesus being the Messiah. Most Jews would be aghast to learn that all modern copies of their bible have been altered and falsified from the original texts in a sinister attempt to hide Jesus.

When your high priest Caiaphas hastily had Jesus crucified, they forgot to check the prophecy on the Messiah first. You see the old testament really says that "the Messiah will be crucified". It says that in Psalm 22:16/17. "The Jesus Psalm". Now we have a problem. That definitively points out that this actually was and is the only Messiah coming. Now the ca ca hit the fan.

You see, Psalm 22:16/17 actually says "They have pierced my hands and my feet". Very very clear evidence of the crucifixion. But they just deleted that verse, and its clear, pinpoint identification of the Messiah, in your copy.

Thought you might like to know.

And do you know how that was fixed? You just erased Psalm 22:16/17 from your bibles. How convenient would that be? So you did it. Nice.

You changed it to now say "the Messiah will be bit by a lion". You changed it to say a kitty is going to bite me? Hmm.. You could have been more imaginative.

But then God found a way to stop you. God told you that a accurate copy of Psalm 22:16/17 will be preserved. An accurate copy will be found to definitively PERMANENTLY act as evidence against you.

God revealed the location of the "Dead Sea Scrolls".

And in there we found out.

That all copies of the Torah and Tanach that the Jews now use, have been doctored.

You all made up fake bibles for yourself. The ones that you now use. Your fake version of the old testament that all Jews currently use DOES NOT SAY THAT THE MESSIAH WILL BE CRUCIFIED IN PSALM 22:16/17.

You just got out an eraser and put in whatever you wanted.

How about the original texts?

What about them?

How do you explain that all copies of the older texts say that the messiah will be crucified and that all your newer re-edited texts do not?

How do you account for blatantly doctoring and falsifying your own bible?


I don't think that God gave you any eraser that I am aware of. A bunch of nonsensical words bound together into a book is the definition of pulp fiction.

You have been bamboozled. You have been hoodwinked. And you have been snookered. You have no idea at all what God has said because you labor under a fake bible.

Your own elders have conspired against you to ensure your demise and to make certain that you never even had a chance.

I would like to know how you respond to the doctoring of your bible to hide the Messiah from the members of Judaism?

Is it right?

Are you really on a level playing ground if you are using altered and falsified texts?

They do not reflect the original texts.

That is why I call it an "altered and falsified" bible.

I hope you don't mind.

I like to be accurate.

You will find that out.

The reason is because verse 22:16/17 is "the clincher". The rest of the clues in that Psalm could be fudged a bit and just glossed over, they did not prove that it was exactly Jesus that was being referred to. They specifically obscured that line to hide any reference to the crucifixion and thus thwarting God's documentation of proof to the Jews that Jesus had to be the Messiah. It was doctored up that way only after Jesus was crucified. About 50AD seems to be the turning point, all copies of the Tanach prior to that point were correctly translated and all copies of the Tanach subsequent to that are corrupted.

In fact in the Dead Sea scroll known as "Nahal Hever" (5/6HEvPs) which was written in 50AD, it clearly says in Hebrew "They have pierced my hands and my feet". This also matches all earlier versions of the Tanach such as the 250BC Septuagint and even the Vulgate texts. A 250BC copy of the Tanach called the "Septuagint" can be seen at This is how it reads in the modern King James, American Standard, English Standard and all other Christian versions of the bible also.

Please note that ALL the translations of the Tanach prior to the crucifixion in 33AD say in the Psalm verse 22:16/17 "they have pierced my hands and my feet". And ALL translations of the Tanach subsequent to the crucifixion in 33AD say the nonsensical corrupted version of that same verse "like a lion are my hands and my feet".



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