A cigarette smoker is "paying stupid tax".

The "
Shekinah" is personally very greatly repulsed by the smell of all tobacco related products, cigarettes, chew, cigars, ashtrays, etc.. This is why all people who attend church each and every week are almost exclusively non-smokers. No ashtrays are needed outside of a church. The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) simply will not allow the people that are the closest to her to stink and to befoul the air around her.

And up until now that is why the Shekinah also had all of the current laws changed, it was  to reflect her personal abhorrence to tobacco smoking. Now, each and every 30 minutes or so, she makes each and every smoker take "the walk of shame" down to the public "boob pole". There she makes you stand as a public spectacle of your addiction, she wants you to feel just like a heroin addict shooting up right in front of a very disgusted crowd of your peers.

The beloved Shekinah has her own ways of extracting the maximum amount of unpleasantness and shame into the lives of those that offend her sensibilities the most.

Cigarette smokers are "paying stupid tax". That is the tax that only the stupid people pay. That is the $500.00 to $600.00 that you flush each month by buying coffin nails. "Stupid tax". The tax on the dumb. A ball and a chain. You exist at a living standard that is far far below and very substandard to all of your neighbors just because you are not man enough to sweat out a little 4 day withdrawal. Four days are too much, four days would kill you. You can not "man up" for four little days?  Of course you can.


A cigarette smoker is listed in the book of life as "a junkie". That is about all the pertinent information that is written about you. It seems that the recording scribes just in essence write you off, basically they are saying that "you are toast", so why waste any time on you. And those boys are very very clever. They know "a fatal"  (i.e. - "a junkie" condemnation from God) when they see it. And that means something. That means that they are not willing to get cramps in their fingers over recording too much information about you, they already know full well where you are going. The information recorded in the book of life is used to make a very careful evaluation of you, to see if you possibly are "an island of virtue" that has what it takes to make it into Heaven. And they don't record hardly any information about junkies in the book of life, that would be a waste, they already know full well where you are going.

Kissing a cigarette smoker is like licking out an ashtray. So you found yourself a spouse that was willing to lick out ashtrays. Rather than quitting. Nice. Cigarettes work on the body just exactly the same way Prozac does. It gives you a little bump up in the serotonin levels in your brain, and that makes you feel a bit calmer and that makes you feel again that "everything is OK". You know what else makes you feel that "everything is OK?"   Not being a junkie.  You are smoking Prozac pills.


Just another filthy junkie.


And you humans should be very thankful that the Holy Spirit also has such a sensitive nose when it relates to all tobacco products. In addition to being forced not to waste all that money on cigarettes anymore, now most baldness, impotence, wrinkling up like a prune, having a voice like a croaking frog, and dying twenty years before your time will all be things of the past.

Note: If you need another reason to quit - Smoking even one cigarette a day increases the threat of heart attack by 63 percent, and smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day more than quadruples it.

Smoking causes heart attacks.  And heart attacks kill you.  Is that a good enough reason?


Important Note:  Let us cut to the chase.  And let us be very very clear.  Always remember God's strict new mandate and God's rather ominous and very final judgment on this particular issue.


And here it is :


A cigarette smoker is "a dead man walking".


Your days are numbered.


And it is a very very very very small number.


Tick tock.



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