Berserker. A punishing angel. They wear the upside down cross.


Berserker.  A punishing angel.  (From the Apocalypse of Peter verse 21, 2nd Enoch 10:1)

A berserker is pure unbridled terror. They wear the upside down cross. Punishment. They have no limits. They have no restrictions. Pure. Unmitigated. Horror.


They have no fear.

And they do not care.


And they all speak German. How poetic is that? As they could make even a battle hardened Nazi SS storm trooper wet himself. Think what they will do to you.



They are coming. Whether you like it or not.



You should turn up the volume on that video and put that clip on a full volume, full screen, repeating cycle and watch it for a couple of hours. See if you ACTUALLY can see his hands when he starts his combat karate.


They do become a blur you know..


Full combat karate is some lumpy stuff.


It makes you lumpy.




After a few hours, you will have an epiphany.




My dear



You will have a moment of clarity.



Berserkers. My loyal berserkers. Servants of the most high God. I did come packing. I was not sent without resources. I will win all battles. You will know them as "berserkers". Enforcers. For God you know. Hard core stuff. The hardest. I have millions of them at my disposal. Punishing angels are unlimited in number. (from the Apocalypse of Peter verse 21)



And when I call


They come down like hail.



And they all look the same. They look exactly like me. Say hello to the face that you see coming at you. Get used to it. Get very used to it. God gave you a break. He thought that you seeing your fate may help you. And your fate is right around the corner. Because. We got a good God.



And you are going down.



A "berserker" is the biggest, meanest, and most powerful "punishing angel" that God uses to dispense justice to sinners in Hell. And the main thing about a berserker is PROXIMITY. A berserker "gets in your face", he will spend all eternity screaming, swearing, punching, round kicking, smacking, head butting, nose breaking, smashing, slapping and spitting on you about one inch from the tip of your nose. He will go berserk in your face for all eternity, with no place for you to hide.

Pure punishment. Pure vengeance. God is now going to vent out all his frustrations onto your head. And his job is very very frustrating. So you will now become a punching bag. As a liberal, you are one of the ones responsible for destroying the earth. And for that, you will become a permanent scapegoat. You will provide a service. God gets frustrated. God gets mad. He needs. A punching bag. You filthy atheist. You will be it.

In other words:

In Hell

You will be beat to a pulp.  By someone who knows how to do it.  And lasting for all eternity.


If you are stupid enough to go.


It is a choice.


A simple choice.



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