Everything is not preordained, clock tower snipers are allowed to snipe

All things are not preordained. The future has not already happened. Like it was on a tape and we are just waiting to catch up. God gives us free will. And that means that there are always two choices. Good and bad. Satan's way or God's way.

God created us in the first place to have fellowship with him. Now if everything was preordained  God would have in essence created a bunch of wind up toys. Like those wind up dogs that bark and walk for about 60 seconds after you wind them up.

What fun would those be for God? The Father would then actually be alone in the universe if the earth was filled with a bunch of wind up toys that are always predictable. And always did the same thing. His desire for fellowship with like beings would have been thwarted if everything was preordained.

Humans are in essence Gods just like him but he restricts our ability to do supernatural things like he can do. If we could move mountains like he can we would always be moving them. And he likes the mountains just where they are.

Now because we have free will (not absolute, but mostly). We can sin. Or choose not to. And we can kill our babies with abortions if that suits our fancy. And not get it in the neck. Not right away that is.

Clock tower and book store depository snipers

Are allowed to snipe.

It is


Free will.



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