Catholic paganism is caused because Constantine "looked into the sun" at the Milvian Bridge

As the one of the main founders of Catholicism, Roman emperor Constantine took much of the mythology of the so called "Cult of Mithras" and carried it into Christianity to give us the sort of pagan/Christian hybrid that we now called Catholicism. For instance in order to honor the birthday of his favorite pagan God "Sol Invictus Mithras", Constantine ordered the official Mithras birthday of December 25th to also be the new fake birth date of Jesus. All of the pagan beliefs and practices of the so called "Cult of Mithras" is the real backbone that Catholicism is based on to this very day.

Constantine converted to a form of Christianity in the first place because just before a major battle for the control of the Roman Empire, he had a prophetic vision from God. On the eve of the battle at the Milvian Bridge in September 312AD, Constantine found in his dream the visage of Christ approach him as he looked up into the sun. The vision told him to paint the "Chi-Rho" or the overlaid Greek letters X and P (which was an early common representation for "Christ") on all the shields of his warriors and he would then win the battle, which he did do.

Because this vision "came out of the sun" it is clear that Constantine understood this mystical encounter in the terms that his own favorite pagan "Sun God" Sol Invictus Mithras was sending him a messenger in the form of the Christian deity. The fact that he saw the vision "coming out of the sun" caused in him the gross misunderstanding of the exact mechanics of how God sent him this message and it is the main reason he remained a half a pagan until his death. He thought that the pagan Sun God Mithras was working with the Christian deity Jesus hand in hand.

And that is how he set the foul pattern for Catholicism to this very day, half pagan and half Christian.

Constantine's full "conversion" to Christianity has always remained questionable for this and many other reasons, for instance when Constantine erected a triumphal arch opposite the Coliseum in Rome to celebrate the victory and he covered it with relief's of Mars, Jupiter, Hercules, and ascribed the victory to the power of the pagan Sun God Sol Invictas Mithras and not to Jesus or to God. Depictions of the battle on the arch show no soldier with any cross or Christian symbols on his shield, why was a major event like that not noted properly? Because it was not a full conversion, it was the half pagan and half Christian hybrid that we now call "Catholicism".

In fact to commemorate this very unique 50/50 pagan/Christian split, on the coins that he minted after his so called "conversion" he put both the symbols of Christianity and the symbols of the pagan sun God "Sol Invictus Mithras" on his coins, to see "The Pagan Coins of Constantine" click here.

In 330AD when his new capital, Constantinople (present day Istanbul) was created, it was committed to the care of the local protecting pagan deities, Rhea and Tyche. Constantine then built pagan temples for them all over his new capital, at the same time as he claimed to be a Christian, the very last thing a real one would do. This is the man who laid out the foul pagan blueprint that still is the still basis of Catholicism today and why the Father rejects their offensive try at a pagan/Christian hybrid.

You see Constantine's so called "conversion" to Christianity from pagan idolatry was always a half hearted one at best. He wanted to try to combine some of the "best parts" of paganism into his new religion of accepting Christianity. And the so called best parts of paganism that he brought with him include a new second God, old fake Mary (a Roman Venus God with a new name), praying to many so called "saints" (praying to Zeus, Apollo, Mercury with different names etc.), reverence to "graven images" (bowing and praying before the statues, saints relics etc.).

The foul legacy of the Catholic's and their need to pray to many Gods. A throwback to the days when that the pagan Romans had dozens of Gods such as Zeus, Apollo and Venus to choose from. Today the Catholic's pray to the so called "virgin Mary" and they also pray to all the so called "saints", which are just the old pagan Gods Mithras, Zeus, Apollo, and Venus with different names.

Constantine tried to come up with the supposed "best of both worlds" and the half pagan half Christian hybrid called Catholicism is the direct result of this witches brew of many false and forbidden religions trying to combine with real Christianity. Constantine always remained a half a pagan at heart and because of that Catholicism is the mess that it is today. And it is not pleasing to God. In fact God takes great offense at it.

The Roman Empire paid the price with Rome being sacked by the Visigoths in 410AD after it attempted to incorporate a pagan god into Christianity. In fact the Father collapsed the whole Roman Empire after they added in old fake Mary, but they still did not get the hint. Then he started "the Dark Ages" (476-1200AD) when they still persisted with this fake "second God" that they pray to, but they still did not get it. He then sent them the Black Plague (1340's) and killed off over half of all Europe, but they still did not get the hint. He was very cranky and out of sorts until 1517 and the Protestant Reformation finally gave him a breath of fresh clean air. Now the Father could just ignore this pagan thorn in his side, Catholicism. The absolute misery that the world experienced until the Protestant Reformation could be a clue as to what the Father thinks of praying to another false pagan "queen of Heaven" idol. 


Some interesting tid-bits about old Constantine the founder of Catholicism that you should never forget include, (and these happen AFTER he became a so called "Christian" by the way): He had his own first son executed, his eldest son Crispus (strangled). He had his own wife executed, his wife Fausta (boiled alive). Does that sound like something a real Christian would do? He was a zany guy to be sure. And to sign up new followers was pretty easy for him. "I got to try to sell this pagan ruse back in Rome" - famous Constantine quote. "It might even pick up a small following since if they don't do it I will kill them". "The world is saved!"  "Wait a minute, who is at our gates?"  "How can God be with us if we are about to collapse?"  "The greatest empire known to man can not just fall!"  "God owes us big time, I mean all Gods owe us big time, because we got them all covered!"  "Rome can not just collaps..............." - end of transmission.

Since his vision on the Milvian Bridge of Jesus was supposedly sent to him by Sol Invictus Mithras he thought old Mithras was the big cheese. And that is why he made paganism the dominant force within Catholicism and Christianity played second fiddle. Way in the back. Behind a pillar. Very very softly. So as not to wake up Zeus.

Constantine tried to combine the so called "best bits" of paganism and a bit of the flavor of Christianity into one big multi headed monster that God calls "the abomination". The multi headed beast that was to be put in power by Satan was predicted of in Revelation 13:1-4,

"Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names. (the fake second "Gods" Satan said to begin praying to, the virgin Mary and the so called "saints") 2And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon (Satan) gave him his power and his throne and great authority. 3I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed (the Protestant Reformation did not fully kill the beast, it recovered) And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; 4they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?" (Revelation 13:1-4)

God can wage war with him.

And the "grievous wound" that severely injured the head of the beast but that did not fully kill it was the Protestant Reformation. The multi headed monster was wounded by the grievous wound of the truth being told on it but the beast miraculously recovered. For a time. As it was written. And now that time is over. 

And what was the official name of the Frankenstein monster creation that Satan came up with? Catholicism. Bingo. What happens to you after you drop off the pagan half of that so called "religion"? You get a name change. You are now called


A Protestant.


And you can now go to Heaven..




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