"Foxhole Conversions", on one day, every atheist will crawl


You would think from the tenor of the New Holy Bible that it is God's contention that only a small percentage of people are converted and go on to accept God the Father, and to try to personally obtain his Holy Spirit and the eternal life that comes with that. That is quite wrong, the actual conversion rate in the long run is almost 100%. How can that be when 9 out of 10 people basically could be considered apathetic about God? Well those 9 out of 10 will all change their tune at some point in their lives. For a majority of them it will be when a doctor comes into their waiting room with a clipboard in hand and anxiously tells them "I am sorry, but the test results are negative".

Then an interesting phenomenon always occurs, it seems that every one of them suddenly "gets religion".

That is called a "Foxhole Conversion", and it refers to the same thing that happens to soldiers during the times of high danger. That is when the 90% of people who could care less about the Father for most of their life all of a sudden "get saved". If you think about it a little bit you probably have seen it happen even in your own family, people sure get interested in the bible when they hear their number being called.

There is a big problem however, foxhole conversions are almost never accepted by the Father. The reason is that your motives are now impure, what you really think about God was reflected in your opinion about him that you had when you were not in danger. You should be aware of this, the Father may not be important to you now but be assured that someday he will be absolutely the only thing that you can think about.


The end of your eligibility will come when the man in the white coat enters the waiting room with a sad look on his face, you should probably get your ducks in a row long before that happens.


And when I say "almost 100%". That means that some people go quick, they are hit by a bus or have a car crash or something similar. They don't have time to even try a foxhole conversion. But if they do have a little time before they go, they will all try to come crawling back to God at the end. Everyone does.


Crying and sobbing.

Shaking and quaking.

The crocodile tears will flow like water.

Too little.





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