God and Satan "Do Brunch" Everyday

It may surprise you to know that Satan is one of God the Father's sons, "there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them"
(Job 1:6,2:1). A writer once wrote that "if Satan did not exist then God would have to invent him" and that is quite true. Satan inadvertently provides a valuable service for God, if something were to ever happen to him the Father would have to create another one just like him with the exact same thoughts, ideas and motives to take his place. God the Father created Satan and he could destroy him at any time if he chose to do so, but the fact of the matter is that he does not want him to be harmed in any way. Why?

Well to fully understand that you have to ask the question, what is virtue? Virtue is learning to properly identify the Father's perfect will on any question and then to respect it enough to take it on and have it be your will also.

The battle between God and Satan is for your mind, your soul just happens to tag along. In the movies they always portray God as being on one of your shoulders and Satan on the other, God whispers his plan in your ear and then Satan gets his turn and gets a full and fair chance to present his plan to you. Now the choices that you make with the free will given to you by the Father as to which voice to obey determines either your personal virtue or it demonstrates your lack of virtue. In order to see if you choose properly there has to be two valid choices and that is where Satan comes in, he provides this valuable and necessary service for God, he offers you the second choice.

Liberals listen to Satan.

Conservatives listen to God.

The defeat of Satan is done by one individual person at a time. To
"defeat Satan" means that an individual makes the personal choice to primarily (nobody is perfect) accept God's plan each time he hears it and to reject Satan's plan each time he hears that. Both God's and Satan's voice will sound the same to you, both of them are using the same voice recognition center in your brain, the only way to tell one from the other is to look at the content of the message. To identify which messages are from God and which messages are from Satan, you first want to see how the message checks out with the Ten Commandments. If it is in conflict with any one of them, it is from Satan. That simple test will pin down the author of most messages that you hear whispered in your ear, reading in the bible and experience will help you to become even more expert. 

Satan's role is to help the Father to identify if you are mostly a sinner or if you are mostly a saint. If Satan is successful in getting you to agree with any part of his liberal agenda (see - Satan's A-Team), then he has identified areas in your life that the Father will start working on. Satan helps to identify the good and the evil that exists in your soul and that helps to pinpoint the exact areas of unrighteousness that need to be cleansed by the Father. This part of Satan's activities actually inadvertently performs a valuable service for his Father and because of it he is not likely to be going anywhere very soon.



In the long run,  everyone works for God,  in one way or another.


Even Satan. Before Satan attacked Job, he had to get God's permission first. (Job 1:12)


Whether a servant of God works under "direct orders" or under "permissive will", it really means the same thing.


It means that he works for God.


We all have very different names, and very different job titles.


But the same job.


Servant of God.




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