How to receive all the supernatural powers that come from "Speaking in Tongues"


So you have made it in, your lifespan has been extended from 80 years to a million plus, now you can just sit back and relax. It is true that once you have received the God's Holy Spirit, you have also received the gift of eternal life in a place so peaceful, beautiful and enjoyable that words can not adequately describe it, but is that the end of your responsibility in the matter? When a person is born again and receives the Holy Spirit, they receive what can only be described as "the stripped down bare bones model". Way at the other end of the spectrum, you have his son, who received "the full measure" of the God's Holy Spirit, and therefore also had all the supernatural powers and gifts that come after you spend time, and build up the spirit to its full potential.

It is appalling to consider the fact that at least two thirds of the saved individuals are content to sit back and rest on their laurels instead of simply reaching out and grabbing the full potential of the extraordinary power that is now within them. To tap into that power fully, you must learn how to obtain the gift of "speaking in tongues".


(Note, if you are a Catholic or a Jehovah's Witness however, don't bother, the beloved one does not give them the ability to speak in tongues. Very very very rare. Only Protestants are given that gift. As kind of a clue, as to what religion you should be in.)


The bible talks about receiving this gift after you formally receive the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance" (Acts 2:4). And as to the importance of speaking in tongues, the Apostle Paul put it the best. "I thank God, I speak in tongues more than you all". (1 Corinthians 14:18

You receive the Holy Spirit by formally asking God to give you the Holy Spirit. In order to receive the gift of "speaking in tongues" you have to do the same thing, you simply have to ask for it. Be aware that you probably will not get it the very first time that you ask for it. The key to it is this, how bad do you want it? Tongues is a very special gift with many accompanying supernatural powers attached to it. Because of its extreme value, it is only given to those with a lot of stick-to-it-ness. You may have to ask over and over for a whole week, maybe two. But if you are a spirit filled Protestant, you will get it eventually by repeated asking and petitioning for it. Pure and simple, you must ask and then ask again, treat it like it is something very valuable and you will get it.

In fact God will give you "the gift of prophecy" after you have clocked in 1000 hours of praying in tongues. You will then start to receive visions and dreams that always come true, you will actually start to know the future before it happens. You will officially become "a prophet of God" just like Ezekiel or Isaiah was and you will also have the ability to speak with God just like Moses did. If you want to learn more click here.

The largely ignored method for building up and empowering the Holy Spirit is stated plainly over and over again in the Bible. The simple secret is to spend time praying in tongues. (Corinthians 14:4) As a sign of clear evidence that you have made actual contact with God, the beloved one gives you the ability to speak in a foreign language that you have never been taught and that you do not understand. When you speak in a different tongue it simply means that you speak in a different language. The experts tell us that there are about 6000 different languages and dialects in the world today and the one that God gives you could be any one of those.

The 800 pound gorilla in the religious world today is that a majority of the saved individuals have ignored the need to empower the spirit and do not even possess the ability to speak in tongues. They are offensive to God. A wealth of supernatural power has been made available to you and yet through sloth and neglect you have chosen not to claim it. The salt of the earth has lost its saltiness. (Matthew 5:13)  God is PO'd.

The noticeable effects that praying in tongues will give to you is first of all peace and then you will begin to feel a gradual building up and strengthening of your spirit. "But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit (tongues)." (Jude 20) Your worry, fears and anxiety will all fade away and a peaceful calmness, confidence and joy will begin to take over. Part of this effect is temporary and will fade a bit after a day or two but part of the peaceful calmness and confidence that you will experience is absolutely permanent. This is the great secret benefit that comes from praying in tongues, the cumulative and permanent changes that occur. You will actually start to take on some of the same characteristics that God has and you will begin the process of becoming Holy.

What is speaking in tongues? The beloved one supernaturally gives you the ability to speak in a language that is foreign to you and that you do not understand. So after you have asked God to give you the gift of speaking and praying in tongues, what is next? The big key to praying in tongues is quantity, since you can not understand the words that are coming out of your mouth there is no way to know when you have reached the end of the prayer and when to stop. This is where most people drop the ball, if they pray in tongues at all they usually tack a minute or two on to the end of a normal prayer and figure that is probably all that is needed.

Try this simple test, to get a better feel for its real potential, pray in tongues for 15 minutes straight and then stop and see how you feel. The effect is very dramatic and remember, part of the great feeling that you are now experiencing is absolutely permanent. What you have done is being rewarded by God with a permanent sense of peace, tranquility and joy. Now consider what would happen to your spirit if you did that everyday and devoted even more time to it. Basically what you are doing is offering to God a personal sacrifice consisting of giving up some of your free time to offer up a prayer that is not understandable to you, the amount of time that you are willing to sacrifice determines God's reward to you. Gradually over time you move on from the weak bare bones version of the Holy Spirit to the empowered, confident, fearless and Holy version. An added bonus is an increased ability to communicate directly with God. The beloved one usually also rewards you with some of the other gifts of the spirit, the ability to prophecy, the gift of healing, authority over unclean spirits etc.. (Joel 2:28)

What are the contents of a prayer in tongues, is everything a type of breakthrough revelation? No. Praying in tongues for long periods of time is where all the benefits come in. It could even be considered a simple form of "penance" that builds up points with God by your extended display of attentiveness to her. Now as to the translation of all those words, that in most cases is a mute point.

Marathon praying in tongues means producing tens of thousands of words. Obviously they can't all be breakthrough revelations. There are just too many thousands of words. The translation always is a type of repeating mantra of praise to God. If you were to get it translated into English it would say something like this,

"Thank you and praise to the creator and to the master of all of the heavens and of all of the earth, all praise to you! Thank you and praise to the creator and to the master of all of the heavens and of all of the earth, all praise to you! Thank you and praise to the creator and to the master of all of the heavens and of all of the earth, all praise to you! Thank you and praise to the creator and to the master of all of the heavens and of all of the earth, all praise to you!"

That is the type of thing that it would translate out into. And as to trying to translate a marathon tongues praying session, hmm.. that would be rather fruitless. God is really more looking for a commitment of solitary "one on one" time from you. So she has you sing her a repeating poem of praise and thanksgiving. It helps her put up with the monotony of the rather long marathon prayer session.


PS: Since the key to praying in tongues is quantity, it does present a bit of a problem with spending all that time on your knees. The beloved one will allow you to put in blocks of time in a less reverent position such as sitting on a couch, or lying in a bed, as long as it is done in quiet solitude with your eyes closed, hands clasped etc.. You have to use some type of timer so that your mind is not constantly worrying, "how long have I been praying?', setting the timer on a cell phone for 15, 30, or 60 minutes seems to work well. After the first 15 minute block you will feel so good that you will become an addict, and you may have to go to some kind of meetings. Sorry.




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