Marijuana in the bible

It is important to note that marijuana is all over the bible. It was the main component, the only "active component", of "the Holy Anointing Oil"
(Luke 7:46) that is repeatedly mentioned in the bible.

(Here is an outside source which explains this issue in more detail - . And here is the wikipedia for the Holy Anointing Oil which also explains that its main component was hemp  - )


The hemp within the anointing oil was absorbed, through the skin.

And Jesus used the holy anointing oil, everyday.

Each, and every day.

Those, simply, are the facts.

Stiffos, notwithstanding.


The term "the Christ", actually means, "The Anointed One".

And what that specifically was referring to was this hemp oil, which he was anointed with. (Luke 7:46)

In fact, the name Jesus Christ, actually translates out to "Jesus, who smokes pot".

Again, simply the facts.

Stiffos, you can take a hike.

The facts are the facts, and those are the facts.

Like it or lump it.


Marijuana gets you in much better contact with the Shekinah, or God. It is "a doorway", to God.

That's why it was used.

Also, the AMA says that "marijuana is harmless".

After a 20 year study.


You got that.

God is here

To make your day better.

Not worse.


And hemp is a big part of that.


Also, "hemp smokers have more sex".. :

And the more sex you have? The more healthy, you are.

If you slow down on sex? "you will get prostate cancer"

Men, don't die of old age. They die from slowing down on sex..

Sex every day? Should be normal. For long life..

And only hemp, makes you horny enough, to do that..


You don't want to "burn hemp", as this, does produce some dangerous byproducts. That you don't want to have to deal with. The safest way to consume hemp? Is to use a vaporizer.

It doesn't burn the hemp, it just extracts the thc, only using hot air. Leaving, the unburnt plant material, for you to throw away.

What are the other benefits to vaporizers? In addition to not exposing your lungs needlessly to burning plant material? Well, there are two big ones.

To understand why, think of all the thc that is destroyed by the process of burning, before it even gets, to your lungs..

A vaporizer has 2 extra benefits:

1. "Your hemp gets you twice (2X) as high." Because you do not destroy a bunch of the thc, in the burning process.

2. "Your hemp lasts twice (2X) as long." You don't use as much, because it is much more effectively delivered to your lungs, rather than most of it being burned up, before it even gets into your body..

The "best selling" and easy to use model, is the Easy Vape, at about 75$.

(And there are many instructional videos on youtube, showing you good tips, on how to use it. Just search "easy vape".)

The best temperature setting, for optimum performance is "360".  **Be sure to allow the wand to set on there for a few minutes to warm up,  before use.

The key, is to "just turn the hemp brown", don't turn it black, and burn it. As that's just the same as smoking. You just, want it to turn brown, not black. If you get black?, you're overheating it. And need to turn the temp, down.


The glass components are fragile however, and break. But inexpensive replacement glass parts, are easily available on ebay. (Ordering a spare glass wand, either when you first buy the vaporizer, or from ebay, is always a good idea..)


A vaporizer, is by far the safest and most efficient way to consume hemp..



Marijuana is only for adults however, out of school people, you can not absorb facts, or learn, when you are high. If you smoke as a child, your IQ will be on average, ten points lower. A frikken moron. It is for adults. Only.


Mark my words my dear.

Or ignore them.

(I would mark them.)



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