Oatmeal, is far better for your heart than Statins

Living with "no prescriptions"..


Milk, "is everything"..

Miracle food..

Butter, ice cream, yogurt..

Baby food, for humans, and all mammals..

Combined, with oatmeal?

Means, "you don't need statins".

Because skim milk, and oatmeal, is better for your heart than statins..



My bp is 116/73. 15 points lower, than the average, for my age.

No prescriptions, no statins, just 2 bowls of oatmeal and skim milk a day..


Naturally, you would want to use skim milk, and no cal Equal, (in the big spoon out container, pure, the blue packets are half sugar, no good. Only the big spoon out container, is pure Equal..)


"Twice a day", cleans all the heart disease, from your veins. Scrubs away, the buildup in your veins.


Lowering blood pressure, reversing all heart disease and problems, reversing heart failure, lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, and making you regular.

Thus preventing, colon polyps, cancers, bleeding, and problems..





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