Satan's "A Team", our heroes want to kill us

Satan's "A-Team" consists of virtually anyone whose face you recognize or name you remember from television or radio, the world calls them celebrities.
The first overriding characteristic they all have in common is that virtually none of them are devout followers of God the Father. What is acting anyway? Isn't it simply the art of being a very believable and proficient liar? Who is the father of all lies? Yet we make these godless people with a very dubious skill our heroes and we are interested in every detail of their lives. Now out of the thousands of actors working can you name five truly spirit filled individuals, how about just one?

The second and even more sinister characteristic they all have in common is that they are all liberals. What is a liberal? I will use an illustration, in the movies they always portray God as being on one of your shoulders and Satan on the other, God whispers his plan in your ear and then Satan gets his turn and gets a full and fair chance to present his plan to you. The battle between God and Satan is for your mind, your soul just tags along.

Now the choices that you make with the free will given to you by the Father as to which voice to obey determines either your personal virtue or it demonstrates your lack of virtue. If you routinely agree with Satan's ideas then you would be defined as a liberal and if you routinely agree with God's ideas then you would be defined as a conservative.

A liberal is a "quasi atheist", an atheist in each and everyway but except one, admitting to it. They will not cross over that last shred of indignity to God, they simply will not say the words "I am an atheist". Normally done out of fear rather than any composition of moral fiber within them. God would respect them more if they just said the words outright.

Being a "liberal" by definition means that you just threw the bible out the window. You are pro-choice, pro-homosexual and every other decent thing in the bible makes you wretch. To help placate your aghast conscience you call yourself "progressive". You have just "progressed" past what the bible says is normal into some kind of new age humanist quasi Hell. You have "redefined what is normal" to mean whatever lacks decency and seems to be OK on TV. Your bibles are Cosmo and Vogue and your rabbi is Oprah.

Everyone starts out as a liberal but at some point in their life, hopefully as early as possible, the Father's continual behind the scenes guidance and training eventually wears them down and they all convert into a conservative. If you think of your grandparents and all the other people in that age range they are without exception very conservative, the only real question is at what age you to will put aside your youthful indiscretions, sober up and also receive maturity. Since the "no elderly liberals" mandate is strictly enforced by the Father can you guess the fate of a liberal who refuses to eventually succumb to the Father's cleansing? An untimely early death, yes you are right, good guess. (Job 36:6)

We are instructed to "Submit therefore to God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you". (James 4:7) That is all we are obligated to do, resist and keep resisting.

The liberal news media is a prime example of the "A-Team", they can take a perfectly wonderful day and then go on to report that the sky is falling and the world is going to pieces all around us, they squeal with delight every time they successfully convince us that the whole world is going to Hell in a hand basket. At one end of the spectrum you have the Fox News Network, the only one presenting a fair and neutral spin on the news and at the other end you have (CNN) spinning so hard into Satan's camp that their announcers have to comb their hair very carefully to hide their horns.

Satan picks his "A-Team" members very carefully, almost all of them seem very normal and reasonable with few drunkards or heavy drug users. They are all ready at a moments notice when the cameras flick on to present a reasonable sounding, cohesive and completely godless answer to any question presented to them. In fact they seem to have a plausible godless answer to every one of life's questions that they are eager to publicize. If anyone receives any degree of success without first receiving the Holy Spirit it means that the Father has measured them up and found them lacking. Satan's A-Team dominates every area of interest, TV, movies, sports and music. Virtually every celebrity is a member, our heroes want to kill us.




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