Radios in cars, the one device that God has absolutely no use for


Do you know that God speaks to you only when it is very quiet in the room? It has to be near silent, all distraction boxes (radio, TV, stereo) turned off. You see God whispers into your ear, he does not shout. Do you want to hear what he has to say?

A TV set can safely be used if it is used properly and in a constructive way. After all, the reason God created the audio and visual wonder called TV in the first place was to give everyone a chance to fully view each and every part of this magnificent world that he has created just for his beloved children. Without leaving your living room you can travel to all four corners of the world and view every gorgeous, exotic and beautiful location on the face of the earth. You can see all the beautiful birds, plants, fish, landscapes and the animals of all kinds without flying off to the other side of the world to see them.

A television acts as a kind of "trophy case" of God's masterpieces, displaying one after another of God's most beautiful and inventive creations from each and every part of the globe. God is very proud of all of his creations and he receives pleasure at all the "oh's and ah's" of his dear children as they are exposed to the magnificent things that he has made around the world just for their appreciation.

As you read the Father's favorite television channels for his children are the nature shows, as they act as a continuous source of images of God's handiwork. He is very proud of all that he has created and he likes to see his children appreciating it also. It pleases the Father to see people actively enjoying the artistic beauty and sheer aesthetic aspect of all that he has given them.

There is one device however that the Father has absolutely no use for however and that is RADIOS. Especially in cars. Never has there been a more useless device created by man, a device created for one purpose only, to take and fill up the very last little bit of your quiet free time that used to be filled with hearing the soft still voice of the Father (1Kings 19:12) whispering in your ear. In this noisy, busy world there is so very little quiet time in the first place that the Father even has the opportunity to make his voice heard and then you go and turn on a distraction box and you cut the last lifeline that the Father has to speak to you. Not Good.


If you turn on a radio in your car, you are an irresponsible and foolish person.


What you are doing is not turning ON a radio but turning OFF your access to all the power in the universe. Turning off your access to the soft still voice of God  (1Kings 19:12 that can tell you "turn left now or two miles down the road a semi is going to cream you and in an hour you will be in traction".


If you allow a working radio in your child's car, then you do not love your child.


A child can barely keep a car on the road, talking to people in the back seat while fumbling for a cell phone and then you add a distraction box in to the mix you are lucky that they make it to the end of the block much less back home again.

You need to find the fuse box on their car and remove the fuse for the radio and after you have done that you need to go to your own car and do the same thing.


The beloved one says -  "Don't be in such a hurry to not hear my voice".


I may have something important to say.


You never know.




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