Removing and Preventing Wrinkles


A blessing from God, is "Shekinah's Vitamin C Infusions", which is a powdered vitamin C pill, melted into a small amount of warm water, and applied topically, to your face and neck. Costs, almost nothing. But the effects, are amazing. You absorb 10 times more vitamin C, when it is applied topically. And on your face, it boosts "collagen production", dramatically smoothing out all your wrinkles. Applied twice daily. This trick, is actually amazing.



Just take a 500 mg vitamin C pill, (walmart has them with rose hips bioflavonoid added, which helps prevent broken veins, spider veins.) crush it and powered it with a spoon, then add it to a small shot glass of warm water, to melt it.

(A trick I use to initially break the pill, is to put it on the counter and hit it with the bottom of a soup can. A quick smack breaks it, then powder it up the rest of the way with a spoon..)

Then, dip your fingers into the water, and apply the liquid to your face, neck, and forehead. Keep reapplying and rubbing it in for a bit, then just let dry. That's it.

Go ahead and keep reapplying with what's left over, at various times throughout the day, until it's all gone..


(Shave your face first, neck, and forehead, with a 5 blade Proglide razor, even women. Especially women..)

"Shekinah's Vitamin C Infusions", work in two ways. First, the citric acid in the vitamin C acts as a daily "mild chemical peel", that constantly "sloughs off" all dead skin cells, and evens out the skins surface and texture. Second, the vitamin C is actually absorbed, by the skin, causing a huge boost in collagen production, wherever it is applied. This pushes up and fills in wrinkles, from below. Not temporarily, permanently.



Men or Women..  A five blade, Fusion Proglide razor

Will take off "five years of aging", on the very first day, you use it.

And it just keeps getting better, from there..


The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) does not want to look at a person that has been unnecessarily turned into a prune because you lack a few simple basic facts. A gift from God has been given to you. Youthful appearance is only one five blade razor away. The 5 blade Fusion Proglide razor is the best razor on the market right now for removing wrinkles and smoothing the skin. (DON'T, get the Walmart "Equate", 5 blade copy. It, doesn't work at all, for dermaplaning..) Use it with "Edge" gel shaving cream with "aloe added" for optimum wrinkle removing effect. The first day you use it, it will take off about 5 years of aging. And it just gets better from there.

Men or women,  anyone who wants to permanently reduce and remove all their age wrinkles can now easily do that at home for next to nothing. All it takes is some diligence and some time. Slowly and surely, over a period of years, you will see the wrinkles fade and permanently disappear.

Women, should shave.  A couple times a week.

I tell you, it's so.

And science, is behind me, 100%.

Skincare Shocker: Women, Shave Your Face! - Skin & Beauty - Sharecare


Only a men's razor will have the best performing razorblades made just for the face, a women's model made for leg hairs will not work. A woman using a men's razorblade for this purpose may feel a bit awkward at first, until after about a week and she sees the results, and then she will feel empowered and then she will become unstoppable.

Free restoration of your youthfulness. Any area of your face can be restored over time, the laugh lines, the forehead, the crow's feet, the base of the neck, around your eyes, etc., etc.. You are not necessarily just shaving the hairs away, you are chopping off the tops of all your wrinkles with surgical precision thus causing a permanent smoothing effect over time. No matter where the wrinkles are.

Just apply the shaving cream on your entire face, including forehead, neck, and the base of the neck. Shave every place you can get away with it.

You people are intended to look "supernaturally youthful" now, and these are the two methods, (women shaving, and vitamin C infusions), as to how you will do it.


Try a simple "three day test"..

With the liquid vitamin C application, and Proglide 5 blade shaving..

Man or woman, after 3 days, "you will look 5 to 10 years younger", permanently.

And, it just keeps getting better from there..



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