Reversing Baldness with Apple Cider Vinegar

"Shekinah's Miracle Hair Tonic"..


You know "baldness, can be reversed"..

With apple cider vinegar..

I used, to have a bald spot.

Now, I look like an hairy overfed chia pet.

You use it as a "pre rinse", wet your hair with it, for a few minutes, before you shower.

Baldness, is caused by waxy DHT residue, at the base of each hair. Which causes baldness.


That's why all bald people have a "shiny head", that's wax. And only vinegar, can dissolve it. Soap, does very little, on this wax..

Apple cider vinegar, dissolves it, as well as unclogging the sebum blackhead type clogged hair follicles..

You make up a little squeeze bottle of it, diluted 1 part vinegar, to 2 parts water. Or 2 parts Listerine (brown, original. colored Listerine, will color your hair), if you need to get rid of dandruff.. The alcohol in the original Listerine kills off dandruff causing, hair thinning, bacteria.

And you squirt it onto your dry hair, then put a shower cap on, for five minutes. Then, shower as normal.

Do this regime, "every other day", for maximum hair growth. (and maximum wrinkle removal, see below..)

You hair will grow

Like weeds after a rainstorm..


A huge added benefit? As you stand in the shower, waiting your 5 minutes, "rub the Miracle Hair Tonic on your face". As Apple Cider Vinegar, properly diluted, as we have done, is full of mild alpha hydroxy acids. Natural, mild, acids. Which dissolve wrinkles. And remove age spots. Your face, "will get as smooth as a baby's butt, in time".


You're welcome..


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