How a bowl of chili, caused the creation of the concept of a place called "Purgatory"

It is true.


You see old Saint Patrick is responsible for the Catholics believing in a place called "Purgatory".


Even though the term is not even in the bible.


Not even in the Catholics fake bible, with their fake set of 10 Commandments.


They removed the second commandment so that they could bow down and venerate the relabeled Roman Venus God statues that they mistakenly call "the virgin Mary".

They said "see you later" to old commandment number two:
"Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in Heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God". Exodus 20:4-5
In the second commandment, the whole "not making of any graven images or likenesses of anything in Heaven" part did not sit well with all the relabeled Roman Venus God statues (or the so called "virgin Mary") that they venerated so they just edited the bible a bit to accommodate for them.
And they replaced what it says in the real bible with some drivel for their second commandment.
The removal of the second commandment was just a simple way to open the door to all the forbidden "pagan stuff" that is still the backbone and the core of Catholicism today.
When the bible points out that they are not supposed to bow down before sticks and wood (statues) and pray, they just threw out the bible.
And at that point they threw out their creditability before God.


And then just for the fun of it they decided to just throw out the fourth commandment also, "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy".


They just "forgot" that the Sabbath is on Saturday.


Those zany Catholics and their assumption that the bible was written in pencil and that they alone wielded the eraser to edit it however they see fit.


So now the whole "the Sabbath is on Sunday" scam has become a world wide Christian tradition, and the whole world now suffers because of their irreverence to God's implicit instructions.


The Catholics alone bear sole responsibility for this grievous sin being started in the first place and the whole world pays the price for the chronic violation of the fourth commandment.


The half pagan primary founder of Catholicism, Roman emperor "Constantine the Great", was the one most responsible for spitting in God's face with all these pagan hi jinks.


God in his turn collapsed the entire Roman Empire after they pulled those beauties.


And true pagan worship is why they are not even defined as Christians.


When they die they go to Mount Olympus and live with Zeus and Apollo.


Try to find Mount Olympus on a map my pagan friends.


Oh well.


On not so fine a day old St. Patrick had a "vision" on Purgatory Island off the coast of Ireland of "a place between Heaven and Hell where you were cleansed of all unrighteous before entering paradise".


Glory be, how do we interpret this remarkable vision?


The correct interpretation of that vision is that the place was the Earth itself, not a new imaginary (and nonexistent) place called Purgatory.


But the correct interpretation did not come to them, so again they just threw out the bible and started to make stuff up.


So now the Catholics have a kind of "addendum" to the real bible that says that there is a real place called "Purgatory".


Despite having NO REAL EVIDENCE other than this "vision".


I find that most "visions" come from eating spicy food after 5PM.


But not our pagan friends.


Now they teach it just like the gospel truth, like it really is in the bible you see.


After all old St. Pat has a lot of credibility you know.


He did not just invent the drunken Catholic binge called St. Patrick's day.


No, he did lots of other stuff too.


He is the one that got rid of all the snakes in Ireland.


It is true.


How did he do that?


Well the legend says that he played a flute or something and all the snakes just followed him to their demise.


That has to be true, such a pretty pretty story.


How big is Ireland?


Well it is hundreds of miles across.


If a guy played a flute how far would the sound travel?


If it was very loud, maybe a couple hundred FEET.


How about we play the devil's advocate here and say that he hooked up his magic flute to an amplifier and blasted it real loud?


Well then it might be heard for as much as a mile.


Well that would never work, hmm..


The story seems to be falling apart here.




So it has to be true you see.


Ireland is an ISLAND is it not?


It seems that a lot of animals did not get an opportunity to swim over to it.


I would like to start my own fairy tale.


I think that the reason that there are no Red Butt Baboons in Ireland is because old St. Patrick and his magic flute scared them all away.


And the elephants and the tigers and the monkeys and all the rhinos are now gone also.


And don't forget about the platypus.


There you go, old St Patrick scared them all away.


And he has credibility now because of that.


He eats a bowl of chili one night and has a "vision".


So now we should make up a kind of "addendum" to the real bible.


After all he did scare all the Red Butt Baboons out of Ireland.


Now lets start teaching our children about this made up place called Purgatory.


Lets tell such silly silly things to the little ones.


That is why Hell was invented in the first place my friend.


You will pay for damaging the little ones.


They will probably be lost because of all such silly claptrap.



That means that you killed them.





And not in the bible.



The Father's Catholic children suffer much because of many such misinterpreted anecdotal stories.

They have been given power and they are false, the inaccurate precepts of men.

They are not the word of God nor are they the will of God.





God the Father Almighty wants the doors closed on this farce.



The Catholic Church.





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