Shekinah ate Tyre


What happened to the island country of Tyre?

Shekinah ate Tyre.

It was delicious.


Initial post - "The prince of Tyrus was a bit of "a big name" but alas he was a man. (see Ez28) Same for the king of Babylon. (see Is 14)"

Are you referring to the island country of "Tyre"?

Shekinah ate Tyre.

You see, somewhere in the book of Ezekiel, Shekinah says "Tyre, you stink, I will blot you out of existence. Your name will not even be remembered. You will be Gone." (more or less, that is what she said) Ezekiel 26:3-14

Then she sent her servant Nebuchadnezzar.

But he could not do it.

In fact, he went bald trying.

We call him "old baldy".

But he failed.

The only mission in the whole entire bible that the Shekinah sent out that did not work. God failed with old baldy. God's only failure. Yikes.

So then Shekinah sent her next servant.

Alexander the Great.

He proved to have some brass ones.


He built an extensive land bridge out to the island, (still exists), and then attacked.

He effectively, and permanently, "blotted Tyre from the face of the earth", for the Queen.

Shekinah ate Tyre.


i.e. Don't mess with the Shekinah.

Or she will hand you your head.

She eats islands for breakfast.



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