Invoking "The Shekinah's Blessing"

Lighting the candles of the Sabbath

The "Shekinah of God", or the physical presence of God, is repeatedly referred to in the bible proper as the "Cloud of God's Glory". The "Shekinah" is an older more traditional surname of the actual presence of God, a very enhance version of the "Holy Spirit" of God. To commemorate the return of the Shekinah or "the Cloud of God's Glory" (or the other term used is the "Glory of the Lord") to the Earth, the Father has given us the "Shekinah's Blessing", it is a modification of the old traditional Sabbath candle ritual. With the release of the New Holy Bible it is the only new way to ask for and then to receive a enhanced blessing from God for you and your family, it is the Father's favorite and most pleasing ritual. With the release of the New Holy Bible the Father has added the unprecedented blessing of "adding ten full years to the lifespan" of anyone who uses the Shekinah's Blessing regularly, every week.

It is for all observant Christians, Muslims and Jews. The revelations in the New Holy Bible are called "the keys to the kingdom of Heaven" since 100% compliance virtually guarantees your admittance to Heaven. A type of "double portion" can be obtained by combining that with the "ten extra years added to your lifespan" that will be gained by religiously applying "The Shekinah's Blessing". It is the Friday night Sabbath Candle Ritual. You do that every Sabbath eve, every Friday night. You do temporarily use "stand alone" candles for that ceremony. Then you use candles in glass for the rest of the evening and the rest of the week.



Women have the honor of lighting the candles for her household. If a woman is not present then a man is permitted to light the candles. This is called a "good deed."

How many candles for the Sabbath?

At least two. We want to use the same number of candles each week. What does this teach us? We never want to decrease in God, but always increase. Some people light a candle for each member of their family each week, while still others light only the two.

What do the two candles represent?

The two candles represent several things. One teaching is that one candle represents Moses and the other is Elijah. Moses represents the Bible or the teachings of God, and Elijah represents the prophets. Both prophets were said to be witnesses in the ancient wedding ceremony. Both would be present to point to the bridegroom and bride as having fulfilled the requirements for marriage. The light atop each candle can teach that both the Bible (teachings of God) and the prophets are now coming alive.

Is it important to do things in this order?

Yes, God is a very orderly God, and we have learned that everything is for a reason. Nothing is disorderly or out of place. Only the world runs on chaos when Satan is ruler of your heart. When God takes over a peace comes that passes all understanding.

The house is cleaned and clothes are changed

The Shekinah has always traditionally been considered "the female side of God". And to show respect for the Shekinah that you are now inviting into your home to visit, you always make everything clean and pleasing to her. And she hates mess, smells and sad faces. Clean the house up and get everyone into their more formal Sabbath clothes and then call for good cheer to prevail in your home. Smiles everyone, please. She is not coming to be brought down and depressed by the visit. A little respect and a little decorum is expected also. We want her to come don't we? Make it fun for her to arrive. You are her best and brightest, shave, wash, clean up a bit. Like you are getting ready for a date. She likes to see her trophies shine, it makes her smile.

Setting the table

The Sabbath table should be set with at least two candles, representing the dual commandments to remember and observe the Sabbath, and at least two loaves of any uncut bread (like a French bread) to slice and enjoy during the evening. This bread, called challah loaves, is warmed and then sliced. The bread slices are dipped in a type of a marinade, a combination of parmesan cheese mixed with olive oil. Pour out a small pile of the parmesan cheese onto a small plate and then cover it with some virgin olive oil and simply mix the two together with a fork, then each person dips their warmed bread slices into this marinade for a delightful taste. Should you try this marinade and find it not to your liking, you can simply substitute it with butter being applied to the warm bread without any prejudice from God. The loaves representing the dual portion of manna that God provided for the Israelites in preparation for the Sabbath in the desert. The loaves should be whole at first, and should be covered with a bread cover, towel or napkin to keep them warm. And as is the case every time that a bite of food enters your mouth, you would always say grace before eating.

Lighting candles

Candles should be lit right about sundown. 

At least two candles should be lit, representing the dual commandments to remember and to keep the Sabbath. The candles are lit by the woman of the household. The tradition is that she covers her head with a scarf first, as in the picture. If a woman is not available to do the lighting, a man with his head uncovered will do just fine. After lighting, she waves both her hands over the candles symbolically pulling the light and the smoke in towards her face, welcoming in the Sabbath. Then she covers her eyes, so as not to see the candles before reciting the blessing, and recites the blessing below. The hands are then removed from the eyes, and she looks at the candles, completing the ritual of lighting the candles.



The exact procedure to follow..


Always being sure that her head is covered with a scarf..

Then the woman of the house recites or sings:


Dear Heavenly Father, the Lord of all of the Heavens and of all of the Earth, praise to you, the only Holy One.

I am about to perform the sacred duty of kindling the lights in honor of the beloved Sabbath,

And in honor of your Holy name.

As it is written, "You shall call the Sabbath a delight, and the Holy Day of the Lord honorable"

And I pray that you grant that the stream of abundant life and Heavenly blessings flow in on me and all of mine,

And that you be gracious unto us, and that you cause your beloved Shekinah to dwell with us,

And give us peace.


Dear Heavenly Father of all mercy,

Please continue all your loving kindness to me and to all my dear ones.

Please make me worthy to rear my children so that they may walk in the ways of righteousness before you,

We pray that they may always be loyal to your beloved holy words.

And clinging always to good deeds.

Please keep far from us all manner of shame, grief, and cares.

Please grant us your blessing so that peace, light and joy abide in our home forever.

Dear Heavenly Father, for with you is the fountain of all life,

And only in your reflective light do we see the light.

Praise only to you, the beloved and the blessed one.


Amen and Amen.




2. Light the Sabbath candles (at least two or more)

3. Pull the light towards yourself, without touching the flames.

4. Cover your eyes with your hands.


5. Then say the following Blessing:



Dear Heavenly Father, 

Blessed and praised are you O Lord our God,

The King of all of the Heavens

And of all of the Earth. 

He who sanctified us by the holy words of God,

And he who commanded us to light the Sabbath lights.

All praise and glory only unto you,

The only Holy One.


Amen and Amen.




This is a call for "the Shekinah" (the Holy Spirit) to come and spend the evening with you and your family. When she comes you will experience your home fill up with what is called "joyful peace". Your house being filled with peace and "coziness" is your reward for invoking this blessing. It at least must be done each Friday, but it also can be done as often as you wish, and on any other night of the week. The Shekinah will come whenever she is politely and formally invited. You honor her, and she will honor you.


Applying the "Shekinah's Blessing" religiously will give you the Father's new and unprecedented promise of adding "ten full years to the lifespan" of all participants.

Please Note: You may notice that the Father added a few extra words to the old and now out of date traditional Sabbath Candle Ritual prayers. He himself added a few more "please and thank you" dedications so that the prayer offered him much more satisfaction and was much more pleasing to him.  In order to receive the new blessing of "adding ten full years to your lifespan" you would have to use this prayer, it will not work if any of the words of the official prayer are altered.





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