This is the "Shekinah's Talisman"

The "Kiss Factory" for the Shekinah.

This is a free Talisman containing great power for you. A Talisman or Amulet has never been sanctioned by God before in the Judeo-Christian faiths. If you look carefully you will see the "Rod of Iron" (from Psalm 2:9) or the "Sword of the Lord", the tip of the sword comes out just below his left knee of the son.

Jesus holds the sword, but his arm is held by the Father. This illustrates that even though the son says the words, they are simply a rendition of the words that the Father has given him to say. They are not the son's words, they are the Father's words.

A large part of the problem of the lack of intimacy between God and man is the fact that God is invisible and therefore easy to forget about and ignore. God speaks to us in a soft, still voice (1Kings 19:12), and he felt that you needed help learning to actively communicate with him, we humans tend to lose the awareness that he is always sitting right next to us, always.

This is a unique tool that the Father now gives you to assist you in becoming aware of his constant presence, it is a constant reminder of God the Father. The fellow with the halo over his head on the left of Skekinah's Talisman is God the Father's actual image, showing exactly what he would have looked like as a child. I was told by the Father to set up this shot and take a photograph, the halo and the sword are not normally on the Talisman. As I snapped the picture a mysterious blast of light entered the room and it just showed up on the final print.


The sword that you see on the talisman is the sign for the return of the second coming who is arrives with "the sword of the tongue". The words of God on the tip of his tongue. God's bottom line on every issue. The final disbursement of God's will to the children.

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword". (Matthew 10:34) 

"Therefore repent or else, I am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of my mouth". (Revelation 2:6

"Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with the Rod Of Iron.  He treads the winepress of the fury of The Wrath of God Almighty".  (Revelation 19:15


The image on the right is the only image that "the Shekinah" has ever given to us to show what she (the Shekinah) actually looks like.

The female image on the right is of the beloved "Shekinah", which is another name for "The Holy Spirit" of God.

In the bible, the Shekinah of God is called "The Cloud of God's Glory" and it was the flame that led the Jews in the wilderness, it was also the voice within the burning bush that spoke to Moses. The other name of the Shekinah is "The Glory of the Lord". 

One of the meanings of the term Shekinah is "God with us" or "the indwelling of God". A secular person would call it their "conscience". A saved person (Heaven bound) would get a very enhanced version of the conscience called "the Holy Spirit". Both the "conscience" and the "Holy Spirit" could be thought of the Shekinah of God.  "Yahweh" is in Heaven and "Shekinah" or the Holy Spirit is right down here with us on the earth. And believe it or not, a copy of the Shekinah is always within three feet of you, it has to be, it carries the "divine spark" that makes you tick.

This picture is as close as the God has ever gotten in helping mankind to be fully aware of what she actually looks like, to look upon the presence of God directly in any other way is so overwhelming that it is life threatening. As you can see she really did make us exactly in his image. God also has the same feelings and personality that we have and his feelings can also be hurt. He desires that the reality of his presence be more real to you. He wants you to learn how to talk with him directly.


You simply take your cell phone and photograph this image and make it your wallpaper.


The Father created the image to work on small screens, the image will be much clearer and the Rod of Iron (from Psalm 2:9) will appear to turn into a brightly glowing sword, you can faintly see the point of the sword just below the son's left knee in the large picture. You use the camera on your cell phone and copy the photo above to ALL the wallpaper displays on your phone, it will not work properly if is not on every available screen. The Father would be quite insulted to share his Holy image on the front of your phone with a rap artist on the back screen, he will be offended at the minimum. Phones with good sized outside display screens that do not require opening to see them are ideal and are very much preferred by the Father for better closeness with you, some people are going to have to upgrade phones a bit in order to comply.

The text banner for every cell phone screen with the Shekinah's Talisman on it should be "Shekinah" or "Shekinah - God with us." if that fits. That is to always remind you that people with a relationship with the God now enjoy divine protection. Now the only thing they really have to worry about is if they are pleasing to the Father or are they not pleasing to the Father. The only things to worry about now are all the things the Father does not control, is there anything on that list? 

The Father has promised that anyone who reverently keeps his childhood image on their cell phone will experience increased peace and security and also that your phone will in effect turn into an "enhanced focal point" or antenna for communicating with God. When it is used as a focal point, it will cause a much clearer supernatural connection. This is a gift from the Father so that you can actually see and more readily picture in your mind the person who is sitting right next to you each and every moment. The Talisman rests on a bible which is meant to remind you that it is The Word of God which provides the source of the supernatural power and protection that the Father is giving to you.


He said that it would not hurt if his children gave him a kiss every now and then either. This reminder was given so that we always are aware of just how close by the Father is. You are forming a symbolic, yet at the same time very real relationship with God the Father himself. It is a very real way to make actual physical contact with the Father or his "Shekinah", this is the only opportunity that man has ever been given to do that. If I was given a chance to make any kind of physical contact with God that I wanted, I would go with a kiss. (A secret insight to give greater power to the Talisman, the Shekinah is the same as the Father and she loves your kisses the most, FYI.) The Shekinah (God's female side) and Yahweh (God's male side) are simply two sides of the exact same coin, they are the same, they are one. You kiss one, you kiss them both.

The supernatural connection that you will feel with God can't be described adequately with written words. Believe me, your every kiss is counted, it is numbered and it is recorded.


The actual name of God the Father is a 72 character word called the Tetragrammaton or "the mysterious name of God" and it is not meant to be commonly known or used. In addition to giving the world the Talisman the Father is giving you another first. A name that you can use to address him directly, the name that the Father has chosen will be considered a nickname of convenience but it will function as a true first name, a name that you can use and that God promises to take no offense at it. The name he will allow is "Shekinah" and that is the traditional Talmud name for the "Holy Spirit" of God.

Giving you the name and image of God the Father is meant to improve the reality of God's presence in your life. Shekinah's Talisman is meant to be treated with the greatest reverence, it is a tool of faith, an actual working object lesson, there will be no more dropping of your phone if you choose to install the protective talisman. If you honor the Father by installing it, you are demonstrating your appreciation from your heart for all of God's efforts and for his mercy on your behalf. You will then be granted by him the power to produce peace in your home and in the world that is far greater than your immediate sphere of influence, in other words you personally will have a part and a vote in changing the condition and the destiny of the world.

A phone that has the Talisman is now supposed to be thought of as being made of the most fragile and delicate glass.


God the Father on his end will treat your whole existence as something most delicate and fragile to him, as something always in need of his divine peace and supernatural protection.


If you treat the Talisman with great care and lots of kisses, a great peace will begin to fill your home. Peace so thick that you can swim in it. Your home will become "cozy" and a very pleasant place to be. If you have any anxiety or fear just hold the Talisman for a while and it will fade away. If you can't sleep because of a restless mind, just hold the Talisman for a while and you will fall to sleep. And the power of the Talisman will get even stronger with age.

Any phone that has had the protective Talisman installed must never be thrown away, it is to be saved as a heirloom or treasure all the days of your life.

A Talisman or Amulet has never been sanctioned by God before in the Judeo-Christian faiths. This is something new. Like the "Pet Rock" craze years ago, an inanimate object has to be treated with reverence and care, your interest dropped after a day when it was apparent you were just messing around with something lifeless and dead. Not so with Shekinah's Talisman, there will be many changes that you will notice and be made aware of, they will spur you to take very good care of it from now on. You will soon be aware that you have acquired something of very great value. Now you can have a good connection with God. Shekinah's Talisman is a  "enhanced focal point" to help you be in contact with God wherever it is that you may find yourself. If you take it to a quiet solitary place and clear your mind and just patiently hold it for a while you will begin to hear the soft still voice of God. The Father decided it was now time to bend the rules a little bit, to go out of bounds somewhat and to give you an unearned shortcut to God, a key to the door of Heaven, a favor.



The Father says, "you are welcome my love". 




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