Step by Step Instructions to Receive Immortality

"The Immortality Prayer"


Are you numbered among the living, or among the dead? Are you sure? Be sure. The key to the whole thing is the simple question, have you received the Holy Spirit, or not? If not your life span is about 80 years, if you have been gifted with the Holy Spirit your life span has been extended to millions of years living with God the Father himself, all of the saints, and your own loved ones in a place so beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable that words alone can not adequately describe it.

What is the Holy Spirit and how can I receive it? Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as the Counselor and the Spirit of Truth, it will dwell with you and actually reside within your body. (John 14:16-17) Basically the Holy Spirit (the "Shekinah") could be thought of as an empowered advisor sent to you from God, but in actuality it is the all powerful, all knowing spirit of God the Father Almighty himself. The Holy Spirit knows every detail of your past, your every secret, your every thought and yet it still loves you. Everything that the Holy Spirit does for you is an expression of that love and will work out for your benefit, in the long run. 

To obtain the Holy Spirit you have to be willing to go through the door or access point to Heaven and that is through God's son, the Lord Jesus Christ. You have to formally accept the perfect sacrificial death of Jesus as the atonement for all of your own personal sin debt. The methodology of receiving the Holy Spirit is to understand this and then to Ask for the Holy Spirit to be given to you.


Dear Father,

I confess all of my sins, and I claim the sacrificial death of your son Lord Jesus Christ as the atonement for my own personal sin debt. I ask that you forgive me of all of my sins, and that you cleanse me of all unrighteousness.

Dear Father, I humbly ask that give me the anointing and the indwelling of your own Holy Spirit. I ask that you come into my life through your Holy Spirit, and that you live your life in me. Please teach me all of your ways, and refine me into the purest of gold.

I humbly ask that you make me Holy, as you are Holy.

My dear Lord, please hear my prayer.

Amen and Amen.


You say that prayer, on your knees.

And then you will have about a 100% chance, that the Holy Spirit will come and "indwell you".

And you will know when it arrives.

This is how you "self initiate the receipt of the Holy Spirit".

And that is it.

You are going to Heaven.

That is called "The Immortality Prayer".

The ticket to Heaven.

Print yourself a copy of the prayer to read from, it should be prayed on your knees (if you physically can), slowly and reverently. It is kind of a simple prayer in relation to all that you receive after you pray it.


Note: This is one of only a couple of prayers that can be repeated whenever you wish to say it.


If you already have the Holy Spirit and you wish to say it you would simply add the word "a greater" right before the word "anointing and the indwelling".


One of the many ways he may choose to communicate with you is through a process called "holy highlighting", as you are reading a certain passage in the bible or perhaps when you see something on TV, he will highlight it so that it seems to stand out to you. Somehow you come to understand in your heart that what you have just read or seen was meant especially for you and answers some question or problem you are currently having or thinking about. The Holy Spirit can communicate with you in other ways also, one method is through visions, you will actually see a small visual scene play out in your mind and then the interpretation of what the vision means just seems to come to you and you will then understand exactly what God is trying to tell you. In a very real way you will be led to know exactly what the God thinks about any given subject or situation.

The liberal Godless ways of this world and you having political correctness is not very important to the beloved one, the bible is, and you must conform to the bible rather strictly for this to work. He expects much more from the Heaven bound chosen ones, having some form of "I will pick and chose just what I like in the bible" or a form of "shopping cart faith" is not the type of thing meant for you. He is giving you the ultimate gift of all ultimate gifts but he expects something in return, he requires strict compliance and agreement with his inspired word in return. He will require that you begin to strictly obey and honor the bible, not too much to ask. If your more worldly friends would have a big problem with your views, you might consider keeping your strict commitment to the Father and his bible to yourself, silence is far better than sinning and losing all.

After you receive the Shekinah's Holy Spirit and are "born again" or born of the spirit, you have received the promise of an eternal life with God himself, the saints and all your loved ones in paradise. The Holy Spirit can then be empowered and built up by praying in tongues and there are a variety of spiritual gifts that you will probably receive from building up the spirit such as the gift of prophecy, the gift of healing or authority over unclean spirits, etc.. (Joel 2:28) You need to do regular reading in the bible as the Holy Spirit also communicates to you by a process called "remembrance", (John 14:26) he brings back into your mind the things that you have already read or learned in the past when you need it and when it applies exactly to the situation you are now in.

A good place to get started are the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament, we recommend the gospel of Matthew followed by the gospel of Luke as a good starting point. There are printable copies of the books of the New Testament available on the home page. Each of these books are a more or less complete history of the events that took place during the three year ministry of Lord Jesus on earth. Since the Holy Spirit works by making you remember at the correct time the things that you have already heard, you have to do the data input job of filling up your memory banks by reading the bible. Anything that you have read then becomes available for the Holy Spirit to reference and to bring back into your mind at the appropriate time. Basically you are building a reference library for the Holy Spirit to access and the bigger it is the more valuable it will be to you.

The Holy Spirit then begins working in your life through a process called refining (see - Stirring he Pot) in order to purify you and remove the impure values and beliefs that we all pick up from the secular world. This is a long term process God uses for changing and conforming you to the perfect example of his son Jesus Christ so that you have the same values, beliefs and the level of faith that he had while on the earth. The interaction between you and the Holy Spirit is in a very real way your connection to the Father himself, it is your own personal access point to God himself.

Now you need to find a good local bible based church to supplement all your reading and study.

Our instructions are to "seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you, for everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened". (Matthew 7:7-8) In other words you will have to do some work on your own behalf, just having a desire to form a relationship with the beloved one is not quite enough, it has to be backed up with some action on your part. So knock on the door to Heaven and guess what will happen?


The door will open.



The Holy Spirit that you have obtained is not to be taken lightly, it gives you the gift of immortality, you will now live forever,  just like God. 



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