The 613 laws of the Old Testament are punitive

They were created because of the golden calf fiasco. The set of laws that were on the second set of tablets that Moses brought down were far different than the set of laws that were on the first set of tablets that Moses smashed.

The first set of laws created a form of "utopia on this earth", with God himself ruling it and acting as a judge and the administrator of all things. When Moses smashed that first set of tablets, it was at the prompting of God himself to do it. And to then metaphorically destroy the utopia that he had carefully set up for the benefit of the entire world.

He had wanted the Jews to act as his personal liaisons and his holy teachers or rabbis. He wanted them to be his own representatives, sent out to civilize the whole world by teaching it the ways of God. They were to be his most trusted and responsible servants sent to tame and to teach the entire earth God's ways and means.

But the golden calf spelled the end of all that. Moses was then called back up onto the mountain by God. Who was by now, at this time, steaming mad. And they sat down and wrote up the second set of laws.

The "chicken on a hot plate" laws. They are impossible to fully comply with. Note what God states about the 613 laws in the book of Ezekiel:


"Moreover, I gave them statutes that were not good, and ordinances by which they could not live." (Ezekiel 20:25)


They are pure punishment and wrath, written down by a very very angry God. Meant to keep you hopping like a chicken on a hot plate. And what do you get if you fully comply? Do you get to go to Heaven, or do you obtain eternal life?  No.  You simply get to live out your life free from the wrath of God for sinning. That is all.

That is if you were able to obey all 613 that is. But that is quite impossible. Or very near to it. Strict obedience to all the 613 laws gives you 70 or 80 years to exist. That is all that is stated or even implied in the Torah.


And what happens to a member of Judaism who persists in rejecting God's Messiah?


When you die?


That is a good question.


And it is not a question that is answered in the Torah.



Or anywhere else for that matter.




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