The "Apocalypse of Peter"

 The third book of the Apostle Peter, with the first ever accurate description of Hell.

This is a book that used to be an official part of the canon of the bible, it formally had been an official part of the New Testament. It was included in the original "Muratorian canon", (as well as in the "Codex Claramontanus canon"), which are the two oldest known listings of the "canon", or the official books of the bible. At some point this particular final "apocalypse" book was dropped from being the official last book of the canon and was replaced by the apocalypse book "The Revelation of John".

It was written by the Apostle Peter, it is his third book. The exact same Apostle Peter that wrote the two "Letters of Peter" that are already now included in the bible. The favorite disciple of Jesus. The one Jesus called "the Rock". The official leader of the whole movement after Jesus returned to the Father. The very first Pope.   Started Christianity.

With the return of the Second Coming also comes the return of the Apocalypse of Peter to the official canon of the bible. The Apocalypse of Peter describes for the first time how Peter was allowed to visit Hell so that he could then come back and describe it accurately to the new emerging Christian church. He also tells of all the various punishments that are used to match up to each of the various sins.

Murders, adulterers, pro-choice, atheists, homosexuals, abortion, liars, etc. each have their own specific punishment in Hell to fit their sin.

Peter describes his visit to Hell starting in verse 21 on to verse 34. The pro-choice sanction is listed in verse 26. The homosexuality sanction is listed in verse 32. The specific liberals (atheists) sanctions are listed in verses 28 and 34.


The Apocalypse Of Peter


1 Many of them shall be false prophets, and shall teach ways and diverse doctrines of perdition. 2 And they shall become sons of perdition. 3 And then shall God come unto my faithful ones that hunger and thirst and are afflicted and prove their souls in this life, and shall judge the sons of iniquity.

4 And the Lord added and said: Let us go unto the mountain and pray. 5 And going with him, we the twelve disciples besought him that he would show us one of our righteous brethren that had departed out of the world, that we might see what manner of men they are in their form, and take courage, and encourage also the men that should hear us.

6 And as we prayed, suddenly there appeared two men standing before the Lord (perhaps add, to the east) upon whom we were not able to look. 7 For there issued from their countenance a ray as of the sun, and their raiment was shining so as the eye of man never saw the like: for no mouth is able to declare nor heart to conceive the glory wherewith they were clad and the beauty of their countenance. 8 Whom when we saw we were astounded, for their bodies were whiter than any snow and redder than any rose. 9 And the redness of them was mingled with the whiteness, and, in a word, I am not able to declare their beauty. 10 For their hair was curling and flourishing (flowery), and fell comely about their countenance and their shoulders like a garland woven of nard and various flowers, or like a rainbow in the air: such was their comeliness.

11 We, then, seeing the beauty of them were astounded at them, for they appeared suddenly. 12 And I drew near to the Lord and said: Who are these? 13 He saith to me: These are your righteous brethren whose appearance ye did desire to see. 14 And I said unto him: And where are all the righteous? or of what sort is the world wherein they are, and possess this glory? 15 And the Lord showed me a very great region outside this world exceeding bright with light, and the air of that place illuminated with the beams of the sun, and the earth of itself flowering with blossoms that fade not, and full of spices and plants, fair-flowering and incorruptible, and bearing blessed fruit. 16 And so great was the blossom that the odor thereof was borne thence even unto us.

17 And the dwellers in that place were clad with the raiment of shining angels, and their raiment was like unto their land.

18 And angels ran round about them there. 19 And the glory of them that dwelt there was all equal, and with one voice they praised the Lord God, rejoicing in that place.

20 The Lord saith unto us: This is the place of your leaders (or, high priests), the righteous men.

21 And I saw also another place over against that one, very squalid; and it was a place of punishment, and they that were punished and the angels that punished them had their raiment dark, according to the air of the place.

22 And some there were there hanging by their tongues; and these were they that blasphemed the way of righteousness, and under them was laid fire flaming and tormenting them.

23 And there was a great lake full of flaming mire, wherein were certain men that turned away from righteousness; and angels, tormentors, were set over them.

24 And there were also others, women, hanged by their hair above that mire which boiled up; and these were they that adorned themselves for adultery.

And the men that were joined with them in the defilement of adultery were hanging by their feet, and had their heads hidden in the mire, and said: We believed not that we should come unto this place.

25 And I saw the murderers and them that were consenting to them cast into a strait place full of evil, creeping things, and smitten by those beasts, and so turning themselves about in that torment. And upon them were set worms like clouds of darkness. And the souls of them that were murdered stood and looked upon the torment of those murderers and said: O God, righteous is thy judgment.

26 "And hard by that place I saw another strait place wherein the discharge and the stench of them that were in torment ran down, and there was as it were a lake there. And there sat women up to their necks in that liquor, and over against them many children which were born out of due time sat crying: and from them went forth rays of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were they that conceived out of wedlock, or caused abortions." (Note: this is the "abortion and pro-choice clause" that will hang you, if you consent, support, agree to, or in anyway enable this sin).

27 And other men and women were being burned up to their middle and cast down in a dark place and scourged by evil spirits, and having their entrails devoured by worms that rested not. And these were they that had persecuted the righteous and delivered them up.

28 And near to them again were women and men gnawing their lips and in torment, and having iron heated in the fire set against their eyes. And these were they that did blaspheme and speak evil of the way of righteousness.

29 And over against these were yet others, men and women, gnawing their tongues and having flaming fire in their mouths. And these were the false witnesses.

30 And in another place were gravel-stones sharper than swords or any spit, heated with fire, and men and women clad in filthy rags rolled upon them in torment. And these were they that were rich and trusted in their riches, and had no pity upon orphans and widows but neglected the commandments of God.

31 And in another great lake full of foul matter (pus) and blood and boiling mire stood men and women up to their knees And these were they that lent money and demanded usury upon usury.

32 And other men and women being cast down from a great rock precipice fell to the bottom, and again were driven by them that were set over them, to go up upon the rock, and thence were cast down to the bottom and they had no rest from this torment. And these were they that did defile their bodies behaving as women, and the women that were with them were they that lay with one another as a man with a woman. 

33 And beside that rock was a place full of much fire, and there stood men which with their own hands had made images for themselves instead of God, And beside them other men and women having rods of fire and smiting one another and never resting from this manner of torment.

34 And yet others near unto them, men and women, burning and turning themselves about and roasted as in a pan. And these were they that forsook the ways of God.







Also note: The Apostles Peter's third book, "The Apocalypse of Peter", existed as an oral tradition for some decades before being finally written down. The first and the second letters of Peter which are already in the bible were also written down some 50 to 60 years after Peters death (about 112AD). All three of Peter's letters were written down some 50 or 60 years after his death.

(Note, there is another version of the Apocalypse of Peter called a "gnostic text". Do not confuse it with the real Apocalypse of Peter. The gnostic version has never been in the canon of the bible, and it is of unknown and dubious origins. i.e. - not written by Peter.)


It should be noted that the Apocalypse was an official part of the first canon of the New Testament and many of the early church leaders such as the late second century church father "Saint Clement of Alexandria" always considered the Apocalypse of Peter to be a part of the new testament canon and always directly quoted from it as such.

The reason that the Catholic Church initially caused this book to be dropped from the canon is because of its verse 33, "the ban on graven images":

33 "And beside that rock was a place full of much fire, and there stood men which with their own hands had made images for themselves instead of God, And beside them other men and women having rods of fire and smiting one another and never resting from this manner of torment".

The Apocalypse of Peter was incompatible with Catholicism because the Catholics desire to worship graven images. They pray before so called "virgin Mary" statues and have all types of "graven images", strictly forbidden in the Apocalypse of Peter. The Catholics also at that time made up a new fake set of ten commandments (which they still use today) that completely dropped the second commandment or "the ban on praying before graven images".

They dropped the second commandment from their fake version of the ten commandments: "Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in Heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God". Exodus 20:4-5

And they replaced that with some made up second commandment.

The whole "not making of any graven images or likenesses of anything in Heaven" part did not sit well with all the virgin Mary statues that they bowed down before and venerated so Constantine just edited the bible a bit to accommodate for them. They also dropped "the Apocalypse of Peter" from the New Testament canon for the same reason.



The Second Coming now officially returns "The Apocalypse of Peter", back to its rightful place, in the canon of the bible.



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