The final "Evil and Perverse Generation" - "The Pro-Choice Baby Stompers"


If  you are "pro-choice" then you are saying the bible is wrong in condemning anyone who causes a pregnant women to lose her child will in turn lose their own life.


Exodus 21:22-25

ďAnd in case men should struggle with each other and they really hurt a pregnant woman and her child is born but no fatal accident occurs, he is to have damages imposed upon him without fail according to what the owner of the woman may lay upon him; and he must give it through the justices. 23 But if a fatal accident should occur, then you must give soul for soul, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 branding for branding, wound for wound, blow for blow."


"But if a fatal accident should occur".

Just killing a baby by accident means you are dead.

Do it on purpose?

You are a grease spot.


The Father calls the pro-death (or their warm and fuzzy name, pro-choice) people the "Baby Stompers". You think that if a baby is inconvenient in anyway you can just put your jack boot on its skull and stomp it. No pro-death person has ever been admitted to Heaven, not one.

Ironically in a very real way, if you consider its devastating effect on your eternal fate, it is a far worse sin than murder. Believe it or not, there are a few murderers who were admitted to Heaven. There are not a lot of them but each case is different and over the years quite a few of them have found a way to be forgiven by the Father and to go to Heaven. But a "pro-choice baby stomper" never has been, something about you advocating the killing of babies the Father loves so so dearly, unspoiled and untainted by the world yet and totally sin free. For some reason he finds the stompers just a little too selfish and immoral and he simply can not forgive their advocating the wholesale murder of the innocents.

FYI: If you changed your position to just advocating the stomping of inconvenient old people you would have about a thousand times better chance at Heaven than when you state your desire to kill the innocent littlest ones. A simple murder of an adult is not completely exclude you from Heaven in every case, unusual circumstances have allowed a few murderers to make it in.

So play the odds a little better and just advocate killing a little older "clumps of cells". That is the excuse that you use before the baby is dropped into the blender right? Why it is OK, it is just a clump of cells. Answer me this, what in the world are you as an adult but simply a clump of cells? Oh my, I should have thought that reason through a bit more before I threw my eternal fate away by my Satanic pro-choice position.

It is written the Father would create a hidden reason and a trick question in the whole "are you pro-life or are you pro-death?" question (or the warm and fuzzy name used to distort the real purpose, the wanton murdering of inconvenient babies, "pro choice"). It is written that in the last days a unprecedented level of depravity would prevail and a very "evil and perverse generation" of completely Godless individuals would rise up and display their extreme lack of reverence for the Father and his handbook for successful living (Bible). If it feels good, do it. If you can successfully get away with something, why then it is OK. Extra kids are like Kleenex, you just throw them away. They don't put you in jail if you kill them a little before their first birthday, that means that it is OK right?

The final and by far the most foul generation since the dawn of man, Satan's best and his brightest, the long written about and by far the most evil generation of the end times - "The Generation of the Pro Choice Baby Stompers". Their bible is Cosmo and Vogue and their Rabbi is Oprah. The second coming brings down the wrath of God on to their heads in "the day of great vengeance" written of in Isaiah 61:2. Why that day may be today if you are spitting in God's face and ignoring the Torah and the bible. And it is for just this reason, to fumigated the earth of these liberal vipers.

The punishment for the sin of pro-choice is listed in the Apocalypse of the Apostle Peter at verse 26:

26 And hard by that place I saw another strait place wherein the discharge and the stench of them that were in torment ran down, and there was as it were a lake there. And there sat women up to their necks in that liquor, and over against them many children which were born out of due time sat crying: and from them went forth rays of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were they that conceived out of wedlock and they that had caused abortions. (Note: this is the "abortion and pro-choice clause" that will hang you if you lend your support or consent to this sin). Apocalypse of Peter verse 26

The Father knew that this final "worst of the worst" evil and perverse generation was coming. And two thousand years ago he officially defined your punishment. The pro-choice sinners were dispatched two thousand years before they were even born. I find that interesting. You are in a peck of trouble.


PS:  Are you pro-life but you have some kind of caveat or condition on your so called pro-life stance? That is a trick from Satan. Pro-life except if the baby is stuck half way in, or pro-life except if the mother's life is endangered. Well how noble of you. You idiot. That is a trick from Satan. A pro-life with any type of "caveat" is in God's eyes a pro-choice. And all the same penalties apply to you. You are either pro-life straight or you are pro-death. Your stupid caveat has sentenced you to Hell.

The doctors do not need your advice on how to keep the mother and child alive. And that is not your business in the first place. A straight pro-life simply wants the same laws that were in place up until 1973 to be reinstalled. That is real pro-life. And the doctors do not need your advice on how to deliver babies. Keep that silly claptrap to yourself. You will hang if you put any caveat or some kind of "condition" on your so called pro-life stance. Stop deluding yourself my liberal friend. A pro-life with a caveat is a pro-death in the Father's eyes. And his is the only vote that matters.


Why did God allow 53 million American babies to be killed in the abortion Holocaust? It is because in the first place, it is only the "moral degenerates" among us who are putting their jack boots to the skulls of their inconvenient children. The simple truth is that "evil begets evil". Big moral degenerates beget little moral degenerates. Filth begets filth. It is only the liberal, quasi atheistic, morally corrupt, anti bible, anti God, Democratic, left wing heathen who are dropping their babies into the blenders. The decent people who attend church each week, who say grace each and every time before eating and who instill within their beloved children a reverence, a love and a respect for God and the bible that are all raising their own very much more precious children to adulthood.

Should a child by chance die before the age of decision making, they would then automatically go straight to Heaven. All young children who pass on get a free ticket to Heaven as a gift from God. A place their degenerate parents will not see in a million years. Have no fear beloved ones, these 53 million children were all saved. Their horror show parents however were not, they were all condemned for the murder of their own children.

In short, there is a good velvet lining in this test of moral character for the world, the "bad" people are not reproducing at the equivalent rate that the "good" people are. God allows "free will" for his children and if there are some of his most corrupt and wicked children who greatly desire to sin, they will be allowed to freely commit genocide on their own family if they so choose to do so. But for these moral degenerates, their free will will end with their heartbeat, as everything in Hell is mandatory. Their punishment in Hell for the murdering of their own children will be the most horrific imaginable.


I do guarantee you that.




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