As to the composition of the miracle health food "Manna", the cure for obesity and diabetes

Biblical "Manna" can be 99% replicated nowadays just by modern day oatmeal. For breakfast, or made into cookies. In a breakfast bowl with skim milk.

Skim is much better for you, if possible, skim milk has much more vitamins in it and at the same time it does not clog up your arteries. (It may not seem logical that skim milk has a lot more vitamins in it, but when they remove the fat, it is replaced simply by "the milk stuff" itself, and that has a lot more vitamins in it than the inert fat that it replaces.) If you don't like the taste of skim, just buy a gallon and force yourself to go through it, by the end you will love it, and your dietary change alone will probably tack ten years onto the end of your life. That was the best gallon of milk you ever drank, it got you started on the path to long life. Don't give slim milk to children however, they need a little fat, 2% milk for them. Babies would get whole milk, unless they are obese.

Manna can be sweetened with your favorite low cal sweetener, or not. Good both ways. The little blue or pink packets of sweeteners are mostly good, in a pinch, but they do each contain a little bit of sugar added when in the packet form (look at the first ingredient of both packets, glucose, which is sugar). The absolute best no cal sweetener for the cereal and the cookies is Equal "by the spoonful", as it is pure and sugar free, it does not contain the little extra sugar of the packets. To locate it in the store, take a look at the unique disperser bottle:

This would be the very best sweetener for diabetics also, you will find that all the rest of the so called "low cal sweeteners" actually contain a lot of sugar, just labeled in an unusual way. You normally have to look around and hit a few stores before you can find it in this "spoon out container", which will tell you that it is truly sugar free, and "no cal". (Scientists in the know call sugar "pure cancer food". Sugar is also the main cause of all heart disease, all tooth decay, all obesity, and all diabetes. Keep that stuff locked up next to your rat poison.)

For oatmeal, the big drum container of the Quaker Oats "quick 1 minute" variety seems to work out the best. (Or the cheaper look-a-like "quick 1 minute" generic store version, it works about the same.) Also, no matter what type you use, it seems you actually have to microwave them for about three minutes to fully cook them however.

The "Manna cakes" mentioned in the bible would simply be "oatmeal cookies".

Manna in either form also happens to be very very good for your cholesterol. The main ingredient of oatmeal is the ultimate heart healthy food. Think of the oatmeal flakes as "little sponges", made just for wiping up and absorbing cholesterol. 


A bowl of Shekinah's Manna cost less than 50 cents to make. And yet it makes a fine meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A heart healthy, cancer reducing, fiber packed blessing. The very high fiber content eliminates all of your constipation, and you can certainly have this delicious sweet, low cal treat, at anytime.




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