The "Death Penalty", If You Ignore God's Soft Voice He Will Speak A Little Louder

The Father has various types of "men on the ground", that act as the enforcement arm of God's will being done on this earth. The police, and the court system, are a part of that. A criminal gets to that point because he routinely dismisses the soft voice of God whispering in his ear. You would call it "the conscience". It is really a pale form of the Holy Spirit of God. Every human being on earth receives it at birth, it lays out the basic ground rules for you so that you do not just act like a wild dog in heat. It is the thing that makes you into a human.

It does not grant you eternal life because it is an involuntary anointing of "a form" of God's spirit. You do not earn it like you do by seeking out and asking for the full fledge Holy Spirit, which does make you into an immortal. Everyone gets the conscience whether they like it or not. The conscience always doing things like telling you don't lie, don't steal, obey and respect your mother etc..  "Act like a human please", it tells you.

As a youth you start out on a even level playing field with the conscience. You can hear it clearly a loud enough to discern what it is telling you. And if you mostly heed what it is saying, a clear connection will always prevail throughout your life. You can hear it loud and clear. But if you ignore it, the connection will begin to slowly fade out. It will get softer and softer with each passing year that you ignore it. You are disrespecting God as a matter of routine by not listening to him. And you damage your conscience, the volume knob is turned down and down as the damage accumulates. And one day you may not hear it at all. You can effectively kill your conscience.

Now after some time of ignoring the Father's rather soft voice, he sends in some humans to speak a little louder to you. Since you routinely ignore him or you seem not be able to hear him to well. Those are the "agents of the Father", the police or maybe even a court judge. And they will tell you the exact same thing God the Father has already been telling you, only they will do it audibly, loud and clear so you can hear it much better. Since you did not seem to like the easy way. And that is almost always done in the public forum to make a greater impact on you. And so that everyone around, friends and family alike, knows and was a witness that you were adequately warned by an agent of God that your ways are in deep conflict with his divine will for you. And in conflict with the laws of the land that the Father had put in place to protect the whole society. You are violating his basic ground rules for decent living at this point because you did not listen to the soft voice.

You are usually warned in such a manner a number of times. Now if you find yourself accused of a capital crime (death sentence possible) and have reached the point of having a judge decide whether you will live or die. You usually deserve to be standing there. Very few innocent people stand before a judge when that type of question is decided. And if the judge decides that your crime is sufficient to warrant the death penalty. And if he then pronounces that sentence on you.

It is because God himself told the judge to do it. God is actually the one that said the words "I hereby sentence you to death". Only he used a human's mouth to do it.

And this time you will hear him.


Whether you like it or not.







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