All "Standard or Repetitive Prayers" are offensive to God


The Father hates any form of "Standard" or repetitive type prayers. From the Rosary and Hail Mary prayers, to anything read from any form of a prayer book, even to the Lord's Prayer. The rule of thumb for the new Millennium is this: "Make all of your prayers consist of praise and thanksgiving only, make each one a unique and original love letter from your heart, and then you will prosper in all your ways".

The "unique and original" clause refers to the Father's desire that each prayer be new and original and with NO REPETITIVE words in it. A slow, thoughtful listing of all the things that you are thankful for, in an offering of praise and adoration, on your knees, is the only proper and pleasing way to pray.

God already is very keenly aware of each and every detail and possible need in your life, a simple heartfelt and care filled "thank you" from his beloved children is all that gives him any pleasure in his life. Heartfelt, real and sincere acknowledgement. Save the repetitive babble, those days are now over. The insult and the lack of care that the mindless repetition of some tired old words that he has heard billions and billions of times before gives him almost absolutely nothing for his tireless, mostly unnoticed work of holding everything on this beautiful planet together perfectly 24/7. He deserves a lot more thought and care than that, and the ones that he loves the most give that to him. They are the "keepers" and after they die he simply can not bear to lose them so he "keeps them" forever, yes it is one of the keys to successfully receiving eternal life.

God the Father labels himself over and over in the bible as "a jealous God" (Exodus 34:14), he desires that you make him the highest priority in your life. You are in essence entering into a marriage relationship with him and he demands all the love, respect and attention that a human spouse would require. The Father has chosen reverent prayer as the means to communicate with him, a very common mistake is to create any type of "Standard" prayers that you use each morning and evening such as simply reciting the Lord's Prayer. The Lord's Prayer was never meant to be recited verbatim, it was only meant to be an example of the type of prayer the Father would find pleasing.

If you ever develop a close relationship with the Father you will feel his eyes glaze over and his attention drop when you stop saying what is in your heart and begin to "Go Standard" with any repetitive words in your prayers. The Father only wants to know what is going on in your heart, he is not a babbling idiot, if he wanted to hear the same thing over and over again he would have bought a tape recorder. The bible specifically points this out as a very important thing to avoid in your prayers, "And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words". (Matthew 6:7)

A tired old repetitive "standard prayer" demonstrates that you have no concept of God. It demonstrates that you believe in "voodoo religion", in other words you think that the worship of God is done properly by performing a series of mechanical steps very similar to the primitive rites of voodoo so that "the Gods will be appeased". In other words God only works when you stick the pin in the doll.  You are demonstrating that in your mind God is not the person who is sitting right next to you at this very moment. In religion there are some traditional ritual type practices that are pleasing to God but intimate prayer and conversation with the Father is not one of them. The only prayers that will be honored by God from now on are original prayers that you say from your heart. The ideal goal of developing any prayer skills is to always remember that the Father created both your body and your personality in his own image and he desires to communicate with you in the same way you would talk to an old friend on the phone.

Always say exactly what is in your heart, when you start to "go standard" because you can't think of anything more to say, it is probably the time to finish up the prayer. A thousand words that come from a prayer book are not as valuable as one that comes from your heart and says to the Father what you really mean. The bible already specifically points this out as a very important thing to avoid in your prayers, "And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition". (Matthew 6:7) 


You have to look at this from the point of view of the Father, if he knows that he can expect the same exact words over and over day in and day out, just how interesting do you think that is for him to hear, why should he even bother to listen? 


The "Lord's Prayer" was never meant to be recited verbatim. It was simply meant to be an example of the "type" of prayer God the Father would find pleasing. God likes only non standard unique "one-off" prayers. No repeating words are to be included. God can be bored to tears just like anybody else. If you are reading a prayer from any kind of a prayer book, don't bother anymore, the beloved one already heard that one billions of times before. It is like saying "ditto" back  when somebody tells you that they love you. Worthless. Show that you care a little bit, give the beloved one a unique and an original love letter from your heart each and every time.

The only thing that is meant to be standard is just who all your prayers should be addressed to, and that is always to the Father. Or you may say "the Shekinah", that is the same thing. (see - Just who do you pray to?) Jesus said "Pray then in this way, Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name," etc.. (Matthew 6:9) He alone is tasked with the responsibility of hearing and responding to all your communication offered up to God in the form of prayers. 


That being said there are certain "task specific" prayers that have to be done in an orderly way to accomplish the specific task desired. The prayers for receiving the Holy Spirit or to bind the power of Satan (it removes all the fear and worry from your mind within a few minutes) and the Sabbath Candle Ritual are three examples of such "task specific" prayers. These three prayers and the new "Lord's Creed" are the ONLY exceptions that will be accepted without prejudice and total rejection from the Father and his important new rule and prayer requirement of "no more standard prayers". The Lord's Creed is important as it is a very concise "snapshot" of the all of the Father's main mandates in the New Holy Bible refined down into one easy to remember paragraph. And within the Lords Creed itself is the Father's explicit mandate that addresses this huge problem of offensive standard repeating prayers, and I quote "Make each one a unique and original love letter from your heart, and then you will prosper in all of your ways".

These four sole exceptions are the "task specific prayers" written by God the Father Almighty himself specifically for the task intended. They are the only exceptions to the rule. All other repetitive, standard or originating from a prayer book prayers will be summarily rejected and not even heard by the Father as of the release of the new bible.


If you ignore the new mandate, everything that you ask for in the offensive standard prayer will be specifically denied to you as punishment for ignoring his important and permanent new mandate on the proper way to pray.




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