Africa, the Father has a "Forest Preserve" of his own


The Father's favorite channels for his children to watch are the nature shows and the reason he does is that it is a tremendous faith boosting experience. There used to be a long time newspaper cartoon and television series called "Ripley's Believe it or Not", if you want to see real amazing examples of God's handiwork, interesting and beautiful things made by the hand of God only, look at the nature documentary shows. It is very pleasing to the Father to see you and your family watching them, he is very proud of the things he has created. Watching them has the added benefit of boosting your families faith in a rather easy pain free way.

The message the Father has is this, the Africa that you see as the backdrop on most of the nature show documentaries is God the Father Almighty's personal animal preserve, or the "King's Woods" as they used to say in old England. A very private and divinely protected preserve of wildlife belonging to the King only.

The reason there are so many wide open uninhabited areas is that the Father has kept Africa as his own private nature sanctuary. He wants you to be aware that large populations of human beings are not compatible with this. That is why the population levels and all of the development in general on the entire continent of Africa has been artificially contained in a variety of ways by the Father and he wants you to know that it always will be. God the Father created human beings for his pleasure and he created animals for his pleasure also. If you find yourself not prospering in Africa,


Then the only real solution is for you to move.


The message could be sugar coated but then it would not also present the only workable solution available, like the message that you have just heard. Giving a person the truth as early as possible can save them a lifetime of wasted effort finding it out for themselves the hard way. It is the will of God that nobody will ever turn Africa into a population or economic boom town. It would be wonderful if large populations of human beings and large populations of the biggest of God's animals could live together somehow but that is not at all possible.

Africa being the last open area for these types of animals means that there is no choice, the human beings have many other places that they can go, the animals do not have any other place to go, this is their last stop, this is it. Africa has a much higher eternal destiny as a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary for the last of the Father's biggest animals. It is pleasing to the Father in that role and it will fulfill that destiny only. Is it fair? Answer this question, does God exist? If he exists and if Africa is in fact the last place these types of animals have to live, what would you do if you were God and you found that the animals that you consider as your own personal house pets and that you like to watch and enjoy were going down for the third time? The animals that you see on the documentary channels will always roam free there, human beings are never meant to flourish in Africa.


Their population levels will always be artificially contained.


A human is not inherently more valuable than any other animal. The entity that pleases God the most is the most valuable. What makes God happy is the most important thing. Animals hold their tongues. And most times they make God smile about a thousand times more than the whining human complainers. Humans complain non stop and they give God the miseries. These animals please God.


And they will always live freely.


God has no choice.


Only the humans have a choice, and unfortunately, for the most part, they have to move. To leave room for the few remaining animals.


This is not discrimination against black people. God loves all of his children. He made all of the races. And he declared over them, "they are very good". If there were too many white people on the African continent, they would have to go. If there were too many brown people, they would have to go. If there were too many yellow people, they would have to go. God is color blind to all the different races. They are all the same and they are all equal in God's eyes. And they are all good.


Knowing and distributing that message from God the Father as early as possible to as many of the involved or concerned individuals as possible is an act of compassion that gives out the real solution at the very same time. Now that is a very hard message, it is kind of unusual to hear the truth like that, but in fact it is the truth. The only reason there is any problem at all is simply because this hidden truth is not commonly and widely known, if the truth is well known and understood all the problems can go away.


And now you know.




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