The Father's favorite Television Channels for his children to watch

Although it won't necessarily compromise your eternal fate, you should be very aware of the hierarchy of the Father's preferences on which television shows that he prefers his children to watch.


Try to avoid any show that was just made up by some screenwriter. Because they have an agenda. And God is not in that agenda. You are being slowly brainwashed. You are being reprogrammed. And Satan is the true author behind it. He is a tricky fellow and all the screenwriters seem to work for him.

They are attempting to create a belief in your mind that God is passť. God does not fit into the modern "progressive" (Godless) ways. So they just leave God out of all of their scripts. They want to make you think that you can do the same. "Forget all about God, nobody thanks God for their food and nobody goes to church or prays on their knees anymore" is their mantra. It is their burning passion. So they portray that line a million different ways and in a million different scenarios. Until you become numb to the reality of God. And then they have you. A reprogrammed robot for Satan is their goal. And they have been successful. 

That is why they sent me down. You all have spiraled into a form of an atheistic quasi-Hell. And television and the atheist writers who control every aspect of it are to blame.


They say that Satan runs this world, I wonder how he controls it?   I wonder..


A TV set can safely be used if it is used properly and in a constructive way. After all the reason God created the audio and visual wonder called TV in the first place was to give everyone a chance to fully view each and every part of this magnificent world that he has created just for his beloved children. Without leaving your living room you can travel to all four corners of the world and view every gorgeous, exotic and beautiful location on the face of the earth. You can see all the beautiful birds, plants, fish, landscapes and the animals of all kinds without flying off to the other side of the world to see them.

A television acts as a kind of "trophy case" of God's masterpieces, displaying one after another of God's most beautiful and inventive creations from each and every part of the globe. God is very proud of all of his creations and he receives pleasure at all the "oh's and ah's" of his dear children as they are exposed to the magnificent things that he has made around the world just for their appreciation.

As you read the Father's favorite television channels for his children are the nature shows, as they act as a continuous source of images of God's handiwork. He is very proud of all that he has created and he likes to see his children appreciating it also. It pleases the Father to see people actively enjoying the artistic beauty and sheer aesthetic aspect of all that he has given them.


However God the Father has a big problem with his children wasting their short time on this earth by misusing the potential tool that the television is.

If you are watching a "documentary type" show that actually adds to your minds data base and improves your families overall functionality and performance in the world, you can be assured that there is about a 99% chance the Father is very proud your stewardship of the family he has given you.

Every nature, history or documentary type show that you have under your families belt is another ratcheting up of their intellectual self worth, the more of them that you can expose and interest your family in, the more permanent lifetime gifts you will give them. At the end of each show they will not be the same person that they were at the beginning.

You are the steward in charge, "the buck stops here" was meant for you specifically, your every move is seen and remembered by God and you will not get two chances at it.

God the Father wants you to be very careful when you use the television, if you favor your family to watching the documentary type channels with nature shows like the Animal Planet, the History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery etc., you minimize the danger of receiving a corrupted world view. Movies always portray a godless life as being successful and that is not the case. History at least portrays things that actually happened. You know you are seeing something ordained by God because it passed the test, it actually happened.




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