The founder of Catholicism had his wife boiled alive and his first born son strangled

Does that sound like something that a Christian would do?

The Roman Catholic Church was created in the first place in 325AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine convened what is now called the Nicene Council, a gathering 220 elders (bishops) together, in order to unify all the diverse pagan and Christian teachings and doctrines that existed in the Roman empire at that time, and to establish the common practices. This so called “universalizing” or combining of the common pagan and Christian practices together produced what is now known as the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

The abomination.

Some interesting tid-bits about old Constantine the founder of Catholicism that you should never forget include, (and these happen AFTER he became a so called "Christian" by the way): He had his own first born son executed, his eldest son Crispus (strangled). He had his own wife executed, his wife Fausta (boiled alive). Does that sound like something a real Christian would do? He was a zany guy to be sure. And to sign up new followers was pretty easy for him. "I got to try to sell this pagan ruse back in Rome" - famous Constantine quote. "It might even pick up a small following since if they don't do it I will kill them". "The world is saved!" "Wait a minute, who is at our gates?" "How can God be with us if we are about to collapse?" "The greatest empire known to man can not just fall!" "God owes us big time, I mean all Gods owe us big time, because we got them all covered!" "Rome can not just collaps..............." - end of transmission.

Constantine tried to combine the so called "best bits" of paganism and a smidgen of the flavor of Christianity into one big thing called "the abomination". What was the official name of the Frankenstein monster creation that he came up with? Catholicism. Bingo. What happens to you after you drop off the pagan half of that so called "religion"? You get a name change. You are now called

A Protestant.


And now you can go to Heaven.




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