The "Garden of Eden" has been returned to the Earth


The Father Is Done.


The Father has made this Earth into "a Heaven on the Earth".

As he promised that one day he would.

Looking at the big picture.

And the long term trends.

You can see that a form of "the Garden of Eden" has developed on this Earth.




Looking at our situation only just 100 years ago, what was it like?


No indoor plumbing, just crank up wells and smelly old outhouses out in the backyard.

Try that in the middle of the night, in the winter, without modern toilet paper.

No paved roads or cars, horses at 5 mph and horse poop everywhere.

60 to 70 hour work weeks, 12 hour work days, Saturday was a normal working day.


Children as young as 7 or 8 worked all day every day doing the most dangerous jobs in the new emerging industrial age sweatshops.


Like feeding bobbins of thread onto still moving and very unforgiving huge cloth looms.


That did not stop even in the event of the frequent accidents that occurred with the little ones.


Going to the doctor for a couple of stitches was a real life and death situation because of the high risk of infection.


The stitches would always get infected, it carried a higher mortality rate than a modern heart bypass operation.

The preferred way was to "slap iron to it", burn the cut shut with a red hot poker, at home they used a fireplace poker.

Even on your face


No refrigeration yet, hardly even ice boxes, they were just for the rich people.


That was the reason that the "spice trade" was so lucrative, spices covered the smell of the half rotten food that all the people ate.


America itself was discovered because Columbus was out looking for new sources of spices.


No automatic furnaces yet, just fireplaces which you had to gather around because they produced so little heat being kicked back into the room.


No Social Security yet, you just worked until you were dead.


No Medicare, no unemployment pay, no workman's compensation, and no government disability coverage.


Smallpox and polio were huge problems, no penicillin yet.


Influenza killed people by the millions, like a plague.


No hot water for baths, if you bathed once a week you must have been a wealthy person, people smelling very bad was the norm.


From the dawn of time up until just a very few years ago we had no: ELECTRICITY, cars, trucks, television, movies, telephones, computers, indoor plumbing, automatic furnaces, refrigerators, internet, airplanes, microwaves, fans, internal combustion engines, hybrid electric cars, cell phones, GPS devices, digital cameras, light bulbs, air conditioning, sewer systems, fresh water on tap, electric motors, bicycles, insect screens on windows, fiberglass home insulation, storm windows, pain killers, vitamins, X-rays, MRI's, cancer treatments, computer and video games, VCR's, DVR's, zoning laws, gasoline, natural gas, stainless steel, air bags, snowmobiles, motorcycles, private leisure boats, hundreds of thousands of safe and effective medicines and drugs, dishwashing machines, clothes washing machines, clothes dryers, automatic ice makers, toilets, sinks, showers, plastic, zip lock bags, canned food, contact lens, frozen food, batteries, hand sanitizers, velcro, ceiling fans, at your door garbage pickup, sliced bread, tupperware, anti bacterial soap, water softeners, glass windows, Botox, cable television, satellite dishes, video games, soda pop, toilet paper, Kleenex, all writing was done with messy bird feathers dipped into ink, not blazingly fast "twin processor computers", etc., etc., etc..


How quickly we forget the harshness of life that all humanity had to endure even just one hundred years ago.


One hundred years later and all these problems have been fixed by the Father.


Today every town with 5000 or more people has a couple big grocery stores like Jewel's, Dominic's, or Walmart at the least.


Go to the fruit, vegetable and deli section of any big grocery store and do a complete circle with your eyes.


What do you see?


Man, that looks just like "a Garden of Eden".



The Father has made all of these conveniences.


Just to make things more pleasant for us.


ALL INVENTIONS and improvements are first created and then refined in the workshops of Heaven.


The Father then whispers the plans for their design into the ears of the so called human "inventor".

Who is specifically picked by God for his ability to develop and efficiently distribute the Father's gift to them.

Including the internet that we are typing on right now.

The "information explosion" that is supposed to come with Heaven arriving on the earth


Is the Internet.


God may even have designed it specifically just so that he could more easily talk to his children.


You never know..


Bill Gates is an unknowing servant of God.

The Father promised "to open the WINDOWS of Heaven".

And when Bill Gates first tried to find a name for his operating system that made the internet possible.

The Father whispered into his ear "call it Windows"


The Father has now opened "the Windows of Heaven".


Just like he said that he would.


The Father's promise of creating "a Heaven on the Earth".


Has already come true.

God is the Creator, the Inventor, and the Originator, of all things.

All things.  Humans, animals, plants, the mountains, the oceans, the moon, the stars, the planets, ice, water, clouds, rainbows, sound, light, wind, soil, dirt, rocks, DNA, and even you.


Even you.


Turn your head all the way to the left,

And then turn it all the way to the right.


Everything that you just saw he first invented, he then refined it (evolution), and then he fed it every single day, and then he gave it just to you, wisdom seeker.


Every single thing.


Hurrah and Kudos only to you Father.

Words are not adequate.


Maybe one is.







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