What is the irrefutable test can be used to identify a true "Spirit Filled" Christian?


"Do you have any calluses on your knees?"

Do you ever actually "worship God"?


Most so called "Christians", are not really Christians at all. They are the very common majority category of so called "lip service" Christians. A spirit filled Christian has certain characteristics that can used to properly identify them. First and foremost would be things like their eating habits. Can this so called "Christian" put even one bite of food into their mouth without saying grace and thanking God for it first? If the answer is "yes", you have found yourself a "lip service" Christian. They are everywhere and they constitute by far the vast majority of all the 90% of Americans who claim to be Christians but actually are deluding themselves. They are using "false labeling".

People ask them what religion they are and they are left in a quagmire, they know that they are not Jewish, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Muslim and most people consider the label of being an "atheist" akin to being a minion of Satan, so they call themselves what is left over, a Christian. After all Grandma did drag them to church every once in a while. And a couple years ago they actually did attend a Christmas or an Easter service. Soo.. You know, "God owes me, he's got my back". "I am a Christian". Meanwhile God is on the floor laughing at their gross delusion.

About 80-90 percent of all Christians are really in this very foul category of the "lip service" Christians. And these fellows can eat without properly thanking God first within the boundaries of their imaginary self delusion of saying that they are really a "Christian".

"Spirit filled" or "heaven bound" Christians actually only constitute about 5 to 10% of all Christians. And they would never put one bite of food in their mouth without thanking God for it first.

Another additional and even more definitive test that also functions as an excellent sign as to whether you are a true "spirit filled" (Heaven bound) Christian or not is, do you have any calluses on your knees?

All true Christians have calluses on their knees.


Do you?


*** Note - Only about one out of ten so called "Christians" really are, by God's way of definition, Christians. The actual figure is that only about 10 percent really are. The rest are defacto "quasi atheists". No grace, etc.. In other words, atheists in each and every way except one, admitting to the fact.


Their real God is called "wishful thinking".


If you do not say grace

You are an "atheist".

If you do not attend church.

You are an "atheist".


Simple, simple, simple.


You love God and all, but not enough to get your butt into a church pew each week.


So, stand up, be proud. You are a bona fide atheist. You guys need a ribbon or something.


Is black available?




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