The new "Chosen People" of God are now all of the people who chose God back


The ranks of the chosen people has been expanded and qualified. To be a member you simply must chose God back. You must accept ALL of his words as being the inspired words of God. You can not simply pick and chose what you wish to believe. You can not be a "shopping cart" child of God, pushing your shopping cart down the isle of the bible saying "I will chose this, but I do not chose that". That will no longer fly.

Gentiles must not downplay the Old Testament by saying that it is the "Jew's bible" and therefore it is not fully relevant to a Christian. Jew's must fully accept the New Testament as being the message of the very Jewish messenger Jesus and understand that he was and is the only Messiah coming.

It has been 2000 years and no other one has shown up. So how long do you think you should wait before you fully understand that he has already come? Jesus is and was the only one sent by the Father to save us and to give us eternal life. And the only methodology of obtaining eternal life is found in the New Testament. The Torah says absolutely nothing about how to obtain it. Nothing. Jesus the Messiah is they only door to the Father .(John 10:9). And the only door to Heaven.

The Muslims are included as full participants in the New Holy Bible and as full members of the new chosen people. After all the Father personally sent the Angel Gabriel to give them "the recitation" or the Koran. He deeply admires them because they solemnly pray on their knees five times a day to God. Seldom could he find this kind of intense devotion to God in a Gentile or a Jew. God dearly loves his Muslim children. We should all learn from them. As a token proof of God's acceptance into his fold, they will be allowed to keep their "Dome on the Rock" on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the former site of the first two holy temples.


And the Father's new Chosen People potentially includes everyone who accepts his words. All the people who chose him back. Jew, Gentile or Muslim, it makes no matter what your former background was. It only matters that you accept all of God's inspired words.


And that you understand that Jesus was and is the only Messiah coming.




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