The real reason smokers die twenty years early

It is an undeniable fact that almost all "spirit filled" (Heaven bound) Christians do not smoke. It is only the people in the rather broad "other" category who are the smokers who befoul this beautiful planet with all their stink. If you are truly indwelt with the Holy Spirit, it simply will not allow you to stink up the air in its presence. This could be a valuable tool in your personally evaluating and determining if you are really indwelt with the Holy Spirit or not. 

The Holy Spirit hates the smell of all tobacco products, cigarettes, cigars, chew, even the ash trays, etc.. And believe it or not, a copy of the Holy Spirit is always within three feet of you, it has to be, it carries the "divine spark" that makes you tick. It will very reluctantly let you smoke as a young and rather stupid youth. It has had the price of cigarettes jacked up so high now to act as a deterrent, and to make sure you are always poor as a punishment for hurting it. And the Holy Spirit had all of the laws changed to reflect its personal abhorrence to smoking. Now each and every 30 minutes or so it makes every smoker take "the walk of shame" down to the public "boob pole". There it makes you stand as a public spectacle of your addiction, it wants you to feel like a heroin addict, just shooting up right in front of a very disgusted crowd of your peers.

The Holy Spirit has its own ways of extracting the maximum amount of unpleasantness and shame into the lives of those that offend its sensibilities the most.

However, the Holy Spirit will hold its nose and always be in a state of retching (almost throwing up) for quite some time before it steps in and acts to dispatch you. Free will and all. But then gingivitis sets in, with almost 75% of people by the age of 45, and all smokers will get it. Now your stinky breath becomes far far too much for the Holy Spirit, having the nose of a bloodhound and all.

So the Holy Spirit just weighs your fate against the misery of sitting next to you and your now overwhelming stink. And eventually it will just give up on you and your stink about twenty years before it would normally get rid of you. The Holy Spirit just can't stand your smell anymore, soon it will be just too much for it and then, TIME FOR YOU TO GO. A cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, or it may just have you lose it on a corner and wrap your car around a tree. The Holy Spirit has a variety of ways to get rid of you and your embarrassing stink. For this reason smokers are "dead men walking", as the Holy Spirit looks for any possible opportunity to expeditiously dispatch them.

And the worse your stink, the faster the Holy Spirit will get rid of you. A cigar smoker really is "a dead man walking". They are dispatched very very quickly, rest in peace, oh stinky one.


If you smoke:


WASH out all stinky ashtrays everyday.

Brush your teeth five of more times a day.

Listerine after EVERY TIME, or at least four times a day.


That will give you an extra five years. (you will still lose 15)


You will smell good or you will not be around very long to stink.




Note: If you need another reason to quit - Smoking even one cigarette a day increases the threat of heart attack by 63 percent, and smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day more than quadruples it.

Smoking causes heart attacks. And heart attacks kill you. Is that a good enough reason?

Cigarette smokers are "paying stupid tax". That is the tax that only the stupid people pay. That is the $200.00 to $300.00 that you flush each month by buying coffin nails. "Stupid tax". The tax on the dumb. A ball and a chain. You exist at a living standard that is far far below and very substandard to all of your neighbors just because you are not man enough to sweat out a little 4 day withdrawal. Four days are too much, four days would kill you. You can not "man up" for four little days? 

Of course you can.




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