The Father reveals two hidden symbols on "The Foundation Stone", on the Temple Mount

The first and second Holy Temples were built over what is called the "Foundation Stone". It is on the very top of Mount Moriah, on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, Israel. It is the actual location of "the
Holy of Holies", the former actual resting place and residence of God on this earth.

The Holy of Holies. The official "holiest spot on face of the earth".

For both Christianity and for Judaism. The third holiest spot for Islam.

This is the stone that the first two Holy Temples of God were built over. It is referred to as the very foundation that the earth was formed from. This is the very spot where Abraham was tested by God before he became the patriarch of the Jewish people and the rock where Jacob dreamt about angels ascending and descending on a ladder to and from Heaven. The stone is the very spot where Muhammad is said to have ascended to Heaven. The "Foundation Stone" is actually a piece of God's "Throne of Glory" and inscribed with the Tetragrammaton, or the hidden mysterious name of God. It is the very navel of the world.

These are two hidden symbols are mentioned in the bible and are just now revealed by the Father. They are on the sacred Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel and they can be seen here for the first time listed below.

This is an unaltered photograph commonly found in the public forum, this exact image can be seen in places like Included at that site is further additional background information about the Foundation Stone and the Holy of Holies and their significance as being commonly accepted as being the holiest site of the face of the earth.

These signs are given to officially note "the return of the Second Coming to the Earth".


The first symbol :

Notice on the very highest peak of the rock of Mount Moriah you see the outline of the symbol for "the Tree of Life" mentioned in Revelation  22:2, it looks kind of like a mushroom. The actual "Tree of Life", is "The New Holy Bible". Those who follow it, will live. As you see listed in Revelation 22:1, the symbol was meant to be found "coming from the Great Throne of God", and that is just where it was found.





The second symbol :

It is written that "a branch from its roots" or the "shoot of Jesse" (this is the specific sign given that notes the return of the second coming to the earth again) will be found coming out of the base of the Tree of Life and that is what you are seeing here. The shoot of Jesse is from Isaiah 11:1.





These symbols are not put there by the hand of man. The Father just released a touchable object mentioned in the bible that has existed unknown, for some 5000 plus years.


The release of the symbols was first and only revealed on the New Holy Bible website ( on the day of its  first publication, as proven by the  "whois", on May 1st, 2011.


Be aware that these symbols are totally new to the world, they have never been discovered or revealed until right now.


Finally finding the long sought out "shoot of Jesse" or "the sign of the return of the second coming of the Lord Jesus" is meant by God to officially denote the return of the Messiah to the earth again. The "Tree of Life" is a tree of knowledge.


                "The Tree of Life" is "The New Holy Bible"


The discovery of the symbol (symbol 1, above) of "the Tree of Life", on the holiest spot on the face of the earth was meant to simultaneously coincide with the release from God of "the actual Tree of Life", this very website. This website is the data, the words, and all the mindset of God in one concise easy to understand package. All the notes and messages that the Father has jotted down in the past 2000 years. 2000 years worth of additional information from God for his children.

An update,  AKA - "The New Ways" for "The New Days".

The home page is the main trunk of "the Tree of Life", and each chapter off of it leads to "a leaf of knowledge". The "leafs of knowledge" are the individual chapters, each one gives you a more clear understanding of God's mind, and of God's mindset. The leafs of knowledge are also meant to save you, both personally and individually. It is the message from the Father that the long awaited time has finally arrived.


The "Millennium" will now start.


Good luck to you all my dears.




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