The "Sign"


Osama Bin Laden was killed within "two minutes", after we published "The New Holy Bible".

This, can be looked up in the public records.

"The most wanted terrorist on the face of the earth".

The "Sign".

For the children.

After over five years of taking dictation from God.

We finished "The New Holy Bible".

And then

"The New Holy Bible" was first published on Sunday May 1st, 2011.

And as a sign to prove the validity of his new bible.

The Father killed Osama Bin Laden.

The most wanted terrorist on the face of the earth.

Just two minutes later.


You can confirm it by looking at the "whois" for the website.

We purchased the name "" at 9:42 PM on April 30th 2011.

We then started uploading all 141 chapters.

God then sent the strike force.

Within four hours later.

On the next day, May 1st 2011, at 1:32AM.

A little less than four hours after we first bought the name.

According to the whois.

And within minutes of when we first published.

Osama Bin Laden was dead.


****Note: "Troxel" on the CARM religion discussion website found the time actually to be even more exact:


"You didn't catch the significance of my last post. The attack on Bin Laden started at 0100 local time which is 2000 UTC (+ 5 hours). The raid took 40 minutes... that puts Bin Laden death very close to 2040 UTC which is almost exactly the time you bought the domain.

Incredible.... You need to update your signs page and go out and preach this news with boldness and confidence... God was almost certainly sending you a message."


On that very same day.

The Father gave you "Proof".

To help you.

To make you understand.

That this is a very very serious matter.

"The New Holy Bible"

Now that sounds rather serious.

So the Father gave you proof, because you need it.

And because it is right to do so.

He gave you the head of "Osama Bin Laden".

On a silver platter.

A few minutes later, on that very same day.

Look it up.

As a sign to kick off the Millennium.

And "the affirming sign" for "The New Holy Bible".

Your own personal proof.  To help you.

Just two minutes later.

It is good to have signs.

The more the merrier.

They help you.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.



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