The "Super Nutrients", you will now live to the age of 120


I am going to need for the children of the Millennium (you) to take a certain multi vitamin, multi mineral, "super nutrient" formulation. If you want to live a very long time that is. This is a very special vitamin, mineral and "miracle nutrients" formulation specifically designed by God to restore your body to peak condition and also specifically to give you a very long life.


Not kidding.


It is the "Special Two", a multi vitamin/multi mineral/super nutrient formulation from a company called "Now". It comes in an orange bottle and is available at most health food stores or at



Do not skip this vitamin requirement. As this formulation is by no means a normal one. This formulation has super high potencies of all the vitamins that you need a super high dose of. And then on top of that God has put in 20 "super nutrients", not found in any other vitamin formulation on the market. They may have one or two of the "super nutrients", but they surely do not have all twenty of the life extending nutrients, and they surely do not include them in adequate enough dosages to do you any good.


Note: Take each pill with a 4oz glass of "V8" regular or low sodium vegetable drink, in the "original" formulation. (They have some other new formulations, cut with fruit juices etc., no good for our purposes.) "Original" V8 is basically the contents that would come out of a juicer machine, without having to buy the machine, and without having to spend all the time. It is like throwing some tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and some celery into a juicer, all nothing but good stuff, put into an easy to consume drink. You can't get better than that. You can't get healthier than that.

Low sodium V8 if you are on a sodium restricted diet. (i.e. - any diet for heart problems would normally restrict salt, and you would use the low sodium V8) Or, for no sodium at all added, you may substitute simple tomato juice, that would also be fine. This is a critical step. This provides you with more anti cancer nutrients, the powerful anti oxidant and the super anti cancer nutrient "lycopene", and a unique anti cancer form of vitamin A and C, and a whole lot of blood sugar and system regulating fiber.


They are big pills, because they carry A LOT of nutrients. I know they are rather big pills, but don't be a baby, you are going to have to get used to swallowing them eventually. They will go right down, easy peasy. Two pills per day, if you get them in capsules, it is four per day. And this is critical, make sure that you do not take both pills (or all four capsules) at the same time, that would be a total waste.


One pill when you get up in the morning, and one pill at 4 PM.


That will give you the optimal health restoration, and in the shortest time.


If you are one of the people told on a "scratch test" that you are allergic to tomato juice, be aware that it is almost always one of the very "minor allergies". Nine times out of ten, this is the case. Just give a very very small glass of it a try, if after a few hours you see no response, then it is probably just a "minor allergy", and not drinking tomato juice will probably do you much much more harm than good. And it is critical for the super nutrients.

And if you do not like tomato juice, most times that is simply a perceived dislike, you must try it again and again until you like it. Don't be a baby, treat it like cod liver oil, just hold your nose and down it goes.



A super nutrient pill and a 4oz glass of V8 twice a day will make you look "visibly much younger" and look "visibly much better" in the mirror after only two weeks.


And after you see that face in the mirror


There will be no stopping you.



Just like when Daniel was allowed to eat just what God told him and he became noticeably much more handsome. His beauty just came forth. There are even super nutrients in there that will end the epidemic of breast and prostrate cancers. Right in their bloody tracks. The super nutrients immediately improve all the bad things going on in your body right now, and they nip any and all potential developing problems right in the bud.  And they do it like right now.



These 20 super nutrients are "a Millennium gift" from God to you.



To optimize your body. To make your body perform at its peak of health and vigor. Again, like it used to do when you were young. And this is the only formulation with all those miracles in two daily pills, and with a very healthy and correct daily dose of them. And all these particular super nutrients are most assuredly a blessing directly from God to you. To repair your body. To restore your body. To make you live a very long time. You will not do that if you do not get this exact particular vitamin formulation with the "super nutrients" and take them exactly as I have prescribed. And also note, they do make your urine turn a bit yellow twice a day as they saturate you with nutrition, that is normal and fine. The "Special Two" vitamin formulation is all the vitamins that you will need. You will need no other.

**If you desire to take a little "fish oil" supplementation, that would be fine. Note: A tobacco smoker (tisk, tisk), or a hemp smoker, would take an additional 1000mg of vitamin C to protect their lungs and to prevent them from getting pneumonia. 

The super nutrients do have one nasty side effect.


You will almost always feel very very good.


And in two weeks


You visibly will look younger.



In virtually no time at all..


You noticeably will "feel very good".


And you visibly will "look very good".


Sorry, you will have to live with that.




In order to have a long life, you have to do something about this "butter issue".

For butter, you can get 50% less saturated fat and 50% less cholesterol, PLUS be spreadable right out of the refrigerator, plus taste as good as pure butter, by using Land O' Lakes butter spread with canola oil added, in the red tub.

You can have all the benefits of the light spreads, without the terrible "fat free taste" that goes along with the light or low cal spreads. This is low cal enough, don't be fooled. Only the red tub has the heart healthy blend AND the good taste.

And God has chosen this butter formulation as "the most heart healthy for his children". The reason the Father likes this one so much, is the taste. In taste tests, this simple three ingredient formulation (butter, canola oil, salt) was not rated as "tastes as good as butter", this formulation was rated as "tastes better than butter". And I have to agree, it is delicious, should you run out of this, you will be very very sad to have to put the old stuff on a roll again.



Now on the topic of "nose picking". That is deadly, as your fingernail is very dangerous. It makes tiny, minute, almost imperceptible scratches inside your nose. And any bacteria that is under your fingernail, is directly injected, right into your blood. Poison. Pure and simple.

You can still pick your nose, but you just MUST use Kleenex. That will prevent those scratches.

And the "direct bacteria infusion"

That is nose picking

Without a Kleenex.




For soap. You should use the orange anti bacterial soap for EVERYTHING. Face, hands, body. To keep your bacteria to a minimum. For long life.

But, NOTE, anti bacterial soap, only works, if "it is on for 30 seconds". Fives or six seconds, the average time of an average hand wash, is USELESS. Count to 30, to kill all the bacteria, then rinse. Very very important.




A gift from God - to quickly remove and heal all acne.

Use "Oxy Daily Acne Wash, Maximum Treatment", as your exclusive face soap.

It is made from 10% benzoyl peroxide, and comes in a 6oz bottle, sold at all Walmart and Walgreen's.


Three times a day, and each time with a clean, fresh, washrag. (The bacteria hides in the old, moist, washrags. You must hang the washrag each and every time you use it, allowing it to fully dry between washings, this kills the bacteria).

And then you will have NO acne.




Men. To deal with "male pattern baldness", you should know that most of it simply comes from not having enough sex. If you do not have enough sex, too much testosterone floats around in your bloodstream. And too much testosterone kills your hair follicles, in later life. Men mostly, but even women will suffer some hair loss if their bodies needs are not properly taken care of. If you do not have sex at least every other day, your hair will fall out. The common stereotype of the "old bald friar" is a very true one, they are bald because they are celibate. That will not work, if you want to keep your hair.

Too much testosterone floating around in your bloodstream kills your hair follicles after about the age of forty. (Mostly after forty, but some men produce so much testosterone that they begin losing hair at the age of twenty or thirty, however the remedy is still exactly the same.) Excess testosterone is dissipated simply by having sex. That is the only way. Why does the football coach always tell the team to abstain from sex before the big game? Because that will lower their testosterone levels.

However, that is just what is needed as you get older, to save your hair.




"Sex, every day, or your hair will fall away."


Another huge benefit of a more regular and frisky sex life for men is A GREAT REDUCTION in the incidence of prostate cancer. Basically, with the prostate, the story is, "if you do not use it, you will lose it". Infrequent sex causes "prostate congestion", then it causes an enlarged prostate, and then it eventually causes prostate cancer. To almost every man, if they live long enough.

Baldness and prostate cancer, two things that can easily be eliminated if you rearrange your priorities. Your wife may even be sympathetic to your cause, you never know. Everyone wins.


The reason men's lifespan is on average seven years less than that of a woman, is simply because of all the men taken out, unnecessarily, by prostate cancer. And that is simply caused by not using the prostate, by not having enough sex.


Being a prude, in this case, will kill you.


However, when you combine this, with all that tomato juice you are now drinking (what vegetable do all doctors tell you to eat to prevent prostate cancer? Tomato's, right?) And what do you think two doses a day (the V8 juice) would do for eliminating all your chances at prostate cancer? 

(And for women, breast cancer, tomato juice's lycopene minimizes your chances for breast cancer also. See: )

I think you can finally say "bye bye" to that particular problem if you take the increased sex frequency and twice daily tomato juice precautions. FYI.


"God's diet", with this "twice daily dose" of tomato juice (the original formulation, V8), "minimizes your chances of prostrate cancer", and "minimizes your chances of breast cancer".


The two worst killers.


God is pretty clever my dear.



And as for sex, "your body needs it, MORE, not less", it is very healthy, i.e. "for good health", and remember..

Masturbation, IS NOT A SIN.

And it is quite silly, to think that it is.

Please give "chapter, and verse".

None. Zippo.


No problems there.



Friars, go bald.

From celibacy.

Sex it up.

Baldness, and prostrate cancer, are caused by "not enough sex".

Sex it up.




Also, one aspirin per day "will prevent most heart attacks and strokes". But.. And this is a big but, you have to make a quick call to your doctor to confirm that you have no medical conditions that require you to avoid aspirin. There are a few medical conditions that would not want you to take aspirin (ulcers, pending operation, etc..).  So, after a quick call to the doctor, you should take one aspirin per day. For long life.


Also, you should walk. Everyone needs to walk a bit. Makes God's job so much more easy to keep you healthy. Nice and slow. What is the hurry? Everything is so pretty. So pretty. Like that. Slow. Easy. Fun.



To keep you alive. 



Once around the block per day.



Would be fine.



And that is it.









I would thank God for "the super nutrients" in your prayers tonight.


If I were you.




The super nutrients will make you live to 120 years old.



The secret to long life




Has been revealed.




Oh, my




We got a good God.





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