God's pick of the "Top Five" preachers in the USA


These are God's "Top Five Picks" as far as being "the most effective, the most beneficial, and the most trusted" of the television and internet teachers.


As per God, the five who "got it right".    Now that is a pretty good endorsement.


The first fellow that you should focus on is God's very "man on the ground", a fellow by the name of Joel Osteen and the Lakewood Church.

This fellow has his sermons whispered directly into his ear by the very Holy Spirit of God. He is a true reflection of God's will, and as many of his words that you can take in, the better off that you will be. It would be of great value to go back through his entire catalog of past sermons. The more numerical number of his words that you can take in, the better off you will be. Now that is a very very clear statement. His non stop repeating mantra of "Just praise God, and just thank God, and never a complaint in sight" is a tune that tickles God's fancy. It strikes right to the heart of the matter. Very pleasing to God.

His sermons could easily and more accurately be called "The Rules for the New Millennium". 

Joel Osteen sermons: http://youtu.be/0OvoaxlCMq0?list=PLUkPsqhLKL-wbz3zK6nC_2elb_-vFV76q

Another great messenger of God is the beloved Charles Stanley and the "In Touch Ministries". He also works directly hand in hand with the Holy Spirit of God and his past sermon catalog is a wealth of learning the heart of God directly. His sermons could easily be called "the concentrated meat of the word, an effective teaching of the mind and of the mindset of God". A dedicated tireless "great workhorse for God" with many many years of "dead on" sermons under his belt. An asset of God's. A blessing from God for his children.
 Charles Stanley sermons:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjilgJPjTNA&feature=share&list=PLE1F7B332CD1B0B5C


Another great messenger of God is the feisty Joyce Meyers. A no nonsense gal who also happens to know God pretty good. Her sharing of her testimony should not be missed. Practical values for everyday living. Variety is a key, diversity is a key, and experience is a key. A joy to behold, Joyce Meyers should not be missed. A long and varied catalog of classic sermons that do nothing but help you on the path to God.  Joyce Meyers sermons:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL93EB75AF76DD6EC9


Another great messenger of God is T.D. Jakes and "The Potter's House" ministries. A fiery black preacher, his passion is dead on. A tireless bulldog for the kingdom of God, he has paid his dues. His sermons are exciting and informative. If you want to get all worked up and light the fire of passion for God within you, his ministry will fit that bill. His sermons could best be called "passionate". Or "wonderful", take your pick. His catalog of classic sermons are a wealth of concentrated knowledge.  TD Jakes sermons:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3ABAEA29423A9901


Another great messenger of God is Joseph Prince. An exciting and upbeat message, is sure to get you on your feet. Activate God's favor in your life!   https://youtu.be/GgjUuOzm3Mo



A great "daily discussion group", of anything Christian is

"The 700 Club"

Of "The Christian Broadcasting Network".

Pat Robertson, and his son

Gordon Robertson.

Found, in your local venue.



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