World War Two and the Holocaust were "Selective Floods"

God starts all wars. God ends all wars. Nothing happens by chance. It never has and it never will.

There is an issue that does not get discussed very often. Why did only certain people die and certain people live during World War Two? Why did the soldier to the left of you and the soldier to the right of you catch a bullet and yet somehow you came out of the war unharmed? Did the Father just allow people to die randomly or was there a selective process used? In other words, was there a method to the madness? What was the Father up to?

Both world wars contained a type of "genetic cleansing" (people) and "infrastructure rebuilding" (buildings) procedure. On the face of it the death and destruction seemed so very random and arbitrary. Millions upon millions died and the great cities of Europe were all destroyed or heavily damaged. Could there be any rhyme or reason to all that death and destruction? What was God doing in allowing (or causing) all of this?

He was doing what was needed to be done. You can not just talk people into tearing down an entire city and rebuilding it in a modern way. Nero burned down all of Rome just to create a new beautiful white marble showplace as the capitol of the whole Roman Empire. The cities lost during the wars were rebuilt into the modern beautiful state of the art metropolises that you see today. A large fire or a destruction in a war bombing of a city forces a modern rebuilding of that city. Most of the time the destroyed areas were made up of old dilapidated buildings that are not up to modern building codes. All those old tottering eyesores would still be tainting the landscapes today if not for the forced upgrades due to the wars destruction.

When Mrs. O'Leary's old cow kicked over that lantern and caused the great Chicago fire, it really was God who did the kicking. Chicago was at that time a vast ramshackle expanse of patched together and sub par shacks that would still be there today if the fire did not clear them out and force them to rebuild it into the great beauty that Chicago is today. Every destroyed city is rebuilt. And it is rebuilt in a modern way, up to code and esthetically pleasing to the eye. Europe is the gem that it is today only because of the destruction caused by the world wars.

Wars suit a purpose, and "genetic cleansing" is one of the reasons that only certain people die and certain other people survive a war.

Well that is a very big issue and rather complex in scope. As you may have read, the United States is called by the Father "Greater Israel". It is a specially designed stronghold built some 300 years ago and mostly meant just to protect his beloved children who were called by the Father to immigrate there. If a person did not hear the Father whisper into his ear "move your entire family to the USA", it was for a specific and hidden reason. Europe was to be the scene of a large "selective flood" meant to purify and cleanse the Earth from some people who had a specific kind of behavior. What does that statement mean?

A "selective flood" differs from the "global flood" of Noah's time but it has a similar intent or reason behind it. At the time of Noah the problem the Father was fixing was evil. It is written that at the time of Noah the problem of widespread evil was overwhelming:

5"Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6The LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7The LORD said, "I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky; for I am sorry that I have made them." 8But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD". Genesis 6:5-8

So the Father at that time decided to "cleanse the earth" by killing the evil ones and thereby stopping their genetic lines from reproducing and continuing to spread evil through the traits passed on to their children. The Father "nipped their evilness in the bud" and they were not allowed to reproduce like minded children who then went on to pass the same evil traits on to their own children and so on and so on.

At the time of WWII, the problem that the Father was fixing was individuals with a "chronic complaining" habit. Complainers are the Father's worst nemesis, he hates them with a passion. They make his existence miserable and he does not deserve their abuse. And that is ALL complaints, complaints about anything, complaints said to anybody, even just thinking them in your own mind. He expects you to be mature and to nip that thought in the bud, because he hears those insulting thoughts of yours also and it directly hurts him tremendously. You can make God want to cry, as he is the hostess of this big party we like to call life. And he feels the burden of responsibility for everything. If you love God, never do it.

Therefore he specifically selected all the "complainers" to perish from the amongst the non-complaining population and combatants who then went on to escape from Hitler's rampage of Europe. As a general rule, complaining individuals tended to perish during the war and mature non-complainers tended to escape unharmed. It was a type of "selective flood" meant to cleanse the earth of the Father's worst problem individuals and to leave a "clean and white" generation to live on and reproduce their more desirable genetic traits. Just like he did before to the complainers who perished in the forty years in the wilderness to leave a clean and white generation to claim the promised land.

What is a selective flood? It is the same thing but it is done through a type of "filter", the Father picks out just the worst of the worst and preserves the good people. What does that mean? Were all the people that perished in the war evil? No, not at all. Their problem was not "evil" per say, their problem was this rather specific kind of behavior that the Father hates the most.

And what does the Father hate the very most? He hates the aforementioned people who complain more than anything in this world. And he will do anything that he has to do to stop their genetic line and their evil defect from spreading like a plague. That Includes letting an anti-Christ like Hitler get a hold of them and doing all the dirty work for him.

Is that really possible? Could the Father become so estranged and angry at the Jews that he would actually kill them to stop their genetic lines? Yes, in fact he has done the exact same thing over and over in the past history just to eliminate such complainers.

When some of the Jews in the wilderness started to complain about the miracle food, the manna that the Father provided, he did the same thing. The manna was intended to sustain them for just a short period of time in a place that had no natural food available, it was like a K-ration that soldiers get when they are in the field and normal cooking is not possible. Some of the Jews did not see it that way and they complained about the lack of meat. The Father said fine, you complainers all gather together and I will give you some real good meat for you to eat. He then called in a large flock of quail for them to capture, they rejoiced and prepared the food. Then at the very second the complainers bit down into the quail, they all died down to the very last man.

And then God smiled. A very big smile. It was a "selective flood" to nip in the bud their genetic line and purify the Jewish people as a whole. "Tough love" to the maximum extent.

When the chosen people reached the promised land Moses sent in forty spies to check it out. Thirty eight spies came back with cowardly reports, "we can never take this land, there are giants there, etc.". They ignored the fact that God was with them and he had the ability to defeat any foe that came up against them. God could stop the heart of an entire nation with the snap of his fingers if he wanted to. But the people complained about the quality of the promised land and revolted against God. The Father had enough of the complainers at that point and he gave them one year punishment for each one of the forty spies that they unilaterally sent into the promised land. He mandated that the complainers "would all die in the wilderness" rather than get to the land of milk and honey. And they did just that and their children learned by example what not to do. A cleaner "white generation" was then lead by Joshua, one of the spies who did not complain, into the promised land.

Another example of God's utter disgust at complainers was when the Father led the Jews proudly out of Egypt with the huge flame, the "Cloud of God's Glory" or the "Shekinah" of God. But trouble soon reared its ugly head when they started to complain about every little thing, it is written in the Zohar that the Shekinah turned her back to them and led them that way to demonstrate her sadness at their complaining. She walked backwards rather than hear their foul complaints.

The Father hates all complainers, whether they are a gentile or a Jew. To his children who pleased the Father and showed him proper respect over the last three hundred years he whispered into their ears "immigrate to the United States". To the complainers amongst them he whispered "don't worry about all this saber rattling and anti-Semitism in Europe, it will blow over soon".

The individuals who were caught by Hitler were meant to be caught by him. The individuals who lived through it or who made it to the Father's protected stronghold of the United States were meant to live and reproduce their substantially cleaner genetic lines. It was a form of earth cleansing, meant for both the gentiles and for the Jews who were all touched by it.

If the soldier to the left of you and the soldier to the right of you caught a bullet and you did not, you can be assured that the Father was carefully "picking off" the complainers. The Father called together virtually all the males from the entire civilized world into one spot, from the USA, England, France, Israel (in dispersion), Italy, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia and all the rest into one giant caldron of potential death. Then he used a filter to have the ones that pleased him and made his existence more pleasing somehow survive. The Jews who were able to flee Europe like Einstein and the others who survived the war were meant to escape unharmed. The other 41 million combatants and resident population who perished were also meant to die in the war. The whole thing was one giant earth cleansing selective flood meant to purge the entire civilized world of all the people who made God miserable all in one fell swoop. A big flush for the good of all.

The Father has always had a love hate relationship with the chosen people. The hate aspect comes in because most of them have a seemingly overwhelming natural tendency to live out their entire lives in the middle of one obnoxious complaining monolog after another. If they let their guard down a bit with you in a moment of candor, they will spontaneously begin telling you in great detail about their each and every health problem, their wife will not make love with them anymore, the prescription drugs that they have to take, etc., etc., etc.. On and on and on. They seem to savor over each and every tiny bit of complaining minutia that they can possibly think of. Now these so called "complaining aficionados" from within the ranks of the Jews seem to think that they are only relating these things to you, and it seems like a rather delicious and compelling thing for them to do, like a perverse form of naughty gossip. But in fact God is right there also, ringing his hands just like he would like to ring their necks for doing it.

And what they are really saying if you read between the lines is that God has failed them. He has not performed up to their "so called" high standards. They held up a hoop for God to jump through and he did not make it to their satisfaction. And that in general, in their opinion, God stinks.

The movie "Fiddler on a Roof" with its nonstop complaining monolog theme (if I were a rich man) is a good example of what the Father typically has to endure at the hands of some of the ones that he really would most like to embrace. Almost all of the Jews give the Father the miseries.

Now that is a rather sorry state to be in. And it is one of the reasons that he has given them the veiled curse that having some extra money represents. Being rich on this earth is a coiled rattlesnake within a pretty velvet purse, it is a trick. If you give a person a good wage and a good lifestyle before they have received the Father's Holy Spirit like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon and all the other patriarchs did, that is actually a bona fide "veiled curse" from God.

You see receiving the Father's Holy Spirit gives you eternal life. It is the only way to get it.

In other words the Father will allow the people that he does not desire to have success in their worldly endeavors just so that the single minded pursuit of it will become a self reinforcing behavior and that they will never come and bother him as he finds them distasteful, putrid.

The natural tendency of all human nature is to always follow the path of least resistance, a rich person has no desire to bother themselves with seeking such an intangible thing as receiving the Father's Holy Spirit and will almost never put forth the effort required to receive it.

It is a "white elephant" type curse to get rid of you. It looks pretty good at first but its real purpose is to see that you no longer have enough stress, desire or impetus to ever go out and seek after God properly. The concept that you will run into if a white elephant type delusion has been sent to you is an overwhelming feeling driving you to not seek God today. Your soul says: "things are going well, life is long and there is time to live today", so no worries about such heavy topics such as finding God for today. And this will lead you to the next wasted day and then to another and then to another.

With the war, the Father concedes that there were a few instances where the enormity of the situation meant that some non guilty martyrs were taken. The powder magazine exploding on the Arizona and the atomic bombs destroying the whole cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are examples of where some non guilty martyrs were taken. Not every person on that ship or in those cities could have possibly all been chronic complainers, that would be impossible.

There is always some spill over in this type of huge scale operation of such extreme importance as one of the Father's selective floods. And it being a "selective flood" is a good way to think of the real purpose behind all wars. Because that is the real reason why wars exist in the first place. It is for the purpose earth cleansing, God's natural selection, God's form of evolution.

Now the loss of the Arizona was used by the Father to drag a reluctant United States into the war, which would then eventually go on to cause an end to the war. And the atomic bombs were the trump card the Father used to help end the war in the Pacific. There will always be a small percentage of non guilty martyrs lost in such a massive "earth cleansing" operation like that, there is simply no way to completely avoid it. Even though you may not be able to fully comprehend the full scale and scope of it, the earth is a much better place because of the clean and white generation that the Father has left in place to go on and reproduce their much more desirable genetic traits.

Is all that even possible? The complexity and enormity of an operation like that seems overwhelming. There are 3 billion strands on DNA inside each and every person that are far more complex than an operation like that. The Father can do anything. And that is what he did in the case of World War Two.

Now that is a very hard message, it is kind of unusual to hear the truth like that, but in fact it is the truth. A prophet of God writes down exactly what the Father dictates and this is his message to you about the real reason behind World War Two. It is not a "smooth message" and it may not be politically correct. But the truth is seldom politically correct.


The easy way to evaluate for yourself if an event that happen in the past was in fact the exact correct thing to happen or not is to use this very simple test - Did It Happen?  If it actually did occur then the answer to that question is quite simple. No matter what you may think or understand about it, in the Father's opinion (the only one that counts), it was exactly the right thing to happen at the time. If it was not the exact correct thing it simply would not have been allowed by God to happen, take this information very seriously, you are going to open yourself up to a world of hurt if you start making veiled accusations to God.


Did it happen?   Yes.


That is why.



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