And the ones that could say it with the straightest face, they called "Bishops"..


Catholicism may be the root that started Christianity.

But that root went bad many many years ago.

Unbridled egotism seems to be the main cause.

They turned the most important thing from being the "worship of God" to simply the "worship of the church", that is worship of the institution of the Catholic church and its bureaucracy.

Then they started just making stuff up.

All self serving stuff.

Then they started just throwing out commandments left and right that they did not like.

The second (no graven images) and the fourth (the real Sabbath is on Saturday) just went out the window.

The half pagan primary founder of Catholicism, Roman Emperor "Constantine the Great", was the one most responsible for spitting in God's face with all these hi jinks.

In the second commandment, the whole "not making of any graven images or likenesses of anything in Heaven" part did not sit well with all the relabeled Roman Venus God statues (or the so called "virgin Mary") that they venerated, so they just edited the bible a bit to accommodate for them.

The removal of the second commandment was just a simple way to open the door to all the forbidden "pagan stuff" that is still the backbone and the core of Catholicism today.

Those zany Catholics and their assumption that the bible was written in pencil and that they alone wielded the eraser to edit it however they see fit.

The Catholics not only officially threw out the second commandment but they managed to officially and permanently throw out the fourth commandment also, "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy".

They officially forgot the Sabbath day, they just "forgot" that God the Father Almighty very clearly said that it was to be on Saturday.

So now the whole "the Sabbath is on Sunday" scam has become a world wide Christian tradition, and the whole world now suffers because of their irreverence to God's implicit instructions.

Constantine unilaterally changed the Sabbath day from the Father's designated day of Saturday to "Sun" day to commemorate the pagan "Sun" god Sol Invictus.

And then they made up a fake Sabbath day as the new day to worship God,  "Sun" day.

How delightful.

They did not just get away clean from doing that however..

God in his turn collapsed the entire Roman Empire after they pulled that beauty.

Then they dreamed up the whole fake "virgin Mary" scam, a simple relabeled Roman Venus God.

To sell a few statues and rosary beads.

Old fake Mary was an all new pagan "second God" that you were supposed to start praying to now because she supposedly remained a "perpetual virgin" even after having a whole passel of kids.

Now if you think about it, the "perpetual virgin" scam has to be the most fantastic not in the bible spiel that those boys in the backroom could have ever possibly dreamed up.

You really have to hand it to them for their chutzpa on that beauty, it really took a pair of brass ones to make up that gem.

But then they had to sell it and that presented a very serious problem, you see nobody could possibly be that stupid to believe it, that is to say yet..

So they began to search high and low, far and wide, to find some real pros who had a very special anointing of the "the gift of the blarney".

The kind of guys who could regurgitate this line over and over, day in and day out, without even cracking the tiniest of smiles.

And the best pros that they found, the ones who could look a fellow right in the eye and say it with the straightest face, they called them "Bishops".

The best of the best of the best.

Then they dreamed up the whole fake "Purgatory" scam.

To hamstring you to the church even after you have died.

Then they started to worship and to revere and to sell the so called "saints" relics, old toenail clippings, bm's, boogers, etc..

Then they set up roadside stands to sell "indulgences" to the rubes, supposed "free tickets to Heaven" signed by a greedy Pope could be purchased by anyone with a few extra shekels.

To make the fleecing of the flock even more efficient, they often set up their stands right on the way out of cat houses, two cash registers, no waiting.

That way you could now square up your "sin debt" with the Pope right away, no checks please, God only takes cash you know.

Then they hired pedophiles to run the whole scam for them.

And to take the altar boys out on long "camping trips".


And it all went downhill from there..


You are not alone in seeing "the horror show" that the Catholic church represents.

They are an abomination before the most high God.

They spit in his face everyday that they exist.

However, there are many others of those who also "protest" this perversion of the bible.

They are called the "Protest ants".

That is exactly where the root of their name came from, they protest all this silly nonsense.

And they see clearly.

They object to the Catholic's seemingly natural tendency of just throwing the bible out of the window.

And just making stuff up.

And they want you to be saved from this big fiasco called "Catholicism".


Which will not deliver you to Heaven.



The Protestants alone are the ones beloved by God above all others..




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