The Father calls the USA "Greater Israel", it is the "New JerUSAlem"

You may be surprised to know that the Father calls the USA "Greater Israel". The Father's lips define words. The USA only has 4% of the earth's population. And yet it consumes 47% of the world's resources. "New JerUSAlem". The Father created this country three hundred years ago to make a large and absolutely safe haven for his beloved children.

The Father gave his beloved ones his very best piece of real estate on the planet. To protect everyone completely, he made the main premise that the country was founded on be "Freedom of Religion". He sent over the so called religiously persecuted "Puritans" first to establish the country's main premise firmly as "absolute religious freedom for all". Then he gave the shills for this, the Puritans, a quick flush, and they seem to have mysteriously vanished like a magic trick, and they have never been heard of since.

Now without a big fuss, he quietly implemented his real motivation for the elaborate set up, again without asking anyone's permission or explaining the real motives for his sneaky and quiet establishment of the unbeatable and safe sanctuary you call the USA. The unbeatable island fortress of the last superpower standing. The Father's new "Greater Israel", or the USA as you may still call it at this moment, fixed all the persistent security concerns and eliminated almost all the personal dangers for all his beloved children that made it to its borders.

There is not enough room in Israel proper to "regather all of Israel" back onto that country anymore, it is only six miles wide in certain spots and already quite full. Greater Israel or "Gods country" was designed just to accommodate this overflow.

That being said, the Father now officially announces that the third and final Holy Temple will not be built in Israel proper. It will be rebuilt in "Greater Israel", or in the United States specifically.


It is written in the book of Revelation that "a new Jer
USAlem will come down from Heaven". Revelation 21:2, "And I saw the holy city, new JerUSAlem, coming down out of Heaven from God, made ready as a bride adorned for her husband".


A few hundred years ago the Father made this prophecy come true, he gave us the best piece of real estate on the planet to be the "New JerUSAlem". The site of the third and last Holy Temple of God will be there.


With the creation of the "New JerUSAlem" or "Greater Israel", all danger from an atheistic world suddenly and completely ended. You have to play it a bit tricky out there in all your efforts for Israel, the Father feels this burden of sneakiness taints him, he suffers so for not telling you about his real motivation and asking your permission first. The USA is really called by the Father "Greater Israel", there, you know your future. Well, that is why you are here now. And that is why you have been safe here for some three hundred years. 

The Father aggressively but without much fanfare, turned on the "big magnets" you might say, and a mysterious draw that just could not be resisted started pulling Christians and Jews from all over the world to the United States. The Father's "magnets" whispered into their ears and his most beloved all felt compelled to start immigrating to the Father's protected stronghold of "Greater Israel" or what you may now call the United States. The Father just smiles and at this point indulges you, but you should know the country's real name. The lips of God define words, you live in "Greater Israel" my friend and believe me, get used to that name, before you die you will all call it that.

It worked just as planed and the Father's beloved have long prospered and flourished in the Father's protected stronghold for them. The USA is called "God's Country" for a reason, it is the unsinkable island fortress that the Father made up for his most beloved ones. It is also meant to be the replacement to the now rather full country of Israel proper.

You did not know these things about the Father's secret establishment of a protected stronghold for his beloved ones? He can be a bit tricky as to his real motives sometimes but now you know how and now you know why it was pulled off.

The country the Father calls "Greater Israel" contains 52 states however. The 51st state is England and the 52nd state is Canada. Those three countries combined are thought of as one simple entity in God's eyes. The three staunch strongholds of Christianity, God's Country. They are the new "chosen people", the people who actually choose God back. You have to accept all of God's words, not only half, to be a member of the new chosen people. And of course you will have had to accept his Messiah Jesus as well. 

The Father calls on them (USA, England and Canada, his "3 Jewels"), to do this for him. They are the pride of his children, they are the Christian strongholds that God calls "Greater Israel". They contain the largest per capita content of "salt", or individuals who care enough to develop an actual friendship, and a real relationship with an invisible yet ever-present God the Father Almighty, the people who "get it".

They are largest of his strongholds, the ones expected to take the lead. The Father holds them the closest to his heart, and has always given them the most financial and internal peace and tranquility as a reward for their loyalty.

They are the countries whose methods of worshiping God are the most pleasing to him, they are the ones who most closely, got it right. In other words, the small core of people whose performance has a disproportionate emotional effect on the state of mind of God the Father himself because they have the largest investment in the vault of prosperity, their relationship with him. He responds in kind to their investment in proper attentiveness to him. They are "the salt", the very core of the entire Christian world and the only reason God the Father puts up with all the drudgery of feeding and maintaining the other 9 out of 10 people in the world who at best simply ignore him.

What do you think is the value that God places on the very "salt" of creation, the people he loves the most, the ones that he depends on to make his very existence palatable?


The Muslims are included as full participants in the New Holy Bible and as full members of the new chosen people. The Father's new Chosen People potentially includes everyone who accepts all of his words. Old and new testament. All the people who chose him back. Jew, Gentile or Muslim, it makes no matter what your former background was. It only matters that you accept all of God's inspired words. And that you fully understand that Jesus was and is the only Messiah coming.

After all, the Father personally sent the Angel Gabriel to give Muslims "the recitation" or the Koran. He deeply admires them because they solemnly pray on their knees five times a day to God. Seldom could he find this kind of intense devotion to God in a Gentile or a Jew. God dearly loves his Muslim children. We should all learn from them.

As a token proof of God's full acceptance into his fold, they will be allowed to keep their "Dome on the Rock" on the Temple Mount in old Jerusalem, the former site of the first two holy temples.



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