What is a liberal?

A liberal is "a cancer cell on the body of humanity". That is God's definition. No grace, no church. Worthless, in God's eyes. A waste of space. A void in space, with not much in it. Basically, a cancer cell on God's body, waiting for some chemo.

A liberal is a "quasi atheist", an atheist in each and every way except one, admitting to it. They will not cross over that last shred of indignity to God, they simply will not say the words "I am an atheist". Normally done out of fear rather than any composition of moral fiber within them. God would respect them more if they just said the words outright. A liberal is in essence and in reality a minion of Satan. You effectively worked as his servant and advocate by spreading and promoting your liberal (Satanic) thoughts for him. You did his job for him. How thoughtful. You are the reason Hell was created in the first place my friend. You are in for a peck of trouble. 

I will use an illustration, in the movies they always portray God as being on one of your shoulders and Satan on the other, and this is a quite true analogy. God whispers his plan into your ear first and then Satan gets his turn and he gets a full and fair chance to present his plan to you. Now the choices that you then make with the free will given to you by the Father as to which voice to obey determines either your personal virtue or it demonstrates your lack of virtue.

If you routinely agree with Satan's ideas then you would be defined as a liberal and if you routinely agree with God's ideas then you would be defined as a conservative, it is as simple as that. Satan is definitely a democrat. And God the Father is to the right of even most republicans. God is an arch conservative and the closer you are to that the closer you are to God.

The battle between God and Satan is for your mind, your soul just happens to tag along.

If you are a liberal your bibles are fashion magazines and your rabbis are talk show hosts. You are pro-choice, pro-homosexuals, and you threw the values of the bible out the window years ago. Now anything goes and you placate your aghast conscious by calling yourself "progressive". You have just "progressed" past what the bible says is normal into some kind of new age humanist quasi Hell. You have "redefined what is normal" to mean whatever lacks decency and seems to be OK on TV.

You do not say grace before eating or even go to church (maybe a Easter and a Christmas service for show). You have a very dusty copy of the bible in your house but you do not read it. You are not even sure where it is, you may have stuck it under one of your kitchen table legs to keep it from wobbling. And if you pray at all it is generally a "wish list for Santa Claus prayer", instead of a quiet intimate prayer of thanks and praise to the Father, a proper prayer.

A liberal is a "typhoid Mary" full of Satanic worldly positions, you have damaged each and everyone that you ran into along the way with your silly left wing claptrap. You acted as a "carrier or minion" of Satan, you effectively worked as his advocate by spreading and promoting your liberal (Satanic) thoughts for him. You did his job for him. How thoughtful. You are the reason Hell was created in the first place my friend. You are in for a peck of trouble. 

Everyone starts out as a liberal but at some point in their life, hopefully as early as possible, the Father's continual behind the scenes guidance and training eventually wears them down and they all convert into a conservative. If you think of your grandparents and all the other people in that age range they are without exception very conservative, the only real question is at what age you to will put aside your youthful indiscretions, sober up and also receive maturity. Since the "no elderly liberals" mandate is strictly enforced by the Father can you guess the fate of a liberal who refuses to eventually succumb to the Father's cleansing? An untimely early death, yes you are right, good guess. (Job 36:6)


Is it fair?  I am only hurting myself right?  No.


And that why Hell exists, you may be a mass murderer in the Father's eyes and not even be aware of it. Follow. Jeffery Dahmer killed 5 people. A liberal mother who has six children and teaches them all her liberal Satanic ways effectively sentences all of them to Hell and kills them also. And even worse, when they start their own family, it is very likely that they will also pass on your legacy of evil, effectively killing off the whole next generation of your grandchildren. Soon the liberal mother's tally of death hits 40 or 50 lost because of just one godless irresponsible mother. And after she is gone her legacy of death continues to stack up, it could easily go over 100.   

Now you begin to see why your fate may really be far worse than you expected, and the fact is, you deserve it. The Father thinks that as an irresponsible godless liberal parent you are a worse sinner than Dahmer for damaging and effectively killing your children by not properly teaching them about God.

So you see, your fate will be even worse than Dahmer after you pass. But a little tiny bit less than Hitler or Pol Pot, so that part is good.




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