What type of car does God want you drive? The one that God designed to save the planet

What type of car does God want you to drive? That is easy, God timed the new Millennium to coincide with the release of the new and the reliable "hybrid" electric/gas cars. God wants you to be driving virtually for free and without releasing any emissions. God himself whispered the plans for these almost fuel free wonders into the so called "human designer's" ears. If you want to put a severe scowl and frown on to God's face drive "an abomination", a gas powered SUV or a pickup. If you want God to smile in your direction, drive a hybrid.

This will mean that most people will drive virtually for free, and that they will almost NEVER have to purchase any gas because the gas engine will virtually never have a need to turn on.

You are aware that you punched a hole in the ozone layer with all those stupid SUVs and pickup trucks aren't you? But you say you want to impress your friends by showing off just how much money you can flush down the toilet while at the same time melting the polar ice caps? Yes, that is the most important thing in life isn't it?

How about impressing God?

Your friends will be impressed enough every time that you silently glide up to them, wasting no gasoline and spewing no emissions. Buy them dinner with all the money you used to waste at the gas station. That will impress them.


**Note, if you have to haul a boat or a trailer or some oversized cargo load every once in a very blue moon with one of "the monstrosities", God will cover his eyes and let you get away with it just for that specific purpose without any prejudice.**


And "hybrid" does not necessarily mean "small" anymore. If you have a problem with that. Now they are building big four door SUV model hybrids with plenty of room that anyone could fit into, should you need more space. Toyota has a nice big four door SUV hybrid. It costs $1.44 worth of electricity per day to replace $9.20 worth of gas to go an equivalent distance, in a nice big SUV, $1.44 a day covers most all of your fuel cost. It will cost a little bit more if the small gas engine kicks in on a very long or a very extended trip, but still only pennies on the dollar and with almost no emissions. Who knew that doing the right thing could also be so cheap? Sounds like a God deal. Get in on it.


And using a full synthetic motor oil (like Quaker State) and changing it every 3000 miles will make the gas engine on any car, or the gas engine on any hybrid car, last virtually forever. Only full synthetic motor oil has the unique characteristic of stopping all engine wear, thus creating motors that will go on and on, lasting almost forever. And because the internal components of the engine do not wear, they remain "tight", this reduces any oil burning and thus causes far less emissions. The perfect companion to an already environmentally friendly car.

What is the difference between normal motor oil and full synthetic motor oil? Normal motor oil will make your engine last about 100,000 miles, full synthetic motor oil however will make your engine last about 300,000 plus miles. Nobody knows for sure how long they will last, they seem to last forever with full synthetic.

Also, you don't have to pay the high price for a full synthetic oil change (and get some weird "half synthetic" oil), just stop by Walmart/Target and pick up 5 or 6 quarts of 10w40 Quaker State Full Synthetic (5w30 for cold regions) yourself, and then take the oil with you to one of the cheap $17.95 oil change places, they will put in your good stuff for free (at no extra charge).  


Also, your cars should always be clean and waxed. Not a speck of dirt anywhere, ever, and shining like a mirror.


A dirty car makes God severely frown at you as you befoul and besmirch his beloved planet with all your neglect. God is an artist whose specialty is creating and propagating beauty. He whispered the plans for all the modern and mostly rust free cars into the manufacturers ears. If you throw mud onto his creations, it ticks him off. It is irreverent and it is slovenly to leave dirt on a car.

Your cars should be regularly hand waxed with a regular paste wax. For extra simple waxing, the wax shine can be easily replenished with one of the "wash and wax concentrates" (like Blue Coral, available at Walmart) that have combined liquid wax with the soap to restore the wax shine. That is the easiest way to keep your car looking like a mirror. The minimum requirement of God.



How will we provide enough extra electricity to fuel all these new hybrids?

There are various things that can be done, but the best "free" way is with fluorescents. An invention recently released by the beloved one. Transfer a high efficiency florescent light bulb into each and every old fashioned incandescent light bulb socket in your home. Walmart sells the high efficiency light bulbs at a pretty good price. A 9 watt florescent equals a 40 watt incandescent. Also, replace as many of the light fixtures that you can by using the long "tube type" florescent bulbs that will also use much less electricity. Fluorescents also give a much more pleasant "glow" to the room, they make the room much more pleasing and cozy. 



Fix every light bulb in your house, and that alone will pay for at least one car's electricity.



And then some.




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