Why did God create humans in the first place? The real purpose of the personal "Tribulation".


For camaraderie and friendship.

After all, there are no other Gods available to pal around with.

Just the one.

A lonely business to be sure.

The solution?

To make exact copies of himself.

But not wind up dogs.

You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds.

You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds.

You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds.

You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds.


God would be all alone in the universe if you were one of those.

That is why you must always have two clear choices, free will.

Will it be God's way or will it be Satan's way?.

Just like you were a real genuine God yourself, hold the supernatural powers.

God does not want you rearranging the mountain ranges.

He has them just the way he wants them.

Thank you very much.

Now he has some "potential" buds.

That is if they acknowledge him and try to build a friendship with him.

There is a big problem however.

He is God, the only Holy One.

If he opens the door of his heart too much, it could get broken.

Love is a very dangerous business.

So you have to kind of "prove yourself".

You will have to go through "a tribulation process" in order to become a friend of God.

Are you just trying to find Santa Claus?


Most people really are.

To find out

Will require some shaking.

And all that is not strongly attached

Will fall off.

A real friend of God will prove himself.

And he will endure it silently.

Without complaining.

All the time knowing that the tribulation bears very sweet fruit.

And that is is ordained by God Almighty for all those who love him.

It is called "the refining fire".

And it will refine you into the purest of gold.

And you will then become Holy.

As he is Holy.

The process is noted in the first letter of Peter and in Malachi at verse 3:3:

"He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of God and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness".

This is done in order to become one of the ones who can speak with God through prayer as a true and intimate friend.

Just like two old friends talking.

God is looking for some real lovers.

And for some true friends.

Who will not break his heart.


He is looking for




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