Why do we always feel compelled to bath frequently and to keep a clean and tidy house?

It is because of the "Shekinah" of God. The Shekinah or the "Holy Spirit" has the nose of a bloodhound, times one hundred. And believe it or not, a copy of the Shekinah is always within three feet of you, it has to be, it carries the "divine spark" that makes you tick.

One of the meanings of the term Shekinah is "God with us" or "the indwelling of God". A secular person would call it their "conscience". A saved person would get a very enhanced version of the conscience called "the Holy Spirit" of God. Both the "conscience" and the true "Holy Spirit" could be thought of as a type of a version of the "Holy Spirit of God".

They are both called "the Guardian Angel" or "the Shekinah".

But the Shekinah HATES the smell of stinky breath, body odor, tobacco and of ash trays, etc. It also hates dirty and messy homes. It likes everything clean and neat and tidy and smelling like a rose.

People wonder why they can't stand not bathing everyday, why they feel compelled to make their beds, why they must have their grass cut and their lawns planted with pretty flowers and spotlessly manicured, why a stack of dirty dishes bothers them, why their eyes always feel drawn to every dirty speck on the floor.

That is the work of the "Shekinah" of God. And it mimics the Shekinah's own constant manicuring and cleaning up of every unsightly lawn, building and mess on the face of the earth. Messes bother the holy spirit, and to get them cleaned up it makes them seem like an irresistible thing to you too, like something that you just MUST work on and clean up or you will just burst. A dead branch on your tree out front will drive you crazy until it is trimmed off etc..

And "uncomfortable" or "cozy" are the tools of the Holy Spirit's trade. When you are sitting in a dirty or a messy room, it turns on a switch that somehow makes you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease until you clean it all up. If you sit in a room that is clean and tidy, with a pleasant smell, it turns on a switch within you that makes you feel "cozy". You will determine your own moment to moment mood for the most part through this method. It is written "there will be no peace for the wicked" (Isaiah 48:22), the Holy Spirit also says that there will be no peace for the dirty, the messy and the smelly.

The test to see if you are always up to its snuff on your cleaning is the "are you ready for an inspection at any time test"? Does your home ALWAYS look like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine or do you cringe when people show up at your door unexpectedly? Do you say in your mind, "I wish I had some time to clean up this mess" or do you say "no problem, just come right in"? (with a secret smile knowing that they will probably be a bit impressed at your spotless house).

God will live very comfortably in any home that passes the "inspection at any time test". But the Holy Spirit will spread around a liberal dose of lumps and bumps to the inhabitants of any house that offends its sensibilities.

The Shekinah determines your mood. And that is a reflection of its mood. If your home is a mess and in a bit of an uproar, it is in the same "ill at ease uproar". And it will make you feel bad, uncomfortable and ill at ease also. The Holy Spirit can't help it, it hates mess. If your home is spotless, with everything in its proper place, it will then give you a supernatural influx of "peace" and "coziness" into your admirable home.


The cleaner your house is, the less depressed you will be.


The Holy Spirit is a fastidious entity. And even the worst sinner will receive a huge measure of undeserved peace from God if he keeps his home environment as neat as a pin.

The Shekinah gave you that home in the first place and it expects you to be a good steward of it. Your name may be on the title, but make no mistake, God actually owns it. And the Holy Spirit has the habit of transferring the title to the person who best takes care of its properties.

The Shekinah has the goal of having every spot on the face of the earth look like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It always puts in place property owners who are the very best people for the job of helping it in that personal goal. If you turn the property and the home that it has given you into a messy eyesore, it will eventually take it away from you and give it to someone who will not do that.


Smells also really bother the Holy Spirit, it would like everyone to brush their teeth five times a day if it had its way (morning, evening and after each meal). An ultrasonic toothbrush is much preferred as it removes about 90% more bacteria and therefore odor. And Listerine, the Holy Spirit loves people who love Listerine, at least four times a day (a middle of the night gargle during the bathroom break is critical).

An interesting and unknown lesson that helps to illustrate the Holy Spirits passion for absolute fresh breath: The Holy Spirit was forced to dispatch the first High Priest of the Holy Temple of God just because of his bad breath. The biblical patriarch Aaron was in most ways a good attendant to the Holy Spirit in the Holy Temple but with age his breath just started to go south. No matter how well he performed his duties at the temple, the Holy Spirit just could not take it after his gingivitis and bad breath became too much for it. The bible just records that one day God killed Aaron, it does not really say why, and then he had Aaron's sons take over the job.

Now you know why and what lesson can be extracted from this story? Long life and very fresh breath go hand in hand. It is also the main reason behind God trimming back a humans maximum lifespan from many hundreds of years (like Noah or Methuselah etc.) down to "a score and twenty" or a hundred and twenty years. That is how important it is.

Also the "unshaved look" is very offensive to God. The popular "bum look" is a recent phenomenon that only came about recently as the earth spun more and more into Satan's camp. And the Father hates it. He likes to be proud of his children. And his children are not a bunch of bowery bums. Any and all razor stubble is another one of its nemeses, ideally a man would shave much more closely by using a blade instead of using an electric razor, if not the Holy Spirit will call you a "porcupine", or someone who is very hard for God to get close to.

Shaving with a blade instead of an electric razor also prevents wrinkles as each blade shave is a type of "micro dermabrasion" that systematically removes all lumps, bumps, wrinkles and scars, it surgically smooths the skin. That is the secret reason why men do not seem to age as fast as women. Every time that they shave with a blade they are removing wrinkles. An electric razor does not do that and later in life you will look 10-20 years older than you have to if you always use that.

Any and all nose hairs should always be plucked out and any errant ear hairs also have to go. A friend of God is also a good friend of tweezers, for both males and females.


The Holy Spirit has promoted the need for much extra bathing and cleanliness for thousands of years, even in biblical times. In the bible it mentions the "ritual baths" or "mikwehs" that were in the peoples homes and scattered all around the Holy Temple of God. The Holy Spirit allowed the rumor to flourish that the main purpose of these was really for a form of "ritual purification" and not simply to remove offensive odors and smells. The Holy Spirit was in fact pulling a kind of a ruse with that rumor, their real purpose was simply to wash the dirty people who very much offended its sensitive nose. The Holy Spirit had dozens of mikwehs scattered all around the outside of the temple to handle all of the thousands of people who entered the temple daily.

You see the temple was in the middle of a very hot desert area, can you imagine what the pilgrims smelled like after walking with their camels all day in that hot desert to get to the temple? Exactly. And that is why the Holy Spirit started the tradition and the requirement that everyone must be "ritually purified" by bathing in a mikweh before they could enter the temple. Even each and every priest, down to the high priest himself had to wash up from head to toe before they approached its home. The Holy Spirit is very very sensitive to the more foul smells.

Also, Hint hint.. - in the holy temple the Holy Spirit (the Shekinah) constantly had incense burning because she loves the smell of it and so that she could more easily tolerate the stinky humans.

So, you also might want to burn a little "approved" biblical incense from time to time, just like was done in the Holy of Holies.

The incenses frankincense and myrrh are very inexpensive right now, and the beloved one just loves those scents. Important, make sure that you only use pure incense resin chunks (you can order pure frankincense and myrrh from this store) that are dropped onto charcoal designed just for the purpose of vaporizing the incense. The weird incense sticks and cones that you see in some stores is not proper incense, and it does not smell very good to God, you have to get the pure resin only. Be sure to also get a 5 dollar brass charcoal burner, and some charcoal.


One of the meanings of the term "Holy Spirit" is "God with us" or "the indwelling of God". It is always very close to every human. And with the nose of a bloodhound. And a rather short tolerance for abuse, you will smell good or you will not be around very long to stink.


The Holy Spirit hates the smell of tobacco and of ash trays, etc. It will very reluctantly let you smoke as a young and rather stupid youth. The Shekinah has had the price of cigarettes jacked up so high now to act as a deterrent, and to make sure you are always poor as a punishment for hurting it. And the Holy Spirit had all of the laws changed to reflect its personal abhorrence to smoking. Now each and every 30 minutes or so it makes every smoker take "the walk of shame" down to the public "boob pole". There the Shekinah makes you stand as a public spectacle of your addiction, she wants you to feel like a heroin addict just shooting up right in front of a very disgusted crowd of your peers.

The Holy Spirit has its own ways of extracting the maximum amount of unpleasantness and shame into the lives of those that offend its sensibilities the most.

However, the Shekinah will hold its nose and always be in a state of retching (almost throwing up) for quite some time before it steps in and acts to dispatch you. Free will and all. But then gingivitis sets in with almost 75% of people by the age of 45, and all smokers will get it. Now your stinky breath becomes far far too much for the Holy Spirit, having the nose of a bloodhound and all.

So the Holy Spirit just weighs your fate against the misery of sitting next to you and your now overwhelming stink. And eventually it will just give up on you and your stink about twenty years before it would normally get rid of you. It just can't stand your smell anymore, soon it will be just too much for it and then, TIME FOR YOU TO GO. A cancer, a heart attack, a stroke or it may just have you lose it on a corner and wrap your car around a tree. The Holy Spirit has a variety of ways to get rid of you and your embarrassing stink. For this reason smokers are "dead men walking", as the Holy Spirit looks for any possible opportunity to expeditiously dispatch them.

And the worse your stink, the faster the Holy Spirit will get rid of you. A cigar smoker is "a dead man walking". They are dispatched very very quickly, rest in peace, oh stinky one.


You will smell good or you will not be around very long to stink.




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