Why does God put troubles into a persons life?


God puts troubles into a persons life as a kind of "a hook".

Without some heat in a persons life they will never feel a need to perhaps "see what God can do about this mess".

The heat causes them to contemplate "maybe God can help me out".

If God loves you and yet you are not saved

He will send a lot of high drama into your life to exasperate you and to push you to the edge.

And when you get to the edge you have to do something.

You have to go over, go down the tubes.

Or you have to turn to God.

Which is all he wanted in the first place.

How close you get to the edge is up to you.

When you do what God wants and turn to him.

The healing of your life's problems can then begin.

It is a sign that God loves you when he turns up the heat in your life.

God calls the ones that he loves by making their present life untenable.

So they just have to change.

They have to come to him.

Or they will be in essence


Without the heat you would never come to him.

Another child lost.


The solution?

Stop trying to swim up upstream all the time.

Like trying to swim up a waterfall.

Turn and let the current carry you.

Back to God.

Then the water will still.




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