You are admiring a dead person, "Let the dead bury the dead"

During a fast one time I received a vision, the television was on and a very successful female TV personality had one of her shows on. I was thinking, I remember back twenty years ago when she just got started and she sure has come a long way and made a huge success of life. A voice then said to me,
"you are admiring a dead person, let the dead bury the dead".

Interpretation - The person that I was admiring as being so successful was actually what the Father refers to as "one of the dead". Blood still flowed through her veins and to the secular world she may still seem quite alive but to the Father she was dead. Jesus was approached by some new converts who said that they wanted to follow him but that they first had to go bury a deceased relative. He said to them "let the dead bury the dead", (Matthew 8:22) meaning that the converts had been given the gift of life by being born again or being born of the spirit. They had been given the gift of immortality and they would now live for millions of years with God the Father, the saints and all of their loved ones in a place of indescribable beauty, comfort and peace.

The world is full of people who have not received the Father's Holy Spirit or "the dead" and they can handle such mundane tasks.

A person with wealth, success and recognition without
first receiving the Father's Holy Spirit and being born again is almost always displaying the external signs that God dislikes them and that they are dead to him. It is almost the exact opposite of the way the world thinks. Jesus said, "Woe to you that are rich now for truly I say to you that you have received your reward" (Luke 6:24). Meaning that a little extra money during their short time on this earth is going to be their ONLY reward, the retirement plan that they have signed up for after that is going to be pretty gruesome (Hell).

Being rich on this Earth is a coiled rattlesnake within a pretty velvet purse, it is a trick. If you give a person a good wage and a good lifestyle before they have received the Holy Spirit, that is actually a bona fide "veiled curse" from God. In other words the Father will allow the people that he does not desire to have success in their worldly endeavors just so that the single minded pursuit of it will become a self reinforcing behavior and that they will never come and bother him as he finds them distasteful, putrid.

The natural tendency of all human nature is to always follow the path of least resistance, a rich person has no desire to bother themselves with seeking such an intangible thing as receiving the Father's Holy Spirit and will almost never put forth the effort required to receive it.

It is a "white elephant" type curse to get rid of you. It looks pretty good at first but its real purpose is to see that you no longer have enough stress, desire or impetus to ever go out and seek after God properly. The concept that you will run into if a white elephant type delusion has been sent to you is an overwhelming feeling driving you to not seek God today. Your soul says: "things are going well, life is long and there is time to live today", so no worries about such heavy topics such as finding God for today. And this will lead you to the next wasted day and then to another and then to another.


As God kisses you off with that "salary boost from nowhere".

You are doomed.


Every single penny that you have ever received was approved by God first (John 4:27) and if he has given you a lot of them without being saved first his purpose was simply to get you out of the way. God the Father uses temporary trials, tests and adverse circumstances to refine and purify the sons and daughters of God. Loving Godly chastisement and correction are proof of Gods love for his children and evidence of inclusion in his family. (Malachi 3:3) After successfully completing the refining and faith building process the Father will probably also give you a good measure of what the world calls success but it will be real success with God in the forefront as the number one priority in your life (and with a much better retirement plan - Heaven).





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