Do want a cozy evening? You must burn a candle


Spending your evening watching TV in a cozy candle lit room will become a wonderful thing for you. And it was meant to be wonderful. Life with God in your home was meant to be warm, cozy and wonderful. This is a part of "the ambiance" that you have to set up in order to help create that.

Soon "the way of the candles" will become second nature to you. If you enter a room just lit by incandescent bulbs, it will seem "dead" in there. No life. At home, you will only feel comfortable in a room with a lit candle in it. It will make you happy. It will make you cheery. It will make your life more pleasant. The candle will become "the beating heart" of the room. You soon will not know how you lived without them. Rather uncivilized really.

You see, from time immemorial, the Holy of Holies was always been lit by candles for only one reason, the Shekinah of God lived there, and the Shekinah loves the lighting and the ambiance created by candles. The name Shekinah means "God with us" and God is right next to you. It is your "guardian angel", and your guardian angel loves candles.

this excerpt from the Wikipedia description of the "Shekinah" of God tells about its love for rooms lit by candles.

These candles are called "a Shekinah Candle".  A candle lit to please the Holy Spirit. They will bring peace to your home.

A candle in a glass jar as shown, lit to please and entertain the Holy Spirit while it watches over you. It must be in a glass jar as pictured, a "stand alone" candle is no good, it does not "flicker", and is very very unsafe. And flickering is critical, that is the reason the Holy Spirit likes watching it.

The candles themselves are available at most Walmart or Target stores for about $5.00. Simpler is better, the fancier ones don't seem to work as well. You light them with disposable "grill lighters", available at most checkouts.


Important: Trim the wick from time to time and wipe off any black soot from the glass between lighting's to maintain the candle. An excessively long wick is a big sooty mess, it has to be trimmed every few hours. Just put out the candle, let it cool down, and then pinch off the excessive wick with your fingers. Clean up and remove any of the black wick bits that may have fallen off, into the candle. A old spoon can be used for that, if you can not get them with your fingers. Then just relight the candle with a grill lighter. That is how you make a clean burning candle. You adjust and constantly trim the wick. And when the flame is off, you can also wipe out the inside of the glass with a paper towel before you relight it. Nice and clean. Then relight.



Basically, a candle in glass is tv for the Holy Spirit. Television for your "Guardian Angel". You like watching tv. So does your guardian angel.  If you make your guardian angel feel good.  You will feel good.  And life will be cozy for you.


I do guarantee.


**And, candles have been proven, "to be good for your heart".



PS, additional step:

You might want to burn a little "approved" biblical incense from time to time, just like was done in the Holy of Holies.

The incenses frankincense and myrrh are very inexpensive right now, and the beloved one just loves those scents. Important, make sure that you only use pure incense resin chunks (you can order pure frankincense and myrrh from this store) that are dropped onto charcoal designed just for the purpose of vaporizing the incense. The weird incense sticks and cones that you see in some stores is not proper incense, and it does not smell good to God, you have to get the pure resin only.

The incense sticks and cones are an offensive pale imitation of what real incense actually smells like, get the real stuff if you want to please God. Be sure to also get the 5 dollar brass incense burner (it is the best one), and some charcoal from that store.


**Note, using the real form of the incense frankincense also helps prevent all forms of cancer, and even specializes in "reversing ovarian tumors". Please see:


The real incense is very cheap, in actuality.


Real frankincense and myrrh, just like out of the bible.

Do you want to make God smile?  Man, you just learned a few real real good shortcuts.




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