The New Holy Bible

It is written in Revelation 10:1-11 that "a mighty angel" would arrive with "a little book" of all new messages from God the Father Almighty. This is that "little book" long written about. It is not simply a new version of the old Holy Bible, it is an all New Holy Bible. Dictated directly from the lips of God the Father Almighty, it is a concise and a perfected rendition of God's perfect will for all of his children, it is "The New Ways" for "The New Days".


The "New Holy Bible" replaces the "Old Holy Bible". It supersedes, and it replaces the old Holy Bible. It supersedes, and it replaces the Torah.  It supersedes, and it replaces the Koran. 


It is written that at the beginning of the new Millennium "a great chain will be used to bind Satan for one thousand years". The New Holy Bible is that "great chain", and each chapter is a link. This is your official announcement that the new Millennium is now starting.


"The New Holy Bible" of God, the only ticket to Heaven..

  Photos of "The Tree of Life", two never before seen symbols are revealed, from "the holiest spot on the face of the earth", the Temple Mount. in Jerusalem, Israel. It was first published on Sunday May 1st, 2011 As "a sign" to provide proof to you, the Father killed Osama Bin Laden just two minutes later, on that very same day. Look it up. This is real. Photos of God  

"Shekinah's Blessing" With the release of the New Holy Bible the Father has made the "Shekinah's Blessing" the new method used to call for and invoke the blessings from God for you and your family. It is for all Christians, Muslims and Jews. It invokes the Father's all new blessing of "adding ten full years to your lifespan".










The Secret of the "Battle of Armageddon"

The Broadcasting Devices of Satan

Praying in Tongues

God hates (blank) the most

The Million Dollar Prayer

Foxhole Conversions

Other Religions? - Satan's Sticky Bombs

 In the 9 out of 10 Club?

The Bridge is Down 

Satan's "A-Team"

 Stirring the Pot

God Demands "First Fruits"

The USDA Approved Seal

The Prophecies of Revelations

Shekinah's Talisman





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The Letters of John

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The Zohar

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A 250BC copy of the Old Testament "The Septuagint"



The procedures for the Sabbath Candle Ritual - "Shekinah's Blessing"

The 95 Theses that Martin Luther nailed to the door of Wittenberg church





The Father's New "Lord's Creed", the motto for the New Millennium:


"Make all of your prayers consist of praise and thanksgiving only. Make each one a unique and original love letter from your heart. And then, you will prosper in all of your ways".


It supersedes and it replaces both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed.
























Suffer from anxiety, worry or depression? You won't be in 15 minutes

There is a secret prayer in the bible that you can use to give yourself peaceful calmness and confidence and it works every time. If you invest 15 minutes of your time right now, you can eliminate almost all the fear, worry, anxiety and depression you experience for the rest of your life. The prayer is based on the bible verse Matthew 18:18, "Truly I Say To You, Whatever You Bind On Earth Will Be Bound In Heaven, And Whatever You Loose On Earth Will Be Loosed In Heaven". Fear, worry, anxiety and depression are primarily caused by what are called "unclean spirits" tormenting you. Everyone is forced to deal with them to one degree or another, they are sent by Satan to try to make you miserable and your life more unpleasant and unsatisfying. One of the biggest things Jesus did while he was on the earth was to cast out demons and unclean spirits from people, for instance he cast out a total of seven unclean spirits from Mary Magdalene. .....More

The Father calls the USA "Greater Israel", it is the "New JerUSAlem"

You may be surprised to know that the Father calls the USA "Greater Israel". The Father's lips define words. The USA only has 4% of the earth's population. And yet it consumes 47% of the world's resources. "New JerUSAlem". The Father created this country three hundred years ago to make a large and absolutely safe haven for his beloved children. The Father gave his beloved ones his very best piece of real estate on the planet. To protect everyone completely, he made the main premise that the country was founded on be "Freedom of Religion". He sent over the so called religiously persecuted "Puritans" first to establish the country's main premise firmly as "absolute religious freedom for all". Then he gave the shills for this, the Puritans, a quick flush, and they seem to have mysteriously vanished like a magic trick, and they have never been heard of since. ....More

Atheists, here is your proof of God's existence, "Tisha B'Av", the 9th of Av

There are a wide variety of ways to prove out the existence of God. For example, are you aware that both original Holy Temples were destroyed on the same day of the year? The 9th of Av, in the Jewish calendar. And not only that, every major Jewish tragedy has also occurred on that day? Even in modern times? .....More

"The Story of Creation"

The Earth was created. Not 6000 years ago. Much, much longer ago than that. This is the "Second Earth Age". The first one had the dinosaurs.  .....More

Your prayers are all "wish lists to Santa Claus"

"So remember, your Father already knows what your needs are". (Matthew 6:8) Do not ask for things in your prayers. Those are veiled complaints. A proper prayer consists of only two things, praising God and thanking God. Do not tell God what "your needs are" in your prayers. God is always right next to you, and therefore he is already very well aware of each and every one of your needs. That being said, you might then start to understand just how redundant and unnecessary it is to think that you have to tell the Father anything about your situation or needs, believe me, he already knows. Have a little faith. (Here is a very secret insight from someone who knows which will finally and properly clarify the whole issue in your mind). All that God really wants to hear from his children are these two simple things, "Thank you" and "My goodness, how wonderful". Variations on those two themes will get you through all your earthly existence and right up into Heaven. Just what he deserves, all accolades of "thank you" and "praise to you" and not a complaint in sight. .....More

Step by step instructions to receive immortality, "The Immortality Prayer"

Are you numbered among the living, or among the dead? Are you sure? Be sure. The key to the whole thing is the simple question, have you received the Holy Spirit, or not?  If you do not have the Holy Spirit, there is a simple procedure to follow. .....More

God Hates (blank) the most

Complainers, there it is pure and simple, one word says it all. And that is ALL complaints, complaints about anything, complaints said to anybody, even just thinking them in your own mind. He expects you to be mature and to nip that thought in the bud, because he hears those insulting thoughts of yours also and it directly hurts him tremendously. You can make God want to cry, as he is the host of this big party we like to call life. And he feels the burden of responsibility for everything. If you love God, never do it. All of the circumstances in your life are not haphazard, nothing happens to you by chance. .....More

The sodden drunkard who started the Protestant Reformation

One day a pious monk went down to the village, there he spotted a sodden drunkard laying face down in the gutter, as he attempted to get the man to his feet, he told the man that he was acting disgracefully and that he was embarrassing the whole village with his outrageous behavior. The man then matter of factually informed him that he was in no way any type of a sinner and quite to the opposite, he was sure to go to Heaven when he passed on, a fact that even the pious monk could in no way state with any certainty. The man then reached into his coat pocket and produced a piece of paper that seemed to prove all of his aforementioned points, you see he had purchased a so called "indulgence" from the Catholic church that had absolved him from any and all of his sins and then it further guaranteed his admittance into Heaven when he passed on, no matter what level of abominable sins he had committed while still on this earth. And that included "ALL sins, past, present and those committed in the future". One of those "indulgences" could be very very handy. You see, just a little money purchased a clean ticket to Heaven according to "the church". .....More

The Due and Propers, how do you pray properly?

The two most important things you must know about prayer is this, don't ask for material things, and don't complain about anything. For 9 out of 10 people in the world, we have just eliminated the entire contents of all of their prayers, my goodness is there anything left over? The most important commandment is, "You shall love God the Father with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind". This is the premise that all prayer and worship must be based upon. The only proper contents of a prayer are these two things, praising the Father and thanking the Father. If you always stick to these guidelines, then you have truly learned the proper way to pray.  .....More

The "Garden of Eden" has been returned to the Earth

The Father is done. He has made this world into "Heaven on the Earth". As he promised that one day he would. Looking at the big picture. And looking at the long term trends. You can see a type of "Garden of Eden" developing on this earth. Follow. Look at our situation only 100 or so years ago, what was it like?

The official Jewish version of the bible was doctored from the original texts to hide proof of Jesus being the Messiah

The "Jesus Psalm" or Psalm 22, which proves that Jesus was the Messiah, has been altered and falsified in the Tanach (the Torah/Tanach or Old Testament is the Jewish bible) from what it says in the original texts, in an attempt to hide the fact that Jesus was the real Messiah. The critical faked and corrupted verse in the Tanach is Psalm 22:17, (22:16 in a Christian bible). A little background as to why this is the critical and definitive verse in proving that Jesus was really the Messiah and why it is the very last verse in the Jew's bible that should have ever been tampered with. The reason is that the 22nd Psalm is the only place that can be definitively cross referenced back to the old testament and show where clear ancient prophetic proof of Jesus being the Messiah can be found. .....More

My Jewish friends, Jesus came to save you from "The Lake of Fire", not from the Romans

Jesus is the one sent by the Father to save you and to give you eternal life. And the only methodology of obtaining eternal life is found in the New Testament. The Torah says absolutely nothing about how to obtain it. Nothing. It was not supposed to. A savior was coming. You were told to wait for the Jewish Messiah. He was going to save you. But not from the Romans. The Romans were efficient administrators of all of the lands that they managed. It was their job, given to them by God, they worked for you. ......More

Constantine and his "Pagan Coins", a little evidence

Even though the founder of Catholicism, Roman Emperor Constantine, was said to have converted from paganism to Christianity, he continued to still put pagan symbols on all the coins that he had minted. The evidence on his coins seem to indicate that his full conversion to Christianity was anything but sincere. .....More

How to receive all the supernatural powers that come from "Speaking in Tongues"

So you have made it in, your lifespan has been extended from 80 years to a million plus, now you can just sit back and relax. It is true that once you have received the Father's Holy Spirit, you have also received the gift of eternal life in a place so peaceful, beautiful and enjoyable that words can not adequately describe it, but is that the end of your responsibility in the matter? When a person is born again and receives the Holy Spirit they receive what can only be described as "the stripped down bare bones model". Way at the other end of the spectrum, you have his son, who received "the full measure" of the Father's Holy Spirit, and therefore also had all the supernatural powers and gifts that come after you spend time, and build up the spirit to its full potential. To tap into that power fully, you must learn how to obtain the gift of "speaking in tongues". .....More

What is the one single irrefutable test can be used to identify a true "Spirit Filled" (Heaven bound) Christian?

Most so called "Christians", are not really Christians at all. They are the very common majority category of so called "lip service" Christians. A "spirit filled" Christian has certain characteristics that can used to properly identify them. People ask them what religion they are and they are left in a quagmire, they know that they are not Jewish, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Muslim and most people consider the label of being an "atheist" akin to being a minion of Satan, so they call themselves what is left over, a Christian. After all Grandma did drag them to church every once in a while. And a couple years ago they actually did attend a Christmas or an Easter service. Soo.. You know, "God owes me, he's got my back". "I am a Christian". Meanwhile God is on the floor laughing at their gross delusion. About 80-90 percent of all Christians are really in this foul category of the "lip service" Christians. .....More

"The Super Nutrients", you will now live to the age of 120

I am going to need for the children of the Millennium (you) to take a certain multi vitamin, multi mineral, "super nutrient" formulation. If you want to live a very long time that is. This is a very special vitamin, mineral and "miracle nutrients" formulation specifically designed by God to restore your body to peak condition and also specifically to give you a very long life. Not kidding. It is the "Special Two", a multi vitamin/multi mineral/super nutrient formulation from a company called "Now". It comes in an orange bottle and is available at most health food stores or at .....More

"All Christians are really agents of Satan" - the fatal flaw of the Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses have a number of fatal flaws that invalidates them in the Father's eyes. First and foremost, they officially call all Christians "agents of Satan", or the "evil tares" spoken of in Matthew 13:39-39, "and the tares are the sons of the evil one; 39and the enemy who sowed them is the devil". In that parable about the good seed and the bad seeds or tares they claim in all their publications and on their website that Christian are the Satanic "evil tares" spoken of and that only the Jehovah's Witnesses are the true "good seeds" spoken of in that parable. This is the ludicrous basic tenet that makes up the very rotten core of what this so called "religion" (cult) is based upon. ......More

How many times a day do you pray? Counting grace prayers, a normal person would pray at least five times.

You would pray before each and every meal, that would be three times right there, and your wake up and good nights to God. As you enter and exit the bed. But the nice thing about that requirement is that it is very easy to fulfill and all normal people have already long had the habit of thanking God for every bite of food before they consume it anyway. The most important thing to remember about saying grace and all other prayers is the any type of "standard" or repetitive prayer is no longer acceptable. All prayers must now be unique. .....More

Why do we always feel compelled to bath frequently and to keep a clean and tidy house? It is because of the "Shekinah" or the "Holy Spirit" of God

The "Shekinah" or the "Holy Spirit" has the nose of a bloodhound, times one hundred. And believe it or not, a copy of the Shekinah is always within three feet of you, it has to be, it carries the "divine spark" that makes you tick. One of the meanings of the term Shekinah is "God with us" or "the indwelling of God". A secular person would call it their "conscience". A saved person would get a very enhanced version of the conscience called "the Holy Spirit" of God. Both the "conscience" and the true "Holy Spirit" could be thought of as a type of a version of the "Holy Spirit of God". But the Shekinah HATES the smell of stinky breath, body odor, tobacco and of ash trays, etc. It also hates dirty and messy homes. It likes everything clean and neat and tidy and smelling like a rose. .....More

Members of Judaism. A charge has been made. By me.

A conspiracy. And a very real one. A charge of "doctoring the bible to falsify God's intent" has been made. By me. You doctored up and falsified your own version of the Torah/Tanach in an effort to hide all proof of Jesus being the Messiah. Most Jews would be aghast to learn that all modern copies of their bible have been altered and falsified from the original texts in a sinister attempt to hide Jesus. When your high priest Caiaphas hastily had Jesus crucified, they forgot to check the prophecy on the Messiah first. You see the old testament really says that "the Messiah will be crucified". It says that in Psalm 22:16/17. "The Jesus Psalm". Now we have a problem. That definitively points out that this actually was and is the only Messiah coming. Now the ca ca hit the fan. .....More

Other Religions? "Other" religions take you to "other places".

With the release of The New Holy Bible there now remains only one valid religion that is pleasing to God, Protestant Christianity, everything else falls into a category God likes to call "THE OTHERS". All the "eastern religions" such as Hinduism, Buddhism and the like are in the "heathen religions" category that Satan set up to wear you down and to keep people from ever finding the one true God. The Father calls them "Satan's Sticky Bombs", they are set up to distract and ensnare you. .....More

How a bowl of chili, caused the creation of the concept of a place called "Purgatory"

It is true. You see Saint Patrick is responsible for the Catholics believing in a place called "Purgatory". Even though the term is not even in the bible. Not even in the Catholics fake bible with the fake 10 Commandments. They took out the one that forbade the worshipping of graven images so that they could venerate the relabeled pagan Roman Venus God statues that they call "the virgin Mary". On not so fine a day old St. Patrick had a "vision" on Purgatory Island off the coast of Ireland of "a place between Heaven and Hell where you were cleansed of all unrighteous before entering paradise". Glory be, how do we interpret this remarkable vision? The correct interpretation of that vision is that the place was the earth itself, not a new imaginary (and nonexistent) place called Purgatory. But the correct interpretation did not come to them, so they again just threw out the bible and started to just make stuff up.   .....More

Do want a cozy evening? You must burn a candle

Spending your evening watching TV in a cozy candle lit room will become a wonderful thing for you. And it was meant to be wonderful. Life with God in your home was meant to be warm, cozy and wonderful. This is a part of "the ambiance" that you have to set up in order to help create that. Soon "the way of the candles" will become second nature to you. If you enter a room just lit by incandescent bulbs, it will seem "dead" in there. No life. At home, you will only feel comfortable in a room with a lit candle in it. It will make you happy. It will make you cheery. It will make your life more pleasant. The candle will become "the beating heart" of the room. You soon will not know how you lived without them. Rather uncivilized really. .....More

The "Broadcasting Devices of Satan",  AKA - the bridge is down.

The bridge is a representation of the communication line that used to exist between God the Father and the human beings that he created for his pleasure and to have fellowship with. It has two lanes so that traffic (messages) can flow in either direction. The big problem that exists today is that for a whole generation the bridge has been severely damaged and for most individuals it is down completely. These 50 years have witnessed the proliferation of at least one television set and stereo in every home and a radio in each and every car. These distraction boxes, when they are misused, become "the broadcasting devices from Satan", that were prophesied in Revelation 13:15 .....More

This is the "Shekinah's Talisman", divine peace and protection from God

The "Kiss Factory" for the Shekinah. This is a free Talisman containing great power for you. A Talisman or Amulet has never been sanctioned by God before in the Judeo-Christian faiths. If you look carefully you will see the "Rod of Iron" (from Psalm 2:9) or the "Sword of the Lord"  being held up and actually being controlled by the Father, the tip of the sword comes out just below his left knee of the son. This illustrates that even though the son says the words, they are simply a rendition of the words that the Father has given him to say. They are not the son's words, they are the Father's words. A large part of the problem of the lack of intimacy between God and man is the fact that God is invisible and therefore easy to forget about and ignore. God speaks to us in a soft, still voice (1Kings 19:12), and he felt that you needed help learning to actively communicate with him, we humans tend to lose the awareness that he is always sitting right next to us, always. .....More

"Foxhole Conversions", on one day, every atheist will crawl

You would think from the tenor of the New Holy Bible that it is God's contention that only a small percentage of people are converted and go on to accept God the Father, and to try to personally obtain his Holy Spirit and the eternal life that comes with that. That is quite wrong, the actual conversion rate in the long run is almost 100%. How can that be when 9 out of 10 people basically could be considered apathetic about God? Well those 9 out of 10 will all change their tune at some point in their lives. For a majority of them it will be when a doctor comes into their waiting room with a clipboard in hand and anxiously tells them "I am sorry, but the test results are negative". Then an interesting phenomenon always occurs, it seems that every one of them suddenly "gets religion". .....More

The new "Chosen People" are now all of the people who chose God back

The ranks of the chosen people has been expanded and qualified. To be a member you simply must chose God back. You must accept ALL his words as being the inspired words of God. You can not simply pick and chose what you wish to believe. You can not he a "shopping cart" child of God, pushing your shopping cart down the isle of the bible saying "I will chose this, but I do not chose that". That will no longer fly. Gentiles must not downplay the Old Testament by saying the is the "Jew's bible" and not fully relevant to a Christian. Jew's must fully accept the New Testament as being the message of the very Jewish messenger Jesus and understand that he was and is the only Messiah coming. .....More

"Request prayers" (asking for things) make the Shekinah cringe

"So remember, your Father already knows what your needs are". (Matthew 6:8) Request prayers or "asking for things", is really a "veiled complaint". You ask God, "please give me a new car". But she hears a complaint. God hears "the car that you have already given me is a piece of junk, you are not taking care of me very well". Make her happy. Just thank God, and tell her how wonderful this world that she has given us is. That makes her feel good. Request prayers make her cringe. How do you feel when your wife starts asking for a new house, or if you can find a way to make more money? You cringe. As does God. .....More

Why Catholics are never given the gift of "Speaking in Tongues"

As definitive proof to them as to their poor choice for a religion, the Father has given all Catholics a clear and undeniable supernatural sign from above.. He has taken away the Catholic's ability to "speak in tongues". As the bible says that you should be able to do. The bible says it. The bible. And every other Protestant can already do it. But a Catholic is never given that gift from the Father. Finding a Catholic who can speak in tongues, is as rare, as flipping a coin and having it land on its edge. The Catholic's have entire divisions, buildings, official mantras, books, slogans and even official apologists whose entire career is designed just to try to explain away this clear negative sign from above as to the Catholic religion being out of step with God. They say things like "the Apostolic Era is over", "that was only for the early church", "that part of the bible is invalid", and the most pathetic excuse of all, "that gift is from Satan".  .....More

Why did God create humans in the first place? The real purpose of the personal "Tribulation".

For camaraderie and friendship. After all there are no other Gods available to pal around with. Just the one. A lonely business to be sure. The solution? To make exact copies of himself. But not wind up dogs. You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds. You wind them up and they bark for for 87 seconds.

Just Exactly who do you pray to? Get this one right.

God the Father has a big technical problem with many of the prayers that people make to God. It seems that many people are unclear as to just who it is that they are supposed to be praying to. Many people start their prayers, "Dear Lord Jesus or Dear Mother Mary" and ignore the explicit instructions of Jesus in the bible as to how you should address your prayers. Jesus said to: "Pray Then In This Way,  OUR FATHER,  Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name," etc.. As for praying to the so called "virgin Mary", she is a patriarch of the Christian faith but she does not have the responsibility or even the ability of hearing much less acting on your prayers. She is just a normal person who has lived in Heaven for over two thousand years blissfully unaware of even one of the millions upon millions of prayers that are flushed everyday by praying to her. .....More

The 22nd Psalm, the indisputable proof that Jesus was "The Messiah"

The 22nd Psalm is the only place that can be definitively cross referenced back to the old testament and show where clear ancient prophetic proof of Jesus being the Messiah can be found. Some of the last words of Jesus on the cross according to the books of Matthew and Mark are "My God, my God why have thou forsaken me?". Now to the novice reader this may seem on the surface that Jesus was crying out that God the Father had abandoned him, but in reality, he was giving out the last and final proof that he was the Messiah. During those times the Psalms were not numbered like they are today, the way that you identified an individual Psalm was to quote the first line.  .....More

The Infamous Million Dollar Prayer

The destroyer of faith for thousands of years, this prayer may be responsible for more vacancies in Heaven than any other single thing. When new converts learn that the Father has chosen reverent prayer as the means to communicate with him sooner or later they come to the conclusion, if we can ask for anything from the Father why not just ask for a million dollars? When the Father's certified check is delivered I can just pack up all my troubles in my old kit bag and smile, smile, smile. Then for some reason the check never comes and they come to the conclusion that this whole faith thing must be bunk. .....More

Stirring the Pot, the "Refining Process"

After you receive the Holy Spirit you begin a long process of refining and purification. Because this procedure requires a lot of changes it can be a bit stressful. The Father uses trials and your life's circumstances to artificially heat up your situation a bit and provide a stimulus to accomplish the needed changes. Because man is in contact with the earth he inherits a very strong tendency towards evil and sin passed down from Adam's original fall from grace in the Garden of Eden. Satan is the ruler of this earth and to one degree or another every person has been tainted with his opinions, ideas and beliefs. We live in a world defined in our minds by what is portrayed on television. The absolutely godless society that the TV portrays is made to seem quite reasonable and normal. .....More

Radios in cars, the one device that God has absolutely no use for

Do you know that God speaks to you only when it is very quiet in the room? It has to be near silent, all distraction boxes (radio, TV) turned off. You see God whispers into your ear, he does not shout. Do you want to hear what he has to say? A TV can be used if used properly and in a constructive way. There is one device however that the Father has absolutely no use for however and that is RADIOS. Especially in cars. Never has there been a more useless device created by man, a device created for one purpose only, to take and fill up the very last little bit of your quiet free time that used to be filled with hearing the soft still voice of the Father whispering in your ear. .....More

Satan's "A Team", our heroes want to kill us

Satan's "A-Team" consists of virtually anyone whose face you recognize or name you remember from television or radio, the world calls them celebrities. The first overriding characteristic they all have in common is that virtually none of them are devout followers of God the Father. What is acting anyway? Isn't it simply the art of being a very believable and proficient liar? Who is the father of all lies?  .....More

Shekinah ate Tyre

Shekinah ate Tyre. "The prince of Tyrus was a bit of "a big name" but alas he was a man. (see Ez28) Same for the king of Babylon. (see Is 14)" Are you referring to the island country of "Tyre"? Shekinah ate Tyre. You see somewhere in the book of Ezekiel Shekinah says "Tyre, you stink, I will blot you out of existence. Your name will not even be remembered. You will be Gone." (more or less, that is what she said) Ezekiel 26:3-14 .....More

Why does God put troubles into a persons life?

God puts troubles into a persons life as a kind of "a hook". Without some heat in a persons life they will never feel a need to perhaps "see what God can do about this mess". The heat causes them to contemplate "maybe God can help me out". If God loves you and yet you are not saved, he will send a lot of high drama into your life to exasperate you and to push you to the edge. And when you get to the edge you have to do something. .....More

You are given the "Gift of Prophecy" after you clock in 1000 hours of praying in tongues

The Father rewards you for finishing your 1000 hours of praying in tongues by giving you the gift of prophecy, you receive visions and dreams that always come true. This gift is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel 2:28, "And it will come about in those days that I will then pour out my own Holy Spirit on all mankind, And your sons and daughters will begin to prophecy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions". In addition to the gift of prophecy, all fear, worry, and anxiety are removed from your spirit. .....More

Want to talk to God?

The foremost thing that is required in order to actually make a connection and hear the voice of God the Father is that you and your environment must be silent. You will be amazed to find out that the Father speaks in a soft still voice. (1Kings 19:12) If you really want to hear it, your environment must be completely quiet, God does not shout. The next very important thing that you have to do is that you have to enter into a very solitary place, a closed bedroom works well. .....More

God in his turn, collapsed the entire Roman Empire after they pulled that beauty..

Catholicism may be the root that started Christianity. But the root went very bad many years ago. Unbridled egotism seems to be the main cause. They turned the important thing from being the "worship of God" to simply the "worship of the church", that is worship of the institution of the Catholic church and its bureaucracy. Then they started just making stuff up. All self serving stuff. Then they started just throwing out commandments left and right that they did not like. The second (no graven images) and the fourth (the real Sabbath is on Saturday) just went out the window. Then they dreamed up the whole fake "virgin Mary" scam. .....More

Everything is not preordained, Clock Tower Snipers are allowed to snipe

All things are not preordained. The future has not already happened. Like it was on a tape and we are just waiting to catch up. God gives us free will. And that means that there are always two choices. Good and bad. Satan's way or God's way. God created us in the first place to have fellowship with him. Now if everything was preordained  God would have in essence created a bunch of wind up toys. Like those wind up dogs that bark and walk for about 60 seconds after you wind them up. ......More

Are you in the 9 out of 10 club?

Are you a member of the "9 out of 10 is sure to get me in club?" This club is Satan's most successful trick, the premise behind is that if I am a good person then I will go to Heaven. On the surface it seems logical enough, if I just do more good things than I do bad then a fair God would surely send me to Heaven when I die. Wrong! being good or bad in and of itself has no bearing on your eternal destiny. Jesus said that many of those expecting to enter Heaven are in for a big shock, he will tell them "I never knew you, depart from me, you evildoers" (Matthew 7:23). What Jesus is saying is that a majority of people seem to have a misconception about their eternal destiny with the Father and they are in for a very sobering wake up call when they pass from this world. ......More

What is a liberal?

A liberal is "a cancer cell on the body of humanity". That is God's definition. No grace, no church. Worthless, in God's eyes. A waste of space. A void in space, with not much in it. Basically, a cancer cell on God's body, waiting for some chemo. A liberal is a "quasi atheist", an atheist in each and every way except one, admitting to it. They will not cross over that last shred of indignity to God, they simply will not say the words "I am an atheist". Normally done out of fear rather than any composition of moral fiber within them. God would respect them more if they just said the words outright. A liberal is in essence and in reality a minion of Satan. You effectively worked as his servant and advocate by spreading and promoting your liberal (Satanic) thoughts for him. You did his job for him. How thoughtful. You are the reason Hell was created in the first place my friend. You are in for a peck of trouble. I will use an illustration, in the movies they always portray God as being on one of your shoulders and Satan on the other, and this is a quite true analogy. God whispers his plan into your ear first and then Satan gets his turn and he gets a full and fair chance to present his plan to you. Now the choices that you then make with the free will given to you by the Father as to which voice to obey determines either your personal virtue or it demonstrates your lack of virtue. If you routinely agree with Satan's ideas then you would be defined as a liberal and if you routinely agree with God's ideas then you would be defined as a conservative, it is as simple as that. Satan is definitely a dumocrat. And God the Father is to the right of even most republicans. God is an arch conservative and the closer you are to that the closer you are to God.  .....More

All "Standard or Repetitive Prayers" are offensive to God, even the Lords Prayer

The Father hates any form of "Standard" or repetitive type prayers. From the Rosary and Hail Mary prayers, to anything read from any form of prayer book, even to the Lord's Prayer. The main rule of the new Millennium is this: "Make your prayers consist of praise and thanksgiving only, make each one a unique and original love letter from your heart, and then you will prosper in all of your ways". The "unique and original love letter from your heart" clause refers to the Father's desire that each prayer be new and original and with NO REPETITIVE words in it. A slow, thoughtful listing of all the things that you are thankful for, in an offering of praise and adoration, on your knees, is the only proper and pleasing way to pray. .....More

The "Death Penalty", if you ignore God's soft voice, he will speak a little louder

The Father has various types of "men on the ground", that act as the enforcement arm of God's will being done on this earth. The police, and the court system, are a part of that. A criminal gets to that point because he routinely dismisses the voice of God whispering in his ear. You would call it "the conscience". It is really a pale form of the Holy Spirit of God. Every human being receives it at birth, it lays out the basic ground rules for you so that you do not just act like a wild dog in heat. It is the thing that makes you into a human. .....More

As to the composition of the miracle health food "Manna", the cure for obesity and diabetes

Biblical "Manna" can be 99% replicated nowadays. The miracle health food manna can virtually eliminate all obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), colon, and ovarian cancers.  .....More

Is it true that most "quasi atheists" smoke and most "Spirit Filled" (Heaven bound) Christians do not?

It is an undeniable fact that almost all "spirit filled" (Heaven bound) Christians do not smoke. It is only the people in the rather broad "other" category who are the smokers who befoul this beautiful planet with all their stink. If you are truly indwelt with the Holy Spirit it simply will not allow you to stink up the air in its presence. This could be a valuable tool in your personally evaluating and determining if you are either a Heaven bound or a Hell bound individual. The Holy Spirit hates the smell of all tobacco products, cigarettes, cigars, chew, even the ash trays, etc.. And believe it or not, a copy of the Holy Spirit is always within three feet of you, it has to be, it carries the "divine spark" that makes you tick. It will very reluctantly let you smoke as a young and rather stupid youth. It has had the price of cigarettes jacked up so high now to act as a deterrent, and to make sure you are always poor as a punishment for hurting it. And the Holy Spirit had all of the laws changed to reflect its personal abhorrence to smoking. Now each and every 30 minutes or so it makes every smoker take "the walk of shame" down to the public "boob pole". There it makes you stand as a public spectacle of your addiction, it wants you to feel like a heroin addict, just shooting up right in front of a very disgusted crowd of your peers. .....More

Catholic paganism is caused just because Constantine "looked up into the sun" at the Milvian Bridge

Constantine converted to a form of Christianity in the first place because just before a major battle for the control of the Roman Empire, he had a prophetic vision from God. On the eve of the battle at the Milvian Bridge in September 312AD, Constantine found in his dream the visage of Christ approach him as he looked up into the sun, telling him to paint the symbols for the cross or the Greek letters for the initials of Jesus on all the shields of his warriors and he would then win the battle, which he did do. It is clear that Constantine understood this mystical encounter in the terms that his own favorite pagan "Sun God" Sol Invictus Mithras was sending him a messenger in the form of the Christian deity. The fact that he saw the vision "coming out of the sun" caused in him the gross misunderstanding of the exact mechanics of how God sent him this message and it is the main reason he remained a half a pagan until his death. He thought that the pagan Sun God Mithras was working with the Christian deity Jesus hand in hand. And that is how he set the foul pattern for Catholicism to this very day, half pagan and half Christian. .....More

Reversing Baldness with Apple Cider Vinegar

"Shekinah's Miracle Hair Tonic".. You know "baldness, can be reversed". With apple cider vinegar. I used, to have a bald spot. Now, I look like an hairy overfed chia pet.  .....More

The all new "Lord's Creed", it supersedes and it replaces both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed

To help you to more clearly understand how to pray and communicate with the Father in a more pleasing way he has dictated an all new creed called the "Lord's Creed". It is really a concise snapshot of the entire New Holy Bible condensed down into one short easy to remember paragraph. It supersedes and it replaces both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed and it alone is to be used in all church services from now on. .....More

Africa, the Father has a forest preserve of his own       

You may have read on our site that the Father's favorite channels for his children to watch is the "nature shows", and the reason he does is that it is a tremendous faith boosting experience. The message the Father gave me is this, the Africa that you see as the backdrop on most of the nature documentaries is God the Father's Almighty's personal animal preserve, the "King's Woods" as they used to say in Robin Hood's England. A very private and divinely protected preserve of wildlife belonging to the King only. The reason there are so many wide open uninhabited areas is that the Father has kept Africa as his own private nature sanctuary. He wants you to be aware that large populations of human beings are not compatible with this. .....More

Shaving, tattoos, and piercings

In this new Millennium people will not only begin to behave decently and respectfully, they will also begin to look decent and respectful. Are you one of these who says to "ignore and reject authority" with a couple days of beard growth? The new "I am a skid row bum" look? The new "I woke up face down in a gutter" look?  Very very classy.  God is so so proud of you. Well you can if you want to. While your heart still ticks the beloved one gives you absolute free will. But free will ends with your heartbeat. And after that everything else is mandatory. And screaming in Hell is unavoidable. You may win this little battle, but you will lose the war. Shave. Everyday. .....More

World War Two and the Holocaust were "Selective Floods"

God starts all wars. God ends all wars. Nothing happens by chance. It never has and it never will. There is an issue that does not get discussed very often. Why did only certain people die and certain people live during World War Two? Why did the soldier to the left of you and the soldier to the right of you catch a bullet and yet somehow you came out of the war unharmed? Did the Father just allow people to die randomly or was there a selective process used? In other words, was there a method to the madness? What was the Father up to? Both world wars contained a type of "genetic cleansing" (people) and "infrastructure rebuilding" (buildings) procedure. On the face of it the death and destruction seemed so very random and arbitrary. Millions upon millions died and the great cities of Europe were all destroyed or heavily damaged. Could there be any rhyme or reason to all that death and destruction? What was God doing in allowing (or causing) all of this? He was doing what was needed to be done. .....More

The founder of Catholicism had his wife boiled alive and his first born son strangled

Does that sound like something that a Christian would do? The Roman Catholic Church was created in the first place in 325AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine convened what is now called the Nicene Council, a gathering 220 elders (bishops) together, in order to unify all the diverse pagan and Christian teachings and doctrines that existed in the Roman empire at that time, and to establish the common practices. This so called “universalizing” or combining of the common pagan and Christian practices together produced what is now known as the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). The abomination. .....More

Marijuana in the bible

It is important to note that marijuana is all over the bible. It was the main component, the only "active component", of "the Holy Anointing Oil" (Luke 7:46) that is repeatedly mentioned in the bible. .....More

The Father's favorite television channels for his children to watch

Although it won't necessarily compromise your eternal fate, you should be very aware of the hierarchy of the Father's preferences on which television shows that he prefers his children to watch. A TV can be used from time to time if used properly and in a constructive way. After all the reason God created the audio and visual wonder called TV in the first place was to give everyone a chance to fully view each and every part of this magnificent world that he has created just for his beloved children. Without leaving your living room you can travel to all four corners of the world and view every gorgeous, exotic and beautiful location on the face of the earth. You can see all the beautiful birds, plants, fish, landscapes and the animals of all kinds without flying off to the other side of the world to see them. A television acts as a kind of "trophy case" of God's masterpieces, displaying one after another of God's most beautiful and inventive creations from each and every part of the globe. God is very proud of all of his creations and he receives pleasure at the "oh's and ah's" of his dear children as they are exposed to the magnificent things that he has made around the world just for their appreciation.  .....More

Removing and Preventing Wrinkles

A blessing from God, is "Shekinah's Vitamin C Infusions", which is a powdered vitamin C pill, melted into a small amount of warm water, and applied topically, to your face and neck. Costs, almost nothing. But the effects, are amazing. You absorb 10 times more vitamin C, when it is applied topically. And on your face, it boosts "collagen production", dramatically smoothing out all your wrinkles. Applied twice daily. This trick, is actually amazing.  .....More

How to create "flower offerings" to God

How do you create "flower offerings" to God? How many flowers do you put out? And how do you arrange them? Here is how to put a smile on God's face. Here is how to create a "flower offering to God": .....More

God and Satan "do brunch" everyday

It may surprise you to know that Satan is one of God the Father's sons, "there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them"  A writer once wrote that "if Satan did not exist then God would have to invent him" and that is quite true. Satan inadvertently provides a valuable service for God, if something were to ever happen to him the Father would have to create another one just like him with the exact same thoughts, ideas and motives to take his place. God the Father created Satan and he could destroy him at any time if he chose to do so, but the fact of the matter is that he does not want him to be harmed in any way. Why? .....More

You are admiring a dead person, "Let the dead bury the dead"

During a fast one time I received a vision, The television was on and a very successful female TV personality had one of her shows on. I was thinking, I remember back twenty years ago when she just got started and that she sure made a huge success of life. A soft still voice then said to me, "you are admiring a dead person, let the dead bury the dead" .....More

And the ones that could say it with the straightest face, they called "Bishops"..

Catholicism may be the root that started Christianity. But that root went bad many many years ago. Unbridled egotism seems to be the main cause. They turned the most important thing from being the "worship of God" to simply the "worship of the church", that is worship of the institution of the Catholic church and its bureaucracy. Then they started just making stuff up. All self serving stuff. Then they started just throwing out commandments left and right that they did not like. The second (no graven images) and the fourth (the real Sabbath is on Saturday) just went out the window. .....More

Berserker. A punishing angel. They wear the upside down cross.

Berserker.  A punishing angel.  (From the Apocalypse of Peter verse 21, 2nd Enoch 10:1) A berserker is pure unbridled terror. They wear the upside down cross. Punishment. They have no limits. They have no restrictions. Pure. Unmitigated. Horror. Unstoppable. They have no fear. And they do not care. .....More

The secret hidden meaning of the words "My God, My God, why have thou forsaken me?"

Some of the last words of Jesus on the cross according to the books of Matthew and Mark are "My God, my God why have thou forsaken me?". (Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34)  Now to the novice reader this may seem on the surface that Jesus was crying out that God the Father had abandoned him but in reality he was giving out the last and final proof that he was the Messiah. During those times the Psalms were not numbered like they are today and the way that you identified an individual Psalm was to quote the first line. We would would say that its name was simply "the 22nd Psalm". Back then however the only way to tell identify that particular Psalm was to say the words "My God, my God, why have thou forsaken me?". Just like he did.  .....More

Behold the Behemoth", the Dinosaurs in the Bible

The Earth was created. Not 6000 years ago. Much, much longer ago than that. This is the "Second Earth Age". The first one had the dinosaurs. They are documented in Job 40:15-24: "Behold the Behemoth, Its tail is like a great cedar, Its bones are like tubes of bronze, Its legs are like bars of iron, It is one of the first of God's creations".  .....More

A cigarette smoker is "paying stupid tax".

The "Shekinah" is personally very greatly repulsed by the smell of all tobacco related products, cigarettes, chew, cigars, ashtrays, etc.. This is why all people who attend church each and every week are almost exclusively non-smokers. No ashtrays are needed outside of a church. The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) simply will not allow the people that are the closest to her to stink and to befoul the air around her. ......More

Osama Bin Laden killed two minutes after we first publish "The New Holy Bible"

After over five years of typing, the Father kills Osama Bin Laden just two minutes after we first publish "The New Holy Bible". The "Sign". .....More

The Catholic Abomination

The Protestants main core belief is in the supremacy of the printed words in the bible. Strict adherence to the bible. The Catholics however turned the most important thing from being the "worship of God" to simply the "worship of the church", that is worship of the institution of the Catholic church and its bureaucracy. The Catholics main core belief is in the supremacy of "the church". The so called "Catholic church" and NOT the bible. The same "church" that is so fraught with errors, flaws, and deviations from the bible that it makes God retch.  .....More

The 613 laws of the Old Testament are punitive in nature

They were created because of the golden calf fiasco. The set of laws that were on the second set of tablets that Moses brought down were far different than the set of laws that were on the first set of tablets that Moses smashed. The first set of laws created a form of "utopia on this earth", with God himself ruling it and acting as a judge and the administrator of all things. When Moses smashed that first set of tablets, it was at the prompting of God himself to do it. And to then metaphorically destroy the utopia that he had carefully set up for the benefit of the entire world. .....More

God's pick of "the Top Five" preachers in the USA

These are God's "Top Five Picks" as far as being "the most effective, the most beneficial, and the most trusted" of the television and internet teachers. As per God, the five who "got it right". Now that is a pretty good endorsement.  .....More

The secret of "The Battle of Armageddon"

The bible states that there will be a "Battle of Armageddon", which again is commonly misunderstood as being a literal battle with large armies clashing. It is described that, "the blood will be up to the horses bridles", and in other representative ways that are not meant to be taken as exactly literal. I can assure you that the days of any wars that are fought with horses again are probably behind us. The actual battle of Armageddon is the very personal battle we each must face, alone. The key to understanding the secret of Armageddon is to look at exactly where it was supposed to take place, at Mageddo in northern central Israel. .....More

What does the Talmud say about Pedophiles?

Let me tell you what the Talmud says about "pedophiles". If you members of Judaism, want to learn something interesting. Let me tell you about the Talmud. .....More

Oatmeal, is far better for your heart than Statins

Living with "no prescriptions".. My blood pressure is 116/73. 15 points lower, than the average, for my age. No prescriptions, no statins, just 2 bowls of oatmeal and milk a day.. .....More

The "Prophecies" of the book of Revelation and what they mean

Certain things are predicted. First, two "anti-Christ's" must come. And those were Napoleon and Adolph Hitler. Second, there had to occur a "seven year tribulation period" of unprecedented carnage and this occurred between the years of 1938 to 1945, World War Two and the Holocaust. It is commonly thought that World War Two started in 1939 with Germany's invasion of Poland but that is incorrect. WWII actually started in 1938 when Germany annexed Austria, effectively putting Austria's 192,000 Jews under Hitler's thumb and throwing them into the Holocaust.  ......More

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