The Catholic Abomination

One day a pious monk went down to the village, there he spotted a sodden drunkard laying face down in the gutter, as he attempted to get the man to his feet, he told the man that he was acting disgracefully and that he was embarrassing the whole village with his outrageous behavior. The man then matter of factually informed him that he was in no way any type of a sinner and quite to the opposite, he was sure to go to Heaven when he passed on, a fact that even the pious monk could in no way state with any certainty. The man then reached into his coat pocket and produced a piece of paper that seemed to prove all of his aforementioned points, you see he had purchased a so called "indulgence" from the Catholic church that had absolved him from any and all of his sins and then it further guaranteed his admittance into Heaven when he passed on, no matter what level of abominable sins he had committed while still on this earth. And that included "ALL sins, past, present and future". One of those "indulgences" could be very very handy.

You see, just a little money purchased a clean ticket to Heaven according to "the church".

Well that started it all, the Protestant Reformation started at that very moment. You see that village was in medieval Germany and that monk was Martin Luther. He was appalled by what the official Catholic church was doing on this and a huge variety of other issues. The drunk who caused the Protestant Revolution is a very real story that was forever immortalized in the 1955 classic film "Martin Luther".

At that point the Catholic church had officially just thrown the bible out the window and now they were just making stuff up to suit their own needs and desires. And to raise a little cash. They now had become a lying and very deceitful "quasi business" instead of a true religion. They had become an abomination before the most high God. And that is how the Father refers to the so called Catholic "church" to this very day, he calls it "The Catholic Abomination".

Indulgences are hardly worth mentioning however in comparison to the huge variety of other deviations from the bible that are officially a part of the Catholic dogma. They are just the tiniest tip sticking out of the water of a huge iceberg of false official doctrine of the Catholic church that spits in the face of God the Father Almighty himself.

For example..

How do you spot a pagan? They will bow down and pray before rocks, pieces of wood, sticks, ceramics, statues. Even though it says about a hundred times in the bible that someone who would bow down and pray before rocks, sticks and statues is a "worshipper of Baal" or a pagan. If you worship more than one God then you are by definition, a pagan. That is what a pagan is, someone who prays to a variety of so called "Gods" instead of the one true God of the bible. Catholics make prayers to the fake "virgin Mary", to "Father Joseph" and to a very wide variety of so called "saints". None of this nonsense is in the bible.

Do you pray before the relabeled Roman Venus God statue that is called "the virgin Mary?"

Then you are a pagan.

The Roman Catholic church was created in the first place in 325AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine convened what is now called the Nicene Council, a gathering of 220 early church elders together, in order to unify all the diverse pagan and Christian teachings and doctrines that existed in the Roman empire at that time, and to establish the common practices.

This so called “universalizing” or combining of the common pagan and Christian practices together produced what is now known as the Roman Catholic church (RCC).

The abomination.

The Catholic's even made up a fake set of 10 Commandments that is listed in the front of each official Catholic bible to allow for pagan worship (multiple Gods and bowing before statues). They removed the second commandment from their version of the Ten Commandments:

"Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in Heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 5You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God".  Exodus 20:4-5

The whole "not making of any graven images or likenesses of anything in Heaven" part did not sit well with all the virgin Mary statues that they bowed down before and venerated so Constantine just edited the bible a bit to accommodate for them. And they replaced what it says in the real bible with some drivel for their second commandment. The removal of the second commandment was just a simple way to open the door to all the forbidden "pagan stuff" that is still the backbone and the core of Catholicism today. When the bible points out that they are not supposed to bow down before sticks and wood (statues) and pray, they just threw out the bible. And at that point they threw out their creditability before God. Don't be confused by these pagans just because they have a black book that kind of looks like a bible and they occasionally use the word "Jesus" or "the Father". They are not Christians. And they don't even claim to be.

The Protestants main core belief is in the supremacy of the printed words in the bible. Strict adherence to the bible. The Catholics however turned the most important thing from being the "worship of God" to simply the "worship of the church", that is worship of the institution of the Catholic church and its bureaucracy. The Catholics main core belief is in the supremacy of "the church". The so called "Catholic church" and NOT the bible. The same "church" that is so fraught with errors, flaws, and deviations from the bible that it makes God wretch.

The Catholics not only officially threw out the second commandment (no graven images) but they managed to officially and permanently throw out the fourth commandment also, "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy". They officially forgot the Sabbath day. They just "forgot" that God the Father Almighty very clearly said that it was to be on Saturday. Those zany Catholics and their assumption that the bible was written in pencil and that they alone wielded an eraser to edit it.

Evidence of the Catholic churches culpability in just throwing out the forth commandment is easy to find, they confess in their own literature: The "Cathechismus Romanus" was commanded by the Council of Trent, and published by the Vatican Press, by order of Pope Pius V, in 1566. This catechism for priests says: "It pleased the church of God, that the religious celebration of the Sabbath day should be transferred to 'the Lord's day.'," (Catechism of the Council of Trent (Donovan's translation, 1867), part 3, chap. 4, p. 345). Notice that the celebration of the Sabbath was transferred to Sunday, and done so by the so called authority of the Catholic Church.

So now the whole "the Sabbath is on Sunday" scam has become a world wide Christian tradition, and the whole world now suffers because of their irreverence to God's implicit instructions. It has become a worldwide "embedded tradition" just because of the Catholics original sin on this matter. The Catholics alone bear sole responsibility for this grievous sin being started in the first place and the whole world now pays the price for the chronic violation of the fourth commandment.

God in his turn collapsed the entire Roman Empire after they pulled that beauty.

Constantine unilaterally changed the Sabbath day from the Father's designated day of Saturday to "Sun" day to commemorate the pagan
"Sun" god Sol Invictus. The Catholics are the ones who began this sin and they therefore also bear sole responsibility for it being perpetuated and foisted on the whole world yet until this very day. God just wrings his hands about it, much like he would like to wring the Catholic's necks for spitting in his face yet again on this subject.

You may not be fully aware that Constantine based the backbone of Catholicism on the pagan "Cult of Mithras" (the worship of the pagan sun God "Sol Invictus").

As the one of the main founders of Catholicism, Roman emperor Constantine took much of the mythology of the so called "Cult of Mithras" and carried it into Christianity to give us the sort of pagan/Christian hybrid that we now called Catholicism. For instance in order to honor the birthday of his favorite pagan sun God "Sol Invictus", Constantine ordered the official Sol Invictus birthday of December 25th to also be the new false birth date of Jesus. All of the pagan beliefs and practices of the so called "Cult of Mithras" is the real backbone that Catholicism is based on to this very day.

Constantine converted to a form of Christianity in the first place because just before a major battle for the control of the Roman Empire, he had a prophetic vision from God. On the eve of the battle at the Milvian Bridge in September 312AD, Constantine found in his dream the visage of Christ approach him as he looked up into the sun. The vision told him to paint the "Chi-Rho" or the overlaid Greek letters X and P (which was an early common representation for "Christ") on all the shields of his warriors and he would then win the battle, which he did do.

Because this vision "came out of the sun" it is clear that Constantine understood this mystical encounter in the terms that his own favorite pagan "Sun God" Sol Invictus was sending him a messenger in the form of the Christian deity. The fact that he saw the vision "coming out of the sun" caused in him the gross misunderstanding of the exact mechanics of how God sent him this message and it is the main reason he remained a half a pagan until his death. He thought that the pagan sun God Sol Invictus was working with the Christian deity Jesus hand in hand.

And that is how he set the foul pattern for Catholicism to this very day, half pagan and half Christian.

Constantine's full "conversion" to Christianity has always remained questionable for this and many other reasons, for instance when Constantine erected a triumphal arch opposite the Coliseum in Rome to celebrate the victory and he covered it with relief's of Mars, Jupiter, Hercules, and ascribed the victory to the power of the pagan Sun God Sol Invictus and not to Jesus or to God. Depictions of the battle on the arch show no soldier with any cross or Christian symbols on his shield, why was a major event like that not noted properly? Because it was not a full conversion, it was the half pagan and half Christian hybrid that we now call "Catholicism".

In fact to commemorate this very unique 50/50 pagan/Christian split, on the coins that he minted after his so called "conversion" he still put the symbols of the pagan sun God "Sol Invictus" on his coins, to see "The Pagan Coins of Constantine" click here.

In 330AD when his new capital, Constantinople (present day Istanbul) was created, it was committed to the care of the local protecting pagan deities, Rhea and Tyche. Constantine then built pagan temples for them all over his new capital, at the same time as he claimed to be a Christian, the very last thing a real one would do. This is the man who laid out the foul pagan blueprint that still is the still basis of Catholicism today and why the Father rejects their offensive try at a pagan/Christian hybrid.

You see Constantine's so called "conversion" to Christianity from pagan idolatry was always a half hearted one at best. He wanted to try to combine some of the "best parts" of paganism into his new religion of accepting Christianity. And the so called best parts of paganism that he brought with him include a new second God, old fake Mary (a Roman Venus God with a new name), praying to many so called "saints" (praying to Zeus, Apollo, Mercury with different names etc.), reverence to "graven images" (bowing and praying before the statues, saints relics etc.).

The foul legacy of the Catholic's and their need to pray to many Gods. A throwback to the days when that the pagan Romans had dozens of Gods such as Zeus, Apollo and Venus to choose from. Today the Catholic's pray to the so called "virgin Mary" and they also pray to all the so called "saints", which are just the old pagan Gods Mithras, Zeus, Apollo, and Venus with different names.

Constantine tried to come up with the supposed "best of both worlds" and the half pagan half Christian hybrid called Catholicism is the direct result of this witches brew of many false and forbidden religions trying to combine with real Christianity. Constantine always remained a half a pagan at heart and because of that Catholicism is the mess that it is today. And it is not pleasing to God. In fact God takes great offense at it.

A prime example is the fake "virgin Mary" scam..

Mary or the so called "virgin Mary", is just a normal human person, the human womb that bore Jesus and she does not have the responsibility or even the ability of hearing much less acting on your prayers. God the Father loves his misinformed Catholic children dearly but they do make this very very meaningful error. They make the secular world assumption that if you give a prayer request that is for the son to his mother that she will then "intercede on your behalf" and make sure the prayer is delivered to her son. The big hole in that theory comes from the simple fact that the so called "virgin Mary" was never given the capability of hearing prayers from the Father, much less acting on them. She is just a normal human person who has lived in Heaven for over two thousand years blissfully unaware of even one of the millions upon millions of prayers that are flushed everyday by praying to her. We have somehow incorporated the traditions of men as being more important and ignore the clear and exact words that came directly from the mouth of Jesus as to the proper way to pray.

Jesus said "Pray then in this way, Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name," etc.. (Matthew 6:9) There is a good reason why he stated so plainly the exact way you should address your prayers to God. It is because the Father alone is the one tasked with the responsibility and the capability of hearing and responding to your prayers.

It is important that you know that. If you pray to entities that do not exist you might as well be praying to sticks and rocks like the heathen. That's what you have done. You can't just lob any old thing up to God and assume it must be all good, at some point you cross the line and go into pagan worship. You are no longer really praying to God at all at that point, he cannot bear to listen to that nonsense. You might as well announce that "Elvis has left the building" because when the Father hears a prayer addressed to anyone but him he says, "Oh you did not want to talk to me". "I kind of wish there was somebody else that you could talk to, but there is not".

And then Elvis folds up his tent and he really does leave your building, and now you are all alone, in the dark, offering a unheard prayer sent out to nobody.

The tradition of the artificial escalation of the "virgin Mary" to the status that only the Father alone has as someone you can pray to was started by the Roman Emperor Constantine when he made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire. He wanted to hedge his bets somewhat and incorporated a pagan Venus or "Mother of Heaven" type character from his former pagan religion into his newly adopted religion.

God the Father has a big problem with these false mother of Heaven, queen of Heaven or Venus type pagan gods. To understand how offensive the Father finds this take a few minutes and read Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17-19,25 and you will never again offer an unheard prayer to the so called "virgin Mary". The prophet Jeremiah had a tough road to hoe, he was stuck in a terrible position, he was raised and trained just to deliver his message warning of the impending doom from all the rooftop sunrise prayers and offerings that the people were making to the "Queen of Heaven". It was a throwback to the time spent in Egypt when they were worshiping and praying to pagan Egyptian sun gods. He delivered the message that his whole life was spent preparing for and guess what? The people did not believe him, he laments "the harvest has passed and we have not been successful". These types of prayers ALONE, that is prayers to false pagan "Queen of Heaven" idols, as documented throughout the whole book of Jeremiah, caused Israel's forced exile to Babylon for 70 years, the destruction of the first Temple (Solomon's Temple) and the loss of the Ark of the Covenant. (Jeremiah 3:16, 25:11, 52:13)

Constantine then took a Roman Venus God, relabeled it with the new name "the virgin Mary", then tossed out the "no bowing to graven images" commandment and wallah! He took the so called "best bits" of his former religion of paganism and combined that with a smidgen of Christianity and that gave you Catholicism. The pagan/Christian hybrid. God however did not see this as a good thing.

The Roman Empire paid the price with Rome being sacked by the Visigoths in 410AD after it attempted to incorporate a pagan god into Christianity. In fact the Father collapsed the whole Roman Empire after they added in old fake Mary, but they still did not get the hint. Then he started "the Dark Ages" (476-1200AD) when they still persisted with this fake "second God" that they pray to, but they still did not get it. He then sent them the Black Plague (1340's) and killed off over half of all Europe, but they still did not get the hint. He was very cranky and out of sorts until 1517 and the Protestant Reformation finally gave him a breath of fresh clean air. Now the Father could just ignore this pagan thorn in his side, Catholicism. The absolute misery that the whole world experienced until the Protestant Reformation could be a clue as to what the Father thinks of praying to another false pagan "queen of Heaven" idol. 

When Catholic's say the rosary prayer they again invoke the Father's anger by calling old fake Mary "the mother of God" and "the Queen of Heaven", both of which are blatantly false statements. The same words that got the Father so angry that he destroyed the first Holy Temple are now not supposed to make him angry? Who told you this? They were wrong.

The other big problem with the rosary is that you may have created the standard prayer of all standard prayers, meaning that it is one of the worst examples of the script-type repetitive prayers that the Father literally hates. You add in these other things which the Father has said are very offensive to him and you end up with a big problem with the saying, or even worse the teaching to the little ones, of the rosary.

Also since most of his salt (pleasing ones) also refer to him as "the Father", you can't imagine his horror and how he responds to the prayers that you address to "Father Joseph". Talk about grasping at straws, so now Joseph is supposed to have the capability of hearing and responding to prayers.

Entertain this concept for a moment, what if only God the Father Almighty can hear prayers?

How would he feel about you picturing in your mind and praying to Joseph and yet he is forced to listen to it? If you were the Father, how would you feel about having to do that each and every time that you had to deal with the Catholics? Only God the Father can hear and respond to your prayers, period end of story.

In light of what the Father has said about the core problems with the rosary, you can guess how he feels about anyone saying a "Hail Mary". All of these problems because people have gotten caught up in wishful thinking, yes it is a little comforting praying to a human mother figure. There is no human mother figure to hear prayers however and all that you have succeeded to do is to have disrespected the Father and to have made him angry. You don't want to make him angry, here is your opportunity to stop doing so. Some of you that have the Holy Spirit have misidentified the communication from God that you receive as being from the virgin Mary because of the soft quiet nature of the Holy Spirit. The Father's Holy Spirit speaks in a soft still voice, (1Kings 19:12)  but it is NOT the virgin Mary. The Father is the creator, he encompasses both the male and female, both the mother and father figures in himself and he has chosen to speak in a soft calm voice. Do not make an invalid assumption based on a lack of facts as to the identity of the voice.

How in the world did Constantine think that creating another false "queen of Heaven" type character would work out any better than it did in the 44th chapter of Jeremiah? Back then the Father got so mad when they created a similar fake "queen of Heaven" idol that he had the first Holy Temple destroyed and then he sent all the Jews into exile to Babylon for seventy years as punishment. Has he changed his mind about such nonsense? Don't bet on it.

The problems that have occurred are the result of the misinterpretation of dreams, visions and outright pure antidotal evidence passed down by many generations until the leaven levels have become far too disruptive. It now damages the underlying fabric of the Catholic Church and of society as a whole.

An example is when St. Patrick had his vision on Purgatory Island off the coast of Ireland of "a place between Heaven and Hell where you were cleansed of all unrighteous before entering paradise", the correct interpretation of that vision is that the place was the earth itself, not a new imaginary (and nonexistent) place called purgatory.

The Father's Catholic children suffer because of many such misinterpreted antidotal stories. They have been given power and they are false, the inaccurate precepts of men. They are not the word of God nor are they the will of God. This big part of the church, the passed down offensive practices, takes much away from the Father's Catholic Church. The best evidence that you are out of step with God is the lack of peace in your house, the lack of peace that the Catholic Church experiences is because of these things.

As definitive proof to them as to their poor choice for a religion the Father has even given all Catholics a clear and undeniable supernatural sign from above..

He has taken away every Catholic's ability to "speak in tongues". As the bible says that you should be able to do. The bible says it. The bible. And every other Protestant can already do it. But a Catholic is never given that gift from the Father.

Finding a Catholic who can speak in tongues is as rare as flipping a coin and having it land on its edge.

The Catholic's have entire divisions, buildings, official mantras, books, slogans and even official apologists whose entire career is designed just to try to explain away this clear negative sign from above as to the Catholic religion being out of step with God. They say things like "the Apostolic Era is over", "that was only for the early church", "that part of the bible is invalid", and the most pathetic excuse of all, "that gift is from Satan".

The bible clearly says in Acts 2:4 "And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance". That is pretty clear. And Protestants can easily do it.  Catholics can not. Do you get the clue?

Catholic's even try to cover for this by tacking on a little paragraph or two of supposed "praying in tongues words" on to many official prayers such as the Prayer for Liberation. How silly. That is not the ability to speak in tongues, that is the ability to read.

And as to the importance of speaking in tongues, the Apostle Paul put it the best. "I thank God, I speak in tongues more than you all". (1 Corinthians 14:18And he was a rather big muckety muck. Have you ever heard of him and his clear words on the subject?

It is hard to refute.

And yet the Catholics are always trying to.
Now it seems that every other Protestant has already received that gift but no Catholic can ever do it. Catholics have received "the spirit" all right. The Spirit of Error.

The Protestant's beliefs do not come from Martin Luther, they come from the bible. In reality you do not receive any of your beliefs from this man. Or from any "church". Your beliefs will come to you from opening up the black book and reading it. If Martin Luther opened the book, read it, and came to many of the same conclusions, you should not be surprised. Everyone who actually reads the book and compares it to what the Catholics have turned it into, would say that the Catholics have just thrown out the bible. And that they are just making stuff up.

They have made a mockery out of all the printed words in the bible. They are an abomination before God because of their seemingly random editing of the bible to suit their own needs. They have no reverence at all for the real printed words in the book. The words that are from God. They live by their own self serving editing of the book. Because of that they therefore demonstrate that they have no reverence at all for the true inspired words from God. Catholics routinely spit in God's face by defaming and altering his bible. They are an abomination before the most high God.

God wants to embarrass them, to make them a laughingstock and that is why every penny the Catholic church takes in goes to pay off pedophile lawsuits. That is why every comedian worth his salt has a whole pocket full of Catholic priest molesting the alter boy jokes in repertoire. Stereotypes exist primarily for one reason, because they are true. A little hint from the Father as to their real standing in his book.

That is why Catholicism is so very very frustrating to God. These are basically very decent people who have a great inkling for God. A desire to worship and to praise God. But Catholicism has gone too far down a very dark road. The Catholic religion suffers from this huge pile of leaven (errors) left to it from a long dead pagan (Constantine) who could not completely cut all his ties to false religions. "Do you not know that even a little leaven leavens (ruins) the whole loaf? Clean out all the old leaven so that you may be a new loaf." (1 Corinthians 5:6-7) Paul was writing about all the flaws that go on to ruin the whole thing. It is like making a big pot of delicious stew and then dropping one piece of dog poop into it. Now all the good parts no longer even matter. The whole stew is ruined.

The Father wants no attempt made to try and fix the Catholic "church". The cancer has metastasized and it is far far too late for any type of "fix" to work. He wants you to save yourself and forget all about this very dark chapter in your life.

How do you fix this problem of being a Catholic? That is simple, find a local Protestant church, either a denominational or a non-denominational, that part does not really matter. What you are looking for is a minister who inspires you, who gets your blood going and who makes you still think about his sermon long after you leave the service.

You want to find a Protestant church that challenges your perceptions and understanding of God's ways, you want to leave that church inspired and actually having learned something new.

To break out of the Catholic mold just look at the day and the time of the Protestant churches services in your area and then show up and sit yourself down in a pew. Do it again the next week and the next and the next. That is how you upgrade and become a Protestant. Nothing fancy is needed. And that is what word means, you are a "protest ant", you are done with all the fake stuff.

You are now eligible to go to Heaven. A simple and a painless solution is just one step away. Congratulations to you. You have made God smile. Always remember that he has called you only because he loves you. And that is why he had you read this today. He loves you. 



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