Want to talk to God?


The foremost thing that is required in order to actually make a connection and hear the voice of God the Father is that you and your environment must be silent. You will be amazed to find out that the Father speaks in a soft still voice. (1Kings 19:12) If you really want to hear it, your environment must be completely quiet, God does not shout. The next very important thing that you have to do is that you have to enter into a very solitary place, a closed bedroom works well. We were told in fact to exactly use this way when we pray, "But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret" (Matthew 6:6) That is another requirement for success, quiet solitude - in reality it is really just you and the Father finally together, alone at last. 

Next you have to force your body to FOCUS by temporarily clearing your mind of all your immediate fleshly concerns and desires. Now after that if you are aware of the rules or protocols that the Father always requires, you may be able to develop the extreme sensitivity and reverence required to establish a protracted connection with God himself. The most important protocol that you absolutely must follow is that you Never Ask the Father Any Kind of Questions. Unfortunately you will find that this is an extremely hard thing to do and requires all the concentration that you can muster as the first thing that pops into your mind is that I have to test this thing out and prove it to myself if this really is God. The Father however will make sure that the proof of that question will not be forthcoming.

The Father is saying to you that you have to proceed in this by faith alone. That is why you will find out that during all your conversations with God that you will receive no unique or very unusual new information that could then be used as a type of "test question" and instantly prove one way or the other if the Father's kingdom really exists. You will always be required to have a certain amount of faith (Hebrews 11:1). Starting down a list of test questions is the most common error that you can make and the main reason that you will cause a hang up from God as he will simply drop the line if you violate the number one protocol. You will find that God may choose to ask you questions at times but never under any circumstances lose your awareness and begin questioning the Father about anything.

The elders of Israel went to the prophet Ezekiel to have him ask God a series of questions and the Father said to them, "Is it to inquire of me that you come? As I live, says the Lord God I will not be inquired of by you"
(Ezekiel 20:3). (An interesting note, how do you think Ezekiel acquired the skills needed to become a prophet?) The reason this is so important is that there is a natural human tendency to pervert this connection and begin to endlessly ask for fleshly desires or to ask the Father to explain why he did this or that in the past as in essence a type of veiled complaint or accusation.

The easy way to evaluate for yourself if an event that happen in the past was in fact the exact correct thing to happen or not is to use this very simple test - Did It Happen? if it actually did occur then the answer to that question is quite simple. No matter what you may think or understand about it, in the Father's opinion (the only one that counts), it was EXACTLY the right thing to happen at the time. If it was not the exact correct thing it simply would not have been allowed by God to happen, take this information very seriously, you are going to open yourself up to a world of hurt if you start making veiled accusations to God. The Father is not a defendant on trial, he has no obligation to answer any questions or explain himself in anyway and he simply will not do it - ever. If you would like the answer to a question on an issue simply look it up in the guidebook for living that he has provided for you (bible, you were wondering).

Now to proceed, you have not just discovered Santa Claus, you have connected with the most high God himself, do not mess everything up and start asking for things! All the possessions that you already have right now are exactly ALL that he wants you to have at this moment and if you pervert the connection that you have been gifted with by asking for more things you will get to experience an interesting disciplinary procedure to break you of the habit. You will normally spend about two years asking him for the lottery numbers, him telling you that you will win this week, you never do and after a while you understand that asking for material things from the Father never works. He has all the things that you will ever receive in your life already planned out before you were born with a date already next to each item, you will not change the date by asking about it, you will only irritate him and delay the receipt of your blessing. Let your relationship with the Father be like the one that you have with your best friend. Most people don't bring up financial matters at all with their friends. If you really want this relationship you will always keep this rule. This is actually the biggest problem that will come up, it is the invisible barrier that stops most people from developing any prophetic skills.

To help your mind to FOCUS you can use what is called a focal point, it is any small object that you stare at for a long period of time such as a spot on the wall etc.. By focusing on one small point you are better able to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and fleshly desires that will instantly cause the Father to drop the communication line. Nostradamus use a bowl of blue colored water as his focal point to stare at. God will talk with you if you choose to keep your mind free and clear of competing distracting thoughts, I am hungry, I have to call my wife, I wonder if the game is on this afternoon? etc.. If these things are always going through your mind the Father says come back later when you are serious about hearing what I have to say.

In the movie and book Don Quixote, Don was a very nearsighted but chivalrous medieval knight. He always sees imaginary enemies in the form of dragons off in the distance and he mounts his horse and charges them with his jousting lance. The problem is that with his poor vision it turns out that what he was charging was not a dangerous dragon at all but only a harmless windmill. This story illustrates why so many of us have a problem clearing our minds sufficiently enough to finally hear the soft voice of the Father.

In our minds, we are constantly distracted by continually tilting at windmills or worrying about problem after problem. In such a static filled internal environment we cause a state referred to as "poor line condition". There is simply too much going on in our minds to successfully engage in any type of dialog with the Father. The windmill in our mind of imaginary worries and fears keeps turning, as soon as we deal with one of the blades it turns and another one of the blades takes its place. Satan keeps feeding us fears and concerns one after another until he has caused us to fritter away yet another day. Peace will only come when we are able to successfully change our focus back to the Father. Using the tool of a focal point is one way to help yourself to get a handle on controlling your racing mind.




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