Other Religions? "Other" religions take you to "other places".

With the release of The New Holy Bible there now remains only one valid religion that is pleasing to God,
Christianity, everything else falls into a category God likes to call "THE OTHERS". All the "eastern religions" such as Hinduism, Buddhism and the the like, that Satan set up to wear you down and to keep people from ever finding the one true God. The Father calls them "Satan's Sticky Bombs", they are set up to distract and ensnare you. Satan is very tricky on this one, he is trying to fill everyone's natural need to seek out and find the one true God, the creator and master of all the Heavens and all of the Earth. You have found a true divine being all right, however he may be the Devil.

The nice thing about receiving the Father's Holy Spirit is that you get to experience a wide variety of supernatural phenomenon and signs which absolutely prove beyond a doubt the existence of God to you. The most clear supernatural sign or seal that the Father will give you to show you are on the right track in the ability to speak in tongues (see - "How to speak in tongues"). As a sign of clear evidence that you have made actual contact with God the Father himself, the Father gives you the ability to speak in a foreign language that you have never been taught and that you do not understand. When you speak in a different tongue it simply means that you speak in a different language. The experts tell us that there are about 6000 different languages and dialects in the world today and the one that God gives you could be any one of those. These and other supernatural signs are given to you as a reward for finding the true religion and are meant to help remove any doubts you may still have about the capabilities and powers of your soon to be best friend, God the Father Almighty.

So based on the EVIDENCE we experienced of the supernatural signs, (speaking in tongues, etc.) we have to say that we must have successfully made contact with the Father. The lack of any similar supernatural signs is one reason individuals in the "Other" group might want to question as to why their religion has no supernatural phenomenon that you can personally experience. So if you now have found the only one true God, who in the world are all those other religions worshiping? Well to a thinking person there really is only one conclusion that can be reached, they are false religions. In reality there is only one valid religion, Christianity, all other religions are really "the absence of religion". It is kind of a shame really, many of these people are simply carrying on the religious traditions that they were raised with and that have been in their family for years.


The Father considers Hinduism and Buddhism to be simply on the level of "a form of meditation". Not even a religion at all. Enhanced deep breathing exercises basically. Nothing that works with the bible.


The Father would like to offer all his children in the large "Other Category" a challenge, try investing a couple minutes of your time and try this very simple test, pray the prayer asking for the Father's Holy Spirit to be given to you (see - Step by Step Instructions to Obtain Immortality). The supernatural signs such as the ability to pray in tongues that also come with the Father's Holy Spirit when you receive it will be a great building block of faith for you, proving to yourself that you have truly made a connection with God. For most people their religion is just handed down to them, their family has always been the same religion. At some point each individual must take a personal responsibility for their own destiny and give a fair examination to a way that may be completely new for them and for their family.





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